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Local SEO

Etrade revolution has changed the behaviors of consumers whether they want to buy online or offline. They first would like to have basic details of the products, services and their providers. Making online presence and optimizing your site and content for larger local audience coverage is called local SEO. The focus of local SEO is to attract local customers and promote the business in local area.

Why local SEO is must for small and medium businesses in present time?

-With continuous increase in cross border etrade, the ecommerce giants are making every effort to capture the large market. They are setting new standards of consumerism by providing customer friendly choices. The local shop owner’s business is getting disrupted and their sells have been decreased in significant way. Therefore it becomes necessary for local and small medium businesses to tune themselves with latest developments in marketing landscape.


-Before buying, consumers make online search to know essential details about business even they want to buy offline. This habit of making online search is on rise due to affordability of computers, smart devices and internet all over the world. They also make search to know the address and contact information of the shops so that they can find location on the map. If they don’t find your business over the internet they will choose other shops in local area.

-The online presence of your small business will not have influence only in your close proximity but will also help in attracting customers from nearby areas. So it will increase sphere of influence of your products and services.


-This will provide an opportunity to promote your small business at national and international level. The etrade ecosystem has no geographical barriers for reaching out to different nations. By employing appropriate SEO techniques you can attract global audience.


-The local small businesses can compete with multinational companies by using SEO techniques and optimizing website.


-The online reviews and ranking of the local shops has greater impact on consumer preferences. The online feedback can be utilized to provide better consumer experience.


-Google support small and local businesses by displaying them first in search results. For example if a customer is looking best honey product then Google will show shops close to the location of the customer. Therefore if you have don’t have online presence and not listed honey product online you may miss the potential customers.

How do I make my small business online?

The search engines have made hassle free interfaces to list the businesses. You can list your shop in My Google Business and Bing Places by providing accurate address and other contact information. You can further optimize your content by uploading good photos of products.


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