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Keyword Research For Small Business

keyword research for better content

For organic traffic, the more users should land on your website. To make this happen you must understand your business in depth and should have an idea about customer’s intent. You should dig more in your business niche for better understanding of the user’s search query. The questions can be similar like what type of products or services, different sizes of products, specifications, price range, values and so on.

Will this manual brainstorming be enough to know current trends in your business? Not absolutely, this is where the SEO tools can be utilized to research the consumer behavior and requirement. The search engines keep records of the user search query and by accessing these records the SEO tools can tell about the keywords entered by the users. These tools can tell about the keywords were searched maximum time by users in your business segment. In this way you can better target audience and write quality content for your website while focusing on these researched keywords. This research plays most important role in enhancing the page rank.   

Let’s understand more by taking example of smart phones. Suppose you own small ecommerce business selling smart phones. But there may be many players who are also selling the same brand and type of smart phones. Let’s not forget that these companies are in business for many years and if you target the same keywords for which they are ranking high in search engine then it will take so many years to top the search results. Therefore, it would be better to research the keywords in your niche which are yet not known to your competitors. The emphasis should be to find the comparatively less competitive keywords with three or four words.

The better targeted and slightly different set of keywords will help your small business to rank higher. This will decrease bounce rate which is also crucial for better page rank. If you targeted wrong keywords which are not apt for your business, the visiting customers will not be satisfied hence they will leave your site so quickly.     

If you put emphasis on smart phones keyword only then this will not get you on top page because this term is too general and there are tons of websites and blog which may have good ranking than you for this term. Suppose your small business has smart phones of company “xyz” with price under $200 then more better phrase would be “xyz smart phone under $200”.This new phrase will narrow down the volume and may increase page rank. This better keyword will also attract quality customers who are specifically looking for this brand only.So chance of conversion will be higher.

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