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Ultimate Guide on Pinterest Marketing

There is no doubt that many brands and companies are using social media marketing for brand awareness and drive traffic for sales.

In order to get maximum leads and sales, brands are trying to make a presence on social platforms. They have dedicated social media managers to manage accounts and respond to user queries.  Sometimes, they outsource this marketing activity to social media influencers.

The well known social media platforms used for digital marketing are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, etc. Let’s not forget that social media tools have a significant chunk of internet users. The huge user base is the ultimate power of these social tools.

Some brands directly partner with these platforms for ad promotion and paid campaigns. Brands pay money for displaying their ads/content on these platforms.

Did you know that Pinterest has become a social selling hub? Pinterest is such a powerful social media platform that no serious blogger or business owner would like to miss the marketing opportunities provided by it. Undermining its marketing power will simply be a missed opportunity.

Here in this post, you will learn what Pinterest is all about and how you can effectively use it to grow your business and sales. This ultimate guide on Pinterest marketing and planning will help existing Pinterest users, beginners and newbie.

Master pinning stratgey to drive massive traffic to your blogs or websites.

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What is Pinterest and how does it work?

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It is just not a collection of images but a powerhouse of business ideas for almost all niches. In today’s digital marketing world no one can deny the power of visual formats in attracting prospects.

Today internet users are loaded with huge online data and information. Because of this overload, their spending time on websites is decreasing day by day. The popularity of visual formats is increasing because they are more attractive and attention-grabbing.

It is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas related to various areas. Millions of people find their interests and inspiration on this great platform. The user base for this is increasing rapidly. As of now, around 200billion pins have been saved. People share their interests and likes by pinning(adding images) ideas from different websites.

Bloggers and internet marketers share their posts and content by pinning images. If they have a blog post with an image, then they can easily bring that post into the Pinterest search engine by adding the image (Through the Pin button).

The pin on the Pinterest platform has a web link to the original post. When someone clicks on pin (image) he is directed to the source website. This is how Pinterest sends referral traffic to blogs and websites. 


It is a visual search engine. Unlike Google which shows search results in text format, Pinterest displays results in image format. Therefore, the size and quality of images are very important to succeed in this visual platform.


This social platform is different from others in terms of usability. It is extremely customer friendly and continuous improvements are being made from a consumer point of view. For example to increase customer experience shopping ads feature has been added. This is aimed to provide customer experience much like a physical store. 

Why Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool?

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For new bloggers and small business owners, it is really daunting task to find customers for their products and services. There are over 335 million monthly users on this platform. It is a largely untapped marketing resource, therefore Pinterest as a digital marketing strategy can play a significant role in growing your business.

From an e-commerce point of view users on this social marketing tool are more ready to buy things in comparison to other social platforms. The small e-commerce sites are really missing something if they are not active on this platform and do not have a sound pinning strategy. Even big brands are making efforts to tap this unexplored source of prospects.     


It can generate instant referral traffic for your blogs and websites. Other means of traffic like SEO takes significant time to get high visibility in Google. Getting organic traffic from search engines is a long term process. Other social media platforms too take time and are not highly targeted.

In the beginning, for small business owners paid campaigns can be costly. The paid campaigns like PPC can eat the budget of small business owners without giving good ROI. It takes great effort and time to optimize PPC campaigns.


Pinterest is a great platform for small and medium businesses to attract domestic as well as international customers. It has become a sales hub for many products like fashion, home décor, paintings, printed clothes,handicrafts, etc.

Many small and medium businesses with limited financial resources are leveraging the power of Pinterest to find new customers and increase online visibility.


Many affiliate marketers are proactively using this platform to promote affiliate links. They can promote affiliate links without having their own personal blogs or affiliate sites.   

Most of the users on Pinterest are women and operating an online business from their own homes. This visual platform provides an excellent opportunity for women across the world to become financially independent. If the target audience for your business is women then Pinterest is the ideal place for marketing and brand awareness.


It is full of content ideas and info-graphics. It provides opportunities to meet and build a relationship with likeminded people and brands.


In the 21st century knowledge is a superpower! It is great learning opportunity for people who want to learn more about their interests and businesses. Different type of content on Pinterest is nicely categorized into boards. They are perfect examples of niche marketing. These boards, specific to a particular area of interest are gateways to highly targeted traffic to your website.   


The carousel feature is a great way to showcase the product from different angles. The Carousel is nothing but a pin with multiple high-quality images. This feature provides great customer experience and helps in persuading prospects to buy products. Before landing on product pages they can look at the product’s multiple images and make a buying decision.    


Small businesses can use it to find international prospects.

Pinterest users are actively engaging with brands and products. Therefore they are potential buyers. A sound Pinterest content strategy can convert them.

Engagement with users, brands, and bloggers is easy through comments and group boards. Many users directly ask prices about the products shown on the pins. Engagement with such users through comments can generate sales.  

Digital marketers can discover the latest trends in their niches by using Pinterest search. For example, based on hot trends, brands can adjust their offers and discounts to increase sales. The trend analysis keeps your content strategy aligned with the current demand and interest of the prospects. You would not like to write content that people do not want to read. Writing about something which is not liked and shared by the audience is simply a waste of time. This is really important when you want to make pins viral and attract tons of traffic.


90% of weekly Pinners use Pinterest to make buying decisions. Compared to other social media sites users on this selling hub get ideas for what to buy. Users on this platform look for new brands. Many people on this platform are influenced by shopping even if they were not looking to buy something.


Around 47% of users spend time finding and shopping products. The selling potential of this tool is huge. The brands with proper strategy and marketing efforts can easily persuade users to buy things. 


In comparison to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest drives more referral traffic to e-commerce sites. Pinterest is committed to adopting new visual search/discovery technologies to give consumers a better shopping experience. The pins are being made more shoppable. One such example is shop the look pins.

How do you know that Pinterest is an ideal place for marketing your brand?

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Before launching a Pinterest marketing campaign, brands should know whether there is enough search volume for their products and services. It is important to know whether its users are aligned with your target market or not.

Here are some useful demographic facts about Pinners:-

-There are 335 million active monthly Pinners.

-According to Statista, 71% of users are female.

-83% of women are in the 25-54 age range.


-85% of women use Pinterest to plan life moments.


-50% of users on Pinterest have an annual household income of over $75k.


The Pinterest 100 report is a compilation of all topics which are doing great and are on upward growth over the years. Businesses can use these useful findings to plan their marketing campaigns on Pinterest.

Use of Guided search is another way to check whether this platform is the right fit for your marketing plan. Just type search term (related to your products) in the search bar, the guides will pop up below the search bar. You can further fine-tune guided search by adding appropriate keywords in the search bar. By analyzing displayed pins, one can easily find whether there is marketing potential for his brand or not.


Google Analytics can play a crucial role in determining whether you should devote time to Pinterest marketing. If you are already getting adequate referral traffic from Pinterest then you should devise a strong Pinterest marketing strategy. Your aim should be to attract maximum traffic to the right posts. You should insert adequate high-quality pinnable images on those blog posts that are already performing well.

The other useful feature of this platform is Pinterest Analytics.  To access this analytical tool you must have a business account. You can analyze key indicators about your business on Pinterest. You can find which pins and posts are performing better. After getting insights from top-performing content you should create more similar content. Add more images for pining on top-performing blog posts.

What are the pinning tips to skyrocket the business on Pinterest?

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Growing business and getting massive traffic from Pinterest is not as easy as it appears. Just pinning to Pinterest without a proper plan in place will not yield good results. Due to the lack of a sound Pinterest content and traffic strategy, many aspiring brands and bloggers struggle to make a significant reach on this highly targeted traffic source.

Every platform has its unique algorithms, tools, and techniques. Having sound knowledge of these techniques and consistently adopting them in content and marketing plan is the key to success.


For thriving business on Pinterest, it takes time and continuous efforts. To be successful on this platform an effective pinning strategy should be in place.


The efforts should be made from day one for profile optimization, audience targeting, keyword research, engagement strategy, designing branded pins, knowing best pinning time and tips, using automated tools etc.

How to set up a business account?

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To succeed as a business brand on Pinterest you need to set up a business profile. The business profile is completely different from the personal one and comes with many marketing tools and techniques.


You need all these tools and methods to make the good presence of your brand.

If you already have a personal account, you can easily convert it into a business profile.


Create a brand new Pinterest business account.


To convert existing personal profile into a business account, go to settings and upgrade it to the business profile. 

Why audience targeting is must and how to do it?         

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Creating boards that are not relevant to your niche is just a bad idea. Pinterest content is categorized into specific boards. For example, if your niche is digital marketing or blogging and you are pinning your blogging articles under the “Health” board then it is a blunder. Your pins may not be found by Pinners who are specifically looking for ideas on blogging.


Not naming boards according to your niche topics is also bad for brand reputation and professionalism. People explore boards according to their likes, needs, and interests.


When Pinners explore ideas by typing some keywords (related to a particular niche) in the search bar, they get boards and pins containing those keywords. Therefore, if you do not research the target audience and profitable keywords then you are more likely to miss those Pinner/users. Your brand visibility will be less.

By going through Pinterest analytics and Google analytics you can get useful insights about your target audience and then you can accordingly fine-tune your content strategy.


Keep eye on your competitors and take ideas about pins/boards from them. What type of content they are posting and how they are growing on this platform?


Analyze the activities of your followers and users on Pinterest. What type of content they are pinning? What categories they are most interested in?

If you plan to run an ad campaign on Pinterest, there are three ways to target your prospects:- Interest targeting, keyword targeting, and audience targeting.      

Why do you need to design branded pins, how you can create them?

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Pinterest is full of images and users rarely get time to read text on images. So for getting the attention of the users the design, font, and color of the images should be outstanding. Consistency of color, size, and fonts in pins will build a unique brand. The pins should be beautiful and appealing.

The image name should have the main keywords.

Pins should be mobile friendly.

The headline should be appealing and should include emotional words like best, amazing, tips, etc.

Include brand logo on top or bottom of the pin for brand awareness.

Use 2-3 colors that suit your brand. Use 1-2 fonts.

If you have a freebie, you can include a small picture of your freebie on the bottom of the pin. The idea of displaying freebie on the pin itself is that people can see it before they click on the pin. This may increase your site traffic.


It is a fact that vertical pins get more impressions and clicks than horizontal pins. Pinterest visual search engine favors verticals pins. The images should be in the ratio of 2:3. Pins with 600*900(pixels) size is more popular on the platform.


Maintain consistency in layout and graphics elements.  


Create your own pins through Canva. There are few free Pinterest pin templates. Modify them according to your needs.


You can also use the PicMonkey tool to create stunning pin captivating images.


Try to maintain consistency while designing pins. The pins should not completely look different. Pins that are totally different in style will not help in creating a unique brand on Pinterest.


Branded pins are more recognizable in the sea of pins and get more attention and clicks. Before reading the title and description user’s focus is automatically drawn to the design and layout of the pin.


More people are attracted to attractive, beautiful and appealing images. To stand out in this big ocean (200 billion pins) you need to start branding your pins from the beginning.

Users trust more on branded pins and consistent Pinners. By producing branded pins you will have an edge over your competitors.


Once a brand with quality content is established people will directly start searching your pins from the search bar.

The pins or images on Pinterest have much more lifespan in comparison to other platforms. In the beginning, you may not get good impressions for a particular pin but can become viral at any time if liked much by users.

Branding pins properly from day one has many benefits. If one of your branded pins gets viral after a few months, it will create a spillover positive impact on other pins too. They might also become viral if they have great value for the users.

And in the reverse case if you did not take care of branding from day one and even if your pin becomes viral, you may not get the same benefits. There are cases where even viral pins die out after some time.  


Therefore, branding can play a big role in long term successful Pinterest marketing. It creates a unique impression in the eyes of people.        

For each blog post try to create 4-5 pins. This will give more exposure to your post and hence more traffic.

If you want to share old blog posts on Pinterest create new Pins with new titles. Do not share old pins again and again even if you want to share old posts multiple times. Always create fresh pins.

Pinners are looking all over the internet for their likes and interests and they pin if they like any image/post. Therefore, enable the sharing button (pinning button) on your images so that other people can also add them.    

Using other party’s images without their permission may create legal trouble for you.

How frequent one should pin for maximum benefits?

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Many people are curious to know how frequently they should pin to get more impressions and followers. From my experience, I can say that if you become inactive, all data in Pinterest analytics will start decreasing within one or two weeks.

So, you need to be an active Pinner to remain in Pinterest business.

You should target pinning 30-40 pins including other people pins in one day. The best strategy is to pin 8-10 images at one time.

Pinning time is very important to get maximum engagement. You should add images when there are more people active on the platform. When you add a fresh pin and there are more active people at the same time then your pin will get maximum exposure.

The best time of pinning on Pinterest is around 8-9 PM (The US time). This is the time when more women and people remain active.

If you can successfully execute your pinning plan manually then it is fine otherwise you can take the help of an automatic tools like Tailwind which comes with a scheduler and smart loop. Many busy people are using this great tool to automate scheduling and also to increase the repining rate of their pins through Tailwind Tribe feature.

Why do you need to save pins of other people?

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Saving other pins helps you to grow on Pinterest because if you do not promote others, they may not promote your pins.

Re-Pinning is a must to grow on Pinterest. You cannot grow in isolation.


Saving a viral and good content pin can get you more followers.


In the beginning, new bloggers do not have adequate content to promote therefore it is advisable to save other’s pins in your niche to grow their presence.


Create boards relevant to your niche and start saving pins from day one. This not only will grow your visibility and following list but you would also get fresh and new ideas on a continuous basis.


You will also get an idea, what your competitors are doing and how they are increasing their presence on the platform.


Save pins that are trending on the platform.

So, you should strategically save other’s pins.

How to engage with others on Pinterest?

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Building a relationship with other Pinners and users will help you grow. To grow your followers you also need to follow other Pinners. Just pinning your own pins is not enough, you too need to share other people pins by saving them on your boards. You cannot grow in isolation.

Try to follow other people in your niche so that you will keep getting new ideas in your feed related to your niche. By doing so, you can get insights about trending topics in your area of interest. Based on your findings on the latest trends you can create new content for pinning.

When you follow new people there are chances that they might also follow you. People really struggle to build their following list on this platform. Increasing the following list on Pinterest is not easy but with smart pinning strategy and consistent pinning, you can build a huge following.

Commenting on pins helps in building relationships with others. In the comment section, if there are queries related to your topics then you should respond to them. This helps in building trust and authority.

Save pins that have good quality content because such pins may go viral and other people can also save them from your profile. This will increase engagement with your profile. Few viral pins can get you tons of traffic.

Pinterest loves fresh content and high-quality pins. Algorithms are designed to give priority to fresh and relevant content. New pins reach more audiences.   

Why do you need to know about home, follower and following feeds?

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There are different types of users on Pinterest, some want recommendations, some like to curate their feed and most people want both options.

The home feed is where pins from recent activity/related or interests and people you follow, are shown. If you want to get related pins in your smart feed (home) you need to follow people in your niche. The display of pins in home feed is totally governed by the Pinterest algorithm and quality content is shown.

But in case of the following feed, only pins from people whom you follow are displayed. This gives some control to the users what they would like to see. If they want to receive pins from their favorite brand then they can follow that brand or boards. So pins in the following tab are not imposed algorithmically on the users.  

If someone is looking for the best food recipes then he can follow the best recipe providers and get inspiration or ideas.

Did you know that the first 5 pins of the day have high priority? Save the first 5 pins to most relevant boards so that they can be shown in the following feed of your followers. If you add a single pin to multiple boards then the pin from the first board will be shown to your followers. So add the first five pins to your most valuable boards. This feature provides a great opportunity for bloggers to reach their followers by creating regular articles and adding them through pins.

These 5 pins should be from your blog posts instead of other people's pins. These five pins after UTC midnight(8 PM EST) are prioritized for distribution in the following feed. Following this Pinterest guideline, your pins can reach to a wider audience.

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Why keyword research is must and how to make their best use?

Did you know that keyword research on Pinterest matters a lot for your business success? Keywords are popular ways to connect with a targeted audience.

If you are not including keyword optimization as your core Pinterest marketing strategy then I think you are really missing tons of organic/free traffic.

Unlike other social media platforms, keyword research is very important in the case of Pinterest. Many similar brands and bloggers are competing to get maximum exposure for their pins. The brands that are focusing on finding profitable keywords on Pinterest and using them in profile, boards, pin descriptions, and titles, are way ahead than their competitors.

This is a search or discovery platform hence users are free to search their likes and interests in any niche using the search bar of Pinterest. So, for maximum audience reach, it is essential to know what they are looking for.

Finding popular search terms in your niche and creating content around them is the way forward to establish a connection between you and your audience.


Did you know that your pins on Pinterest can appear in Google search engine results pages? Like other websites, Pinterest also aims to get organic traffic from search engines by boosting its SEO techniques.

When someone makes a search in Google and your pin on Pinterest is properly SEO optimized then that pin can appear in top search results pages. But this is not possible without proper keyword research and making your stuff on Pinterest SEO friendly.

So with the right keywords and optimization your pins just not rank high on Pinterest but also in Google. In this way, your pins will be seen by maximum people.

Make sure that the search privacy button in your profile is turned off. If you turn this on, your profile, boards, and pins will not appear in Google search result pages.

Use free Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest tools to find profitable long-tail keywords for your blog posts and creating SEO friendly content.

Pinterest use the search bar, guided search, and search volume to find popular search phrases.

The keywords can be used in the following ways:-


The purpose of the Alt-text is to describe images to users who are unable to see them. Sometimes due to blocking from browsers images fail to load and it is this text which is displayed to the visitors. So, Alt-text is helpful to understand what image is all about.

They also help search engines to understand the context of the web page.

Use the proper file names. If filename looks like “image12345” then it is really bad from an SEO perspective.

The alt –text should describe the image.

The alt text should not be more than 125 characters.

Include core keywords but avoid keyword stuffing.

When someone clicks on the “Pin it” button on the image of your website, Pinterest automatically pulls a description for the pin. The “data-pin-description” attribute is dedicated to pulling pin descriptions. If this attribute is not set then Pinterest, by default takes image title or alt text as pin description.

So, alt text and data-pin-description are two different things and have different purposes. 


Making alt text as pin description may also confuse search engines. Therefore, make both Pinterest and Google happy by setting alt text and data-pin-description separately.

For WordPress user, there is a plug-in Tasty Pins which has an interactive user interface for setting description and alt text.  

Pin Description

Making pin description keyword-friendly helps in getting more impressions and views.

Pinterest allows 500 characters long pin descriptions.

Write a detailed description, more characters means more chances of high visibility. Include more searchable/profitable keywords from your niche. 

Include a strong Call To Action in the description. Tell them, what you want people to do.

Also, use popular and trending hashtags that are most relevant to your image and webpage.

Profile Optimization

Use SEO friendly username/business name.

Make your Pinterest page professional that can stand out among millions of users.                      


Use the high-resolution logo for your business.


Add keyword related to your niche just after business name. For example,  etraderevolution | Search Engine Optimization.


I used search engine optimization as a core keyword just after my business name.


In the profile description, you need to tell what you do and what service you offer. So, here also include your core keywords. 

Boards Optimization

Boards are where pins are saved. They are content containers. Optimizing boards from an SEO perspective is a must to succeed on Pinterest.

Before creating and naming any board you must understand the needs and problems of your audience. You should thoroughly research your target audience and niche.

Find more searchable or popular keywords in your niche.

Look at the boards of your competitors and get ideas about how they named their boards.

Include keywords in board names while keeping the search intent of your audience in mind.

Do not create unnecessary boards that are not related to your niche.

Use high-quality cover photos for boards.

Use featured boards (for most important boards) to welcome visitors to your profile with a rotating showcase of your best content. These boards automatically rotate. These will be shown first to your profile visitors.

Write the board description in detail and tell people the purpose behind creating them. If you clearly state the objective and add the most relevant pins, more people will follow your boards.

You can use Hashtags in board description but do not overuse them.

Pin Title

People click on pins by looking at the title of the pin. It tells people about a pin, what it is and what they would find it by clicking on it.

If your pin is displayed to your audience, congratulations your pin did great a job so far. But would they click on it and go through your blog post?  That depends on the title of the pin whether it is meeting the needs of the visitors or not.

If title is hitting the pain points of your audience, they are more likely to click on it to find the solutions.

Make title more relevant to your blog posts. No clickbait! They should find information on the blog posts what they were promised through pin title.

Keep title attention grabbing, include emotional words and make it short and sweet. Only one third characters out of 125 characters are shown on the user feed.

You can use keywords but avoid keyword stuffing. Make it SEO friendly so that your pin can appear in search results.


For same blog post if you create multiple pins then use different titles. This will also help in A/B testing to know which pin title appeals more audience.

Do not repeat the text of the pin description in the titles. Also, use different text than what is already there on the image.

How to use hashtags to increase visibility?

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You Know hashtags are very popular in platforms like twitter for finding trending topics. Hashtags also play an important role in Pinterest to help people to search topics but slightly in a different manner.

They work better if you use popular searchable terms as hashtags for a particular niche. Find out words that are likely to be searched by your targeted audience.They provide an opportunity for bloggers to reach their target audience.

Use tags that are more closely related to brands and niches. For example, if you have written a post on affiliate marketing then use #affiliatemarketing as a hashtag.

If you are not sure which tags should be used for your pin just enter main keywords in the search bar, the autocomplete feature will provide suggestions.

Do not use more than 15-20 hashtags for a pin.

You should add tags when you add fresh pins. Adding tags on old pins will not benefit you. The priority is given to hashtags used for new pins.

What are Rich Pins and their benefits?

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It is an organic type format that provides more context about an idea or post by showing extra information directly on the pin.

The information for the pin is automatically updated if changes are made on the original website.

Before a rich pin feature can be used, it has to be approved by Pinterest.

The rich pins get more priority in search results, exposure, and visibility in comparison to normal pins.

There are three types of rich pins: - Product, article, and recipe.

If there is change related to any product pin-like price, availability, these changes are automatically reflected from the original site itself. Similarly, the information will be updated for article and recipe rich pins.

Article rich pins display information like title, Meta description, date of publishing and author name.

The recipe rich pins show ingredients, time is taken to prepare the recipe, etc.

As you can clearly find out that rich pins are designed to increase customer experience, therefore brands can make the best use of rich pins strategy for successful marketing campaigns on Pinterest.

The rich pins increase click-through rates and hence targeted traffic to your blog or e-commerce site.

This is how you can enable rich pins for your site.

-Add metadata to the content on your site.

-Validate and apply for rich pins.

Therefore, the rich pin is an advanced feature to get more visibility and building a unique brand.    

What are group boards and how to collaborate with others?

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There are many Pinners who are pinning about the same topic and their interests merge. Group Boards help members to grow together and get new ideas on a consistent basis.

Anyone can make his personal board as a shared board and invite people for collaboration. Other Pinners can search group boards in their niche and can send requests for collaboration to the owner of the board.

The owner can set rules for pinning and maintain discipline.

You can search appropriate group boards through pingroupie.

The biggest advantage of group boards is that your content will be seen by the people who are not even your followers. In this way, it provides an excellent opportunity for increasing your following list and also more visibility and shares for your pins.

Although personal boards are given more priority in search results you should join some important group boards in your niche.

What is Tailwind and why it is important?

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Nowadays, many automated software tools are used in the field of digital marketing. Managing all social accounts is getting difficult every day for brands. These brands are taking the help of scheduling tools like Tailwind to save time and schedule pins on peak time. Tailwind is the official partner of Instagram and Pinterest.

Publishing pins at the time when there are more active pinners is the key to reach to the maximum audience. Therefore, Tailwind can bring more traffic and sales for your business.

With Tailwind it is easy and hassle-free to plan weekly and monthly pinning activities. You can plan and schedule pins in bulk for the entire month, you do not need to invest your time and energy for pinning all the time. You can manually add your pins whenever you have time.

The two most important things about the Tailwind tool I like are pin scheduler and tribes. You can schedule pins from Pinterest as well as from your own website. Just enable Tailwind extension to your browser.

Tailwind tribes are groups of people in the same niche who want to grow together by sharing each other pin. Generally, tribe owners set the rule of 1:1 for sharing pins. It means if you share one pin of another tribe member, you are allowed to add one of your pins to that tribe. So simple objective behind tribes is to encourage group activity, build an active community and maximize sharing of pins. So the tribes have the potential to make your pins viral and get more visibility.


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By looking at the rapid growth of Pinterest and its continuous focus on improving customer experience, Pinterest marketing in 2020 will be a major trend in digital marketing. Many new small and big brands are likely to make their presence to generate Pinterest sales.

The bloggers and digital marketers can drive massive traffic to their landing pages by creating quality content and designing stunning pins. The quality and fresh content, appealing pins will be preferred.

To make massive success, one needs to create a Pinterest marketing plan and follow that in letter and spirit. Consistency of the pinning, marketing, and content creation efforts is the way forward.

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