SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

Blogger's writing assistant

Blogging has been an effective marketing strategy. It helps in engaging the quality prospects who can turn into buying customers. With the combination of various social media platforms, blogging can rapidly spread the word about the brand or company. Everybody would love to read and share the content which is attractive and valuable. To create such amazing content the bloggers need to find the trending topics and ideas. The platforms like Quora, Twitter, etc can help in getting ideas about the latest trending topics. The proven SEO tools can do this manual task of research in a better and effective manner. The following frequently asked questions(FAQs) are designed to understand the content optimization process. 


Is good quality content of blog posts sufficient for generating organic traffic?

Many thousands of posts are written daily by different writers, bloggers, students, and academicians. However, not all posts are ranked on the first page of the search engine results pages. The writers can write good quality content but they may still not get organic traffic and enough visitors. Therefore, the SEO tools and techniques have become part of a writer’s life. The various tools can assist the writers to write SEO friendly content.


How does content optimization help in better audience targeting?

It is said that blogging is a powerful marketing tool which can help in brand awareness, promotion, advertisement and attracting new customers. By writing consistent blog posts the long-term loyalty of the customers can be maintained. Therefore effective blog writing requires not only quality and relevant content but also use of optimization techniques for better content so that it can be made reachable, readable and attractive to a large audience.


Why keyword and topic research is important for bloggers?

Writing blogs without brainstorming and content optimization may not bring desired fruits. The content optimization starts with the research about a most trending topic in your niche. You need to select the topic or title which is helpful, most attractive and demanding to your audience. The writing can be made better by including the right set of targeted keywords in your content.


How to optimize the content to make it SEO friendly?

The objective of SEO friendly content is to rank high in the search engine results pages. There are already numerous competitors who have been writing SEO friendly content in your niche. To compete with them you need to produce better SEO friendly quality content than your competitors.


One of the methods to write SEO friendly content is to do research manually for keywords, topic, interest, like and dislike of an audience, the current trend in the niche, etc. But doing it manually may take much time and maybe a cumbersome process. The findings of the current trend may not be accurate and hence this method is not advisable.


Another way of doing this is by taking the assistance of SEO tools and techniques. The keyword research tools can give an idea about the keywords which can perform better from the SEO perspective. The keyword research process is an essential aspect of any writing aimed to top in search results. The Bloggers Writing Assistant tool can help bloggers to find out how SEO friendly their text is and what and how changes need to be done. The writing assistant shows many important metrics which are important from the SEO perspective.    



What is Bloggers Writing assistant?

It is an add-on tool on Google document and WordPress developed by SEMrush. It analyzes the various metrics in real-time like target keywords, their use, text length, and readability score and gives recommendations to assist the writers. It also collects the data of your top 10 competitors and analyzes your content.  



How to use SEMrush’s Bloggers Writing Assistant?

Access the SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant. After Clicking the Free button a new Google document will be opened. Go to the Add-on tab and access the SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant. Paste the content on the document and click on the Show button to analyze your content in real-time. After running the assistant it generated the overall score, target score, list of sentences which are hard to read, optimum word count for the given topic and suggested keywords.

The aim should be to match the target score so that it can perform well in search engine results. The appropriate changes should be made in the content. 


What are the pros and cons of the SEMrush Writing Assistant tool?

The tool is well integrated with Google docs and Wordpress. It is easy to use and suggest grammar modifications too. The different metrics are calculated based on the large volume of keyword data and taking ideas from top competitors. The tool is handy and helpful but a little bit expensive.


What are the other tools available for content optimization?

The tool like Yoast SEO plugin for optimization of the blog posts can be used. The Grammarly tool can check the writing errors.


As we discussed that blogging is essential with multiple benefits. The product companies can write about their products in detail so that common people can better understand their usages. Blogging also helps in getting feedback about products and services. The small business owners can take advantage of blogging to build a strong relationship with their prospects. But writing is not enough it should reach to maximum audience therefore good quality content with optimization is the way forward for effective blogging.