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Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization includes anything else you can do outside your website for better page ranking. Building relationship and network always helps to spread awareness about your brand. There are various ways of promotion like making presence in social media, earning backlinks, writing guest blogs, making relationship with influencers, listing business in local directories, conducting seminars and promotional events and outsourcing SEO work to an expert agency for better rank page.

Impact of social media in marketing 

It is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users in 2019. Social media has become integral part of our modern life. People have become more curious to know what is happening around them and share their details on these platforms. It is estimated that on average internet users spend two hours on surfing social networks. Geographically, North America tops in terms of total numbers but in future there will be explosive growth of social media users from China and India. The social media gives feeling of real time engagement and communication. The sharing power of social media multiply and leverage brand awareness. The search engines consider social media sharing and likes as signal of good and valuable information. They are also considered as votes of public to quality content.

The audiences over these networks are not similar. They are divided into various interest groups and require specific targeted approach. Companies use different approaches to cater the need of each social platform. For example young people use youtube for entertainment, fun, education and sharing interesting videos, while Pinterest is used to share mainly images.

There are more users who love to see video than any type of format. The video has great sharing power and attention grabbing capability. You must have heard about news of viral videos over internet and televisions. The video format takes less time in brand awareness. The quality of good content and creativity matters. The short films about brand and products should be shared in consistent manner. Creating images with sense of humor may attract many users of Instagram and Pinterest. The detailed article on various aspects of social media marketing provides more key insights.  


The search engines use backlinks as most important metric to determine the page rank. Why search engines give more importance to backlinks?

They are the ways to find the quality information over the internet .A website having more quality backlinks will likely perform better in search results. The link from high domain authority website is called Quality backlink.The educational institutes and governmental organizations have high domain authority.


Based on the process of getting backlinks they are divided into three categories.

The organic links are natural links. If webmasters or bloggers find something interesting and relevant in your pages then they voluntarily can insert your web page link for the benefit of their audiences. In this way your website is exposed to new audiences.

Black hat links are bought through paid campaigning, link exchange practices and other unethical means. The search engines keep eye on this type of exercises and penalize such web pages. For example Google uses Panda and Penguin to punish such websites. If such practice is allowed then it will degrade the quality of search and overall user experience with search engines. We don’t recommend such type of quick link building tactics, these may earn backlinks for your website but it is not sustainable and will heavily be penalized sooner or later. Every search engine has their own guidelines to earn white hat backlinks,they are the legitimate ways to acquire links.


The focus of search algorithms are now more on user experience and satisfaction.The term earning links makes more sense than building links.Earning is more associated with hard work and demand oriented data so for high page rank there should be continuous efforts to improve quality and authenticity.The step by step earning backlinks guide in question and answer format can help in understanding the various dimensions of the links.

Knowledge and information sharing is one of the most important aspects of internet revolution. The information diffusion taking place rapidly across the globe,the digital revolution made it possible for any remote area of the earth to appear on the map.The cutting edge technology innovations brought scholars,academicians,industry experts,students,farmers,media reporters and almost everyone on the internet landscape.A huge volume of data is being created every second and shared by these netizens. The companies and other interest groups invite writers to provide value addition to their customers. The Guest blogging is such practice where any individual can contribute his expert knowledge and in return can get favor from webmaster in the form of a backlink.

In a traditional brand promotion method, companies take help of celebrities because they have influence on large audiences.As a new digital marketing strategy, companies are doing partnership with social media influencers. They are now being called social media brand ambassadors.They already have large following base in various social networks.They have  built their reputation by sharing their expert knowledge on a specific field.They dont only have followers but also play a key role in buyer's choices and decision making.The surge in knowledge sharing and awareness over the internet,the outreach as a digital marketing strategy can pay more dividend.

Due to lack of time and busy schedule people prefer to buy goods or services in nearby areas.The online presence of your business with name,address,phone and other details can give hint to search engines that you are legitimate business entity.The more online presence of your business can improve the search ranking.  

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