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All About Backlinks

The search engines rely more on backlinks to determine the relevancy of a web-page. The more links pointing to a web-page increase the probability of it to appear in top search results. But just number of links doesn’t guarantee the high page rank rather the quality of them is also considered as a major factor.



How the quality of the link is decided?

Well, no webmaster would like to link a page which has no value or relevancy for his website users. If webmaster feels that there is something important in the page which can generate interest among readers then he can insert your website link but again the anchor text he would put for your page will tell the search engine how relevant data on your web-page is.



Which type of link is more important?

The webmaster has two ways to insert the link. The following attribute gives a strong signal to search engine about the important piece of information. This attribute allows the auto bots or crawlers to go through your web-page. If no follow attribute is used then bots will escape the page.



Why regular audit is important to maintain the high page rank status?

All links are not beneficial for a web page. Some links may be toxic for page rank. The search engines penalize the toxic links and can do more damage to page rank. So it is wise to have regular audits of links to check their health. Your competitors can run automatic spam campaigns, so get rid of all kind of toxic links as soon as possible.



There may be chances where you can lose your hard earned quality backlinks. It is a fact that getting a new quality link takes more time and energy so efforts should be made to get back all lost links. The concerned webmasters should be contacted.  



Some products can be out of stock so in that case, it is wise to redirect the existing link to some similar products so that existing customers don’t face any usability problem with broken pages.


The audit can help in streamlining the campaigns by checking both the quantity and quality of the links produced by such efforts. This study can give more valuable insights like whether content should be improved or a more targeted campaign is the need of the hour.



There are various tools through which you can study the profile of your website external links. These tools can show the numbers, domain authority, follow or no follow attribute, toxicity and many more metrics of the links.



The success in e-commerce depends on the volume of your audience. The audience for your business may not be the same as other e-commerce business in a totally different field. For example, you write a blog on food-related stuff so your target audience should be different from blogs writing about cloud computing related things.


Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand your own business in depth to know who your target audience is which type of blogs or website they surf and where they spend their most of the time instead of beating around the bush.



How to make outreach efforts for getting backlinks?

The process of earning backlinks can be learned better by understating the examples. Suppose you want to run an online business for selling wallpapers, so let's see what type of businesses would be interested to make a relationship with you.



Home Décor Bloggers and sites: There are numerous people who love to write about ideas of making the home more beautiful. So naturally, wallpapers would be one of the key ingredients of their blogs. Would it not be a good idea to get linked your site as one of the resources on their blog?



Stress reducing and feel good blogs:

The busy life and feeling of insecurity result into stress and anxiety but a good home with motivating wallpapers, cleanliness, scenic and aesthetic beauty can alter the human mood and hence can help in reducing the stress. Making a relationship with doctors, hospitals, a psychologist can enhance your audience.



Professional interior designers:

The improving lifestyle is being given more importance nowadays so the demand for such professionals is increasing all around the world. These people not only spread the word about your business but already have a significant chunk of customers.


Architecture related organizations and education institutes:

If you create good content which these organizations may like then it would help to get better page rank because links from these types of websites are given more weight because they are the institutes which are involved in research and development. So any link from them would have more authority and authenticity. These institutes always look for quality ideas and content so it would be a great signal or hint for search engines that your page needs more attention. 



Art and craft organizations:

There are many non-governmental organizations worldwide involved in promoting the local arts to the international community to uplift the local people. Building relations with them and incorporating local arts into your wallpaper business can have a positive impact.


These are few ideas but there could be more like construction companies, film industry, and exhibition spots. For better targeting, you can use advanced search operators.



By the above examples, we can conclude that the audience for any business is scattered in different sections of the business community. Therefore, making a sound plan for the business to the business relationship is key to success in digital marketing.



After identifying the target audience or businesses you can filter them according to your need and make their list with contact details. We tried to find an audience for wallpaper business by brainstorming but there are many SEO tools and techniques which can help in searching targeted audience and maintaining them well. So keyword research can bring more fruits by narrowing down the wide audience and hence better targeting.



How to study a competitor's backlink profile?

In the marketing world, there is saying that fish where people are already fishing because there might be goldmines for your business as well. Same is true in case of backlinks too. If your competitors rank higher than you then they must be having tons of backlinks without compromising the quality. The objective of the research should be to get insights about why the websites or blogs are linking them and for what reason. What are they doing differently? It is important to notice that since these sites have high domain authority, they can be a good target to attract their audience to your site.



Therefore a few handful of links from them not only can boost page rank for your small business but are also good sources of customers. There are link explorer SEO tools which can show the list of domains and pages having similar keywords to your business. You can study the links at the domain and page level. The sites which compete overall with your business are called domain level competitors. There are domains with some pages which can compete with your site. The tools can help in finding the domain, page, and content for which link has been established.


The purpose of the study should be to understand the context in which a webmaster gives a link. By default, every link has do follow attribute but depending on the interest of the host site webmaster generally, use no-follow attribute. But why so because no host site can afford to lose page rank they have built and maintained so far. Obtaining the link from webmaster is not an easy task, before linking any site or blog he does some sort of research on the history of the third party site. They strictly avoid any spammy behavior and hesitate to link any site with low trust and authority level.



Why people would like to link your website?

Based on the relevancy and value of the linking content below are the various reasons:-


-The links to useful sites help in building trust, authenticity and easy navigation of the host site.


-They provide additional information or knowledge to readers of the host site.


-They help in directing the visitors for quality training material or other resources.


-The outbound links help the search engines to have a better understanding of the host site.


-People can mention the names of popular brands for the benefit of their audience.


-The links can help to support or justify their arguments or data.


-Links give an excellent opportunity to build a business to business (B2B) relationship.


-The links can be used to prompt users to take any useful action.


-Many bloggers can use them to inform their visitors for any offer or freebies or discounts.


Although there may be more reasons for webmasters to link any site. All these purposes are related to value addition of your content.


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