Beginner's Guide To E-Commerce And Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a sun rising industry and increasing at a very rapid rate. The traditional methods of marketing are billboards, print media, newspapers, pamphlets, radio, and television. Digital marketing is nothing but advertisement, promotion, and selling of products and services by using different digital channels on the internet.

The unprecedented increase in internet users and their time on browsing, social media platforms and in other digital channels led to the influx of digital ads. It is easy, less time consuming and cost-effective than traditional methods of marketing.  

Both small and large businesses are taking effective measures to increase their presence in the internet space to attract new prospects and maintain loyal customers. Generating qualified leads is the key to the success of any kind of offline or online business, therefore, an effective and practical digital marketing strategies and campaigns have become the need of the hour.

Search engine optimization (SEO), user-friendly website, pay-per-click (PPC), content, social media, email, and affiliate marketing are essential components of digital marketing. The aim of etraderevolution is to provide key insights on these crucial aspects for the benefit of business entities, ecommerce websites, digital marketers and bloggers.