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A Comprehensive Guide on Grammarly Writing Assistant


Want to take your writing to the next level? Whether you are a blogger, business person, student, or copywriter, you need to proofread your content before making it public.


As humans, we are known to make mistakes in writing, and therefore we need some assistance to edit or proofread our content. And it can be done either with the help of a proofreader or an automatic editing tool.


That's where Grammarly comes into the picture, making your documents error-free and exciting for your readers and making your writing more powerful than ever.


With the help of Grammarly, you can increase the quality of the content and your productivity. You can write better texts in less time and avoid mistakes in your future writings by learning from Grammarly suggestions. 


It makes sure that whatever you write is grammatically correct and easy to read, clear, engaging, and the text is not plagiarized. 


Using artificial intelligence and machine language algorithms, Grammarly scans the whole text and flags potential issues in the document.


After scanning and finding problems, it presents errors in a very user-friendly manner and at the same time makes real-time suggestions. 


An overall score for your content by considering writing goal, correctness, readability, and engagement is also shown so that you can test the performance of your content and take necessary actions.


And for each suggestion also gives detailed reasoning so that the writer can make informed decisions to incorporate suggestions. It is up to the writer to accept or reject them.    


In this detailed guide, we will review Grammarly and its features,  how you can proofread your content, different types of writing errors noticed by it, and how it works on various platforms. 

What is Grammarly, and how to use it?

Grammarly, an English content writing automatic tool, was launched in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko, Dima Lider, and Max Lytvyn to improve lives by improving communication.

It is the most popular and leading app for casual and professional online written communication. Grammarly UI is very intuitive, and any English writer can use it without difficulty.


Grammarly's grammar checks are more robust than Microsoft Word spell checker. It goes way beyond grammar and spelling checking to discover more complex communication issues in writing.


It takes care of low-level errors, but it also goes deep to understand the context and suggest correct phrasing.   

Grammarly analyses billions of web pages using advanced AI technology and deep learning algorithms. 


Grammarly can be very beneficial for every type of work where writing is involved. From marketing to health industry or law and politics writing, it can help eradicate writing errors and make documents professional. 


Almost 30,000 teams and over 30 million users worldwide use Grammarly to create better pieces of emails, social media posts, articles, blog posts, essays, and other text write-ups.


Grammarly is a cross-platform tool and therefore caters to the needs of different types of users. You can avail of its services on macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS,  Android through a browser extension, web editor, or a mobile App.


Its services are not limited to only one device, and you can also use it on multiple devices with a single Grammarly account. It doesn't matter whether you have a free or premium account. 


The free version of Grammarly can help you correct common grammar issues, but with the premium version, you can unlock more advanced features to polish your writing. 


You can use it wherever you want to write. It is accessible almost on every type of device and operating system. Below are the five easy ways to access Grammarly writing assistant for your work:-

#1 Grammarly Web Editor

You can directly copy and paste your work on Grammarly editor and check the quality of writing. Once you paste text, it will scan and highlight grammar and other writing issues with different color lines in just a few seconds. 


Want to check for mistakes when you type? Start typing on the editor. It will automatically scan and alert you to English grammar errors as you write.


It also provides an option for importing your documents into the web editor. Just upload your text documents, and the Grammarly editor will flag issues after scanning them.  

#2 Grammarly Browser Extension

You can use it on Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox browsers by downloading and installing Grammarly extensions. Just download the add-on, install it on your favorite browser, and enable this beautiful writing assistant on thousands of websites. 


You can type hassle-free wherever you want. The free Grammarly browser extension helps you check any violation of English grammar rules and saves you from the embarrassment of typos.




#3 Desktop App for Windows and Mac

Much written work takes place on computer desktop Apps, such as PowerPoint slides, Microsoft Office, Evernote, Slack, Discord, Gmail, etc.

For example, you may need to prepare PowerPoint slides to explain your product features for business meetings. Grammarly will help you create typos-free, clear, and concise PPT slides.


Download Grammarly for your desktop from the below links:-


Once the desktop app for Grammarly is installed, go to any App or website and start writing; a floating Grammarly widget should appear on the screen. Click on the underlined word or this floating Grammarly icon to see errors and suggestions. 

#4 Grammarly Keyboard

Today, we do many text work on touchscreens like instant chat, messaging, replying to emails, social media marketing, etc. In this regard, Grammarly has also developed a free keyboard app for different mobile devices to provide universal access.


This free Grammarly keyboard works on all apps and websites browsed through these devices, whether iPhone or iPad.


It seamlessly integrates with all mobile apps and browsers, and the keyboard's UI looks like the native app for both the Android and iOS platforms.  


This free keyboard allows you to type without spelling, articles, preposition errors, etc. It also gives feedback on word choices and style improvement for premium users.


You can download the Grammarly keyboard for Android devices from Google Play and iOS devices from App Store

#5 MS Office Add-In

Microsoft Word is the most popular and commonly used text editor worldwide. This Add-In, specially made for MS Word, integrates well and works on Windows and Mac platforms. 

The Add-In allows you to write and edit without leaving the word document. The suggestions and feedback will appear on the right side of the word document. 


Get Grammarly on Microsoft Word and Outlook

What are the benefits of using Grammarly?

We all do some form of writing every day to communicate with friends, colleagues, and clients. We intend to write perfect emails and messages, but it is always impossible to write with perfection.

But Grammarly can accurately judge the texts and suggest changes as an ultimate writing assistant, and it can make you more accurate and productive in English writing.  


Here are the main advantages of using Grammarly:- 

#1 Grammar, spelling, and punctuation correction

No matter how fantastic your content idea is, if there are common grammar mistakes, it will negatively impact your brand's image and credibility.


When readers see so many grammar and clarity-related issues, they will quickly switch to other websites for better content, which will lead to a high bounce rate, negatively impacting search engine ranking.  


Therefore editing and proofreading any written content becomes imperative, especially if you are writing for your professional work. 


It can easily detect possible mistakes relating to spelling, basic and advanced grammar and help us to correct them faster.

#2 Improving readability and engagement

Nobody would show interest in reading an article that is too hard to read and understand. And naturally, it will also witness less engagement and social media shares.

The easy-to-digest, comprehending, and valuable text for readers will more likely engage and take action. People who better understand the concepts covered in the document will pass this helpful information to their friends and co-workers.
Not only does such quality text get the people's attention but also of search engines like Google, Bing. The increased visibility in social media platforms and search engines will increase your website's reader base and organic traffic.  


Although we try our best to convey the message, recipients sometimes either do not understand or misunderstand the whole message. It can be due to inappropriate sentence framing, bad readability, or incorrect tone of delivery. 


Therefore, writing with clarity is essential for any writer to achieve end goals. The intended audience, writing style, and tone of message delivery also impact the writing outcome. If you ignore these crucial aspects in writing, your final document will be less effective.


Grammarly allows setting such goals to understand writing requirements better and give customized feedback. 

#3 Vocabulary enhancement

The choice of poor, confused, and overused words can make your text less appealing and have a terrible reputation for your brand. On the other hand, you can clearly and confidently convey your message using powerful and appropriate words.


Grammarly goes deep into the context of the text and comes out with more appropriate and powerful new words. It gives a list of synonyms and explains the usages through simple examples. 


By learning new words and their usages daily, anyone using Grammarly can enhance vocabulary and become more confident in English writing. 

#4 Easy to use

The other best thing about Grammarly is that it has excellent UI and presents suggestions nicely, making proofreading and editing super easy.

To cater to the needs of diverse users, Grammarly developed applications for different operating systems, browsers, and mobile handsets.

The mobile keyboard lets people type fast and accurately to draft emails or messages. Businesspersons who use smart and small devices can also find Grammarly extremely useful to communicate with their clients.   


The writers and editors can access Grammarly online web editor via soon as they paste or type text, it will start scanning and giving feedback on the right-side panel. The Web app interface is very intuitive and editing-friendly. 


Grammarly browser extensions enable people to type error-free on thousands of websites with great ease. They can proofread emails and social media updates as they type.


Grammarly also extends its services on the most popular text editor MS Word, Google Docs, and Outlook. It easily and seamlessly integrates with these popular apps. 

#5 Freemium

Is Grammarly a free writing digital assistant? Yes, it is. However, the free version is limited but still enough for people who just want to check grammar norms, spelling mistakes, and misuse of punctuation marks.

After using Grammarly freely, users can opt to upgrade if they want more advanced and detailed feedback.


It comes with both plans, free and premium, so that if users feel the need for more advanced features, they can upgrade at any time.

Who can use Grammarly?

Grammarly is for everyone. Anyone who writes in English can use Grammarly to create a quality piece of text, and it is helpful for both English learners and non-native English-speaking people. 


It supports four English dialects:- American, British, Canadian, and Australian.


The writing opportunities created by Grammarly are endless. People can use it for everyday tasks(chatting and messaging) and professional work like blogging, academics, email marketing, freelancing, and writing news articles.


It can help content marketers, from writing compelling product reviews, emails, and newsletters to creating plagiarism-free blog posts. Therefore, it is bloggers' favorite digital writing and copy editing assistant.


Today brands need to interact daily with their prospects on various social media platforms. But that interaction should be mistake-free and compelling. Therefore social media managers working on behalf of these brands can make the best use of Grammarly to craft error-free and engaging posts faster than ever. 


Grammarly business was launched in 2018 for enterprises to maintain the brand's tone consistently and improve communication among different teams to drive better business results.


Grammarly business offers individual accounts for team members, centralized billing, priority email support, snippets creation, and a customizable style guide.  


With the help of Grammarly's business premium service, organizations can cut both costs and time to respond to business queries and improve customer-relationship. Grammarly is committed to making business communication more convenient, faster, and effective.


Grammarly can be handy for companies to document their products and services with polished writing that will positively impact the marketing team's relations with clients.


Grammarly@edu is specifically tailored for students and teaching institutions. More than 3000 educational institutes and millions of students use Grammarly worldwide.


Academic work like writing essays, publishing a research paper, and preparing a thesis requires more professionalism and plagiarism-free high-quality writing. 


College students with a lot of written workload can be more efficient in their academic writing with Grammarly. They can save their precious time by automatic proofreading through Grammarly rather than doing it manually.


They can quickly fix spelling typos, fundamental grammar problems, and punctuation misusages. With detailed explanations on issues, students can learn grammar rules, new words, and better sentence construction while they write. 


The students working on research projects can use Grammarly's plagiarism detector and learn how to cite sources correctly.


Students using Grammarly in their writing process can have an edge in academics. According to Grammarly's student survey,70% of students that use it reported increased confidence in English writing, and 99% improved their writing grades. 


Not only students but also professors can benefit from Grammarly services. For example, teachers can quickly run a plagiarism check on their student's work. 

What are different errors corrected, and how does Grammarly fix them?

Grammarly scans text word by word and examines the violation of grammar norms, overused terms, clarity and readability issues, writing style, tone of delivery, and plagiarism issues.
The free Grammarly trial includes standard features while paid plans in addition to those basic checks offer over a hundred advanced checks and features.

The paid version covers everything you need to write an excellent piece of text in any field. It arms you with advanced grammar checks, suggestions for improving readability, engagement, and delivery.

Here is the exhaustive list of features that Grammarly offers to its writers.

#1 Spelling correction

How often do we feel embarrassing for typos after hitting the send button for an important business email? 


It is the primary check that every digital writing assistant aims to provide. Grammarly's spell checking is more robust than any other alternatives. 


Unlike other digital writing assistants, it also examines the context of the words and flags the issue if the wrong word is used that looks similar to the right word.


Incorrect: In the next weak, we will be visiting you.
Correct: In the next week, we will be visiting you. 

grammarly spell checking example

In the above example, although there is nothing wrong with the spelling but wrong word was used; therefore, Grammarly understood the context and suggested the right one. 

So it goes way beyond the typos, understands the demand of the whole sentence, and comes out with the most appropriate word.


Moreover, Grammarly is everywhere, so you don't need to worry about these silly mistakes whenever and wherever you type on the internet.

#2 Grammar checks and correction

Grammatically correct text with a poor content idea is always better than text with a great idea and broken grammar.


Not everyone is well versed in English grammar norms, especially people for whom English is a second language. 


Moreover, it is almost impossible to remember all grammar rules correctly without any confusion and write grammatically correct sentences every time. Remembering all grammar norms is tricky and challenging because there are exceptions to every rule.


When we write in a hurry due to the pressure of deadlines, the chances are high of breaking grammar rules. It would be better if extra eyes were there to monitor our work in such circumstances and correct wrong grammar. 


Grammarly as an automated grammar checker is the best free tool to find various grammar issues and fix them faster intuitively. It can quickly check your grammar online in a fraction of seconds.


Unlike most grammar checking tools, Grammarly goes beyond the basic grammar checks and analyzes advanced grammar issues. 


For writing proficiency, not only basic grammar is essential, but correct use of composition rules, clauses, phrases, paragraphs also matters a lot.


Applying Grammarly's advanced grammar suggestions and feedback can further elevate your writing and impress your readers and prospects.

#3 Punctuation marks correction

There is no writing without punctuation marks, and they play a crucial role in sentence framing. Whether it is the end of the sentence or you want to give a pause in the middle or want to list some items. 


There are many common mistakes in punctuations that can drastically impact the overall meaning of the writing. Sometimes these mistakes are hard to notice with human eyes, and this is where automatic punctuation checker Grammarly can help you out. 


It can spot errors like missing periods, comma splices, confusing apostrophes, etc. It can locate the points and punctuations necessary within the sentence.


An example of a comma splice:-

Incorrect: Max is taller than Evan, he is shorter than James. 

Correct: Max is taller than Evan, but he is shorter than James.

Correct: Max is taller than Evan but shorter than James. 

comma splice punctuation error

#4 Sentence structure problems

Sometimes, the sentences or content we write don't come across the way we want due to busy schedules or deadline pressure. Writing clear and engaging in a short time is always a challenging task in such circumstances. 


It is impossible to express our thoughts clearly if we struggle to frame sentences. It doesn't matter how good your technical subject is; if you cannot construct compelling sentences, you can't impress your readers.


Grammarly's sentence checker examines issues ranging from subject-verb agreement to complex or compound sentences. It goes beyond sentence syntax and helps writers form complex or long sentences with greater ease.


Here are five sentence problems it looks into and allows you to write better sentences in less time.

#1 Subject-verb agreement

The subject-verb agreement is a typical writing problem, and this basic sentence rule is broken when subject and verb do not match in number. It means that a plural verb accompanies a plural subject.


Incorrect: We does not run.

Correct: We do not run.

We generally commit or find mistakes when more than one noun comes before the verb or are joined by conjunctions like and, or, nor.

Incorrect: Melissa and Jon owns a car.

Correct: Melissa and Jon own a car.

subject verb mismatch example

Incorrect: People in this modern world of the 21st century has become more dependent on smart gadgets.


Correct: People in this modern world of the 21st century have become more dependent on smart gadgets.


Whenever and wherever Grammarly finds a mismatch or disagreement between subjects and verbs, it will locate such sentences and ask you to change subject or verb. 

#2 Run-on sentences

It is also a typical sentence construction error that many writers and students make. It happens when two independent clauses are properly not connected by conjunctions.


The problem with run-on sentences is that they are hard to understand with a single reading, and sometimes we may need to re-read multiple times.


Incorrect: Write confidently with Grammarly don't worry about the quality of your writing. 

There are two complete sentences:

1. Write confidently with Grammarly 

2. don't worry about the quality of your writing.

Here are three correct versions of the above sentence:-

1. By adding a comma and conjunction

Correct: Write confidently with Grammarly, and don't worry about the quality of your writing.

2. Using a semicolon

Correct: Write confidently with Grammarly; don't worry about the quality of your writing. 


3. Splitting them into two separate sentences

Correct: Write confidently with Grammarly. Don't worry about the quality of your writing. 


Once Grammarly detects issues of run-on sentences, it will suggest examples to correct them.

run-on sentences

#3 Sentence fragment checker

Fragments are incomplete sentences, and we can't interpret what they say. A fragmented sentence either lacks a subject, verb, or both. 


Although story or novel writers can use some fragments based on their target audience and style of writing, it is wise to avoid such sentences in professional and academic writing.  


Let's look at this example:-

Incorrect: Because of James.


It is an incomplete sentence and doesn't tell what happened because of James. It is a fragment and must be added with another sentence to express a complete thought.

Correct: Because of James, I could not finish my work on time.


Grammarly scans your text and detects different types of sentence fragments if there are any. You can quickly fix those fragments in your writing.

sentence fragment error correction

#4 Passive voice misuse

Although passive voice is not incorrect sentences, too much passive voice is a bad writing habit and makes writing less compelling. 


And therefore, passive voice should be used in moderation and when there is a need.


It is indirect and weak, while active voice sentences are stronger, direct, and minimize confusion . Passive voice is more applicable when a particular action's performer is unknown or has no definitive subject. 


There are fields where they have a better use, like legal, scientific subjects, and formal language.


Grammarly will spot the use of passive voice and suggest you change it to an active one for more clear writing. It can also assist you in rewriting passive voice sentences in active voice. 


Passive voice: He is not liked by me.

Active voice: I do not like him.

passive and active voice

#5 Ending with prepositions 

These are the sentences that usually end with phrasal verbs. Although they are not incorrect, you should avoid them if you write a business proposal or want to sound more formal in your text.

We generally use sentences ending with prepositions when conversing with our friends or family members, and it is ok to use them in personal emails and messages. But in formal writing, you should consider rewording once Grammarly spots them.  


Here are some of the examples that end with prepositions.  

What are you sitting on?
What are you laughing at?
There is something I want to talk with you about.


sentences ending with prepositions

#5 Synonym Suggestions

Grammarly makes it super easy to learn new words while writing or browsing different websites on the internet. 


Just double-click on the word that you have written, you will get a list of its synonyms and their definitions. When you click on any synonym in the list, the old word will automatically be replaced by the new one.


Therefore even if the word you have written may be the best fit according to you, there could be a perfect alternative, and Grammarly helps search for that perfect word.


With Grammarly, learning new words can be very interesting. It allows you to view synonyms when you double-click almost on any website.


Grammarly suggestions about synonyms can be an effective way to enhance vocabulary and add variety to your writing. 

synonyms suggestions by grammarly

#6 Rearranging sentences

For better readability, the paragraphs should be coherent, where each sentence should flow into the next without any jumps.
Grammarly finds instances of jumbled sentences in your writing and reorders them in a proper sequence that makes more sense.  

rearrange sentences grammarly

#7 Monotonus passage

Sometimes, a paragraph having many sentences of the same length and pattern becomes boring for reading. Although there is nothing grammatically wrong with monotonous sentences, they fail to keep the reader's attention.


Grammarly finds such a pattern and asks you to change the word order or rewrite them to introduce variety if you have written such repetitive sentences mistakenly.


You can break the monotony by combining short sentences into compound sentences or starting them with adverbs and prepositional phrases.


You can apply other techniques to bring more variety to your writing, like adding conjunctions, modifiers, and appositives.

monotonous sentences

#8 Splitting complex sentences

The general audience may find it hard to read long sentences; therefore, Grammarly identifies such unclear sentences.


To enhance the readability, it offers suggestions for multiple short sentences.

split sentences

#9 Merging sentences

There are instances in the writing where two independent clauses can be joined by coordinating conjunctions to improve flow and logical connection.

Grammarly finds such opportunities in your writing and merges two sentences to make a compound sentence.

merging sentences.png

#10 Writing style improvements

Every author has a unique writing style that depends on word choices, target audience, writing subject, long or short sentences, punctuation, and paragraph structure.

With the assistance of Grammarly, you can enhance or develop your own writing style. 


For example, if you are writing is on any business and somehow used sentence fragments and informal tone, then Grammarly can instantly alert you about such instances. 


If you have used too many passive voice sentences, it will spot them and ask you to convert them into active voice to make your writing more direct and strong. 

#11 Plagiarism checker

Grammarly is a popular website that checks for plagiarism. It scans your text and checks against 90 billion online materials to know whether it contains any plagiarism.

It scans your text for duplicate content and finds what percentage of your content is similar to the other content on the internet.

plagiarism checking

#12 Formatting

One of the crucial things about writing is how it sounds and is easy to read.No one likes to read confusing and misarranged texts.

The premium users of Grammarly can use formatting services like converting the long list into bullets points and making important facts bold automatically.  

#13 Conciseness suggestions

For the general audience, it is hard to read and understand wordy sentences and complex words.


Readers hate long sentences that are hard to understand. Grammarly can help you remove unnecessary words and suggest more concise forms that add more value to your readers.


Overused or repeated text, redundant and extra words make it more boring and less interesting for readers. When your text is full of such valueless words, they waste most of the readers' time instead of focusing on valuable information.


Grammarly removes filler words and offers more suitable alternatives for your write-up, and makes it more straightforward and compelling.


For example:-

I will meet you tomorrow at 8 a.m. in the morning.


Here the filler phrase "in the morning" is unnecessary because 8 a.m would suffice, and therefore Grammarly will ask you to remove it to make the sentence more concise.


#14 Tone of delivery

Let's imagine a situation where you are a little annoyed but need to craft and send an important business email to your clients. In that case, the Grammarly tone detector can help you avoid any harsh words in your email.


It can assist in writing the content the way you want to sound to your audience.

#15 Writing skill development

Grammarly is more than correcting errors and making suggestions.


Through comprehensive feedback in an easy-to-grab manner, it lets you improve your knowledge about the English language.


With Grammarly, you can learn something you never knew before.  

Whether it is learning new words, grammar rules, improving writing style and tone, or constructing compelling sentences, it assists you in mastering your English writing skills.

Grammarly handbook can be very handy for learning grammar rules with correct and incorrect use examples.

How does Grammarly report errors in writing?

Grammarly uses four-color codes to report issues in the text and suggest improvements.


These color-coded underlines make it easy for users to understand errors and the reasoning behind each recommendation.


A red underline tells about basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. By using a free version of Grammarly, everyone can check their documents to detect such errors.


The more advanced features are available on paid versions.

dangling modifier error in red line

The blue line indicates clarity and conciseness-related issues. Blue suggestions are aimed to make your writing more reader-friendly.


Although the correctness of words and sentences is necessary, your text will not be compelling if it is hard to read. 

The strikethrough lines in blue color highlight redundant words and phrases to make writing more concise and clear.

blue underline for clarity suggestions

The purple underlines indicate tone-related suggestions that will help create content that sounds better to your audience. These suggestions will help you choose the words that convey the right tone.

tone suggestions in purple color

Green color suggestions are aimed to improve engagement.


These suggestions make writing more fun to read and enjoyable. The repetition of words and monotonous passages can make reading boring, and you can use tips in green underlines to make your documents more engaging.

grammarly suggestions in green color

What are writing goals, and how to set them in Grammarly?

You may have covered everything in detail, but if there are inconsistencies in style and tone, your intended readers may be confused or annoyed and find your content difficult to digest.

Depending on the understanding power of your target audience, you need to write content. 
For example, suppose your goal is to write for a general audience or non-specialists, and in that case, you should avoid hard-to-read sentences and complex words.


If you allow guest articles on your website or hire freelancers to produce content for your project, you may need to maintain your unique writing style, voice, and tone across all the documents. 

Companies too can opt for Grammarly business to create a unique style guide for their brand. By having a unified style guide, members working in cross-functional teams can write documents that speak in a single voice and tone.


Therefore, Grammarly in advance lets you set goals to make your document reader-friendly. Once you set preferences for audience type, tone, domain type, and formality level, Grammarly will suggest changes based on your goal choices. 


Here are five goals you can set before starting writing or editing an old document to get tailored suggestions or feedback from Grammarly.

how to set writing goals in grammarly

#1 Audience targeting

Before writing, you must have an idea about the people that will read your text. If they are elementary school students or less knowledgeable, you should choose "General" as the audience type. The other options that you can select are Knowledgeable and Expert.

If you select the General option and somehow write complex or long sentences, Grammarly will alert you by highlighting those parts in the blue color. So if your writing diverts from your set goals, it will suggest changing sentences or breaking them into easy ones. 

#2 Formality level

Not all text documents have the same writing style, and they can have a business, educational, or personal purpose.


While writing a message to a family member or friend, you can be less formal, but you need to adopt a formal writing style in professional communication. 


You will also find that academic documents like research papers, essays, and thesis demand more formal language. While writing such documents, if somehow you have used more colloquial expressions or slang words, it will be less credible.   


Therefore, Grammarly will let you choose a writing style when writing a new document or editing the existing text. Based on your choice or purpose, you will get style improvement suggestions as you proceed further with your writing. 


Selecting Neutral will allow standard casual expressions but restrict slang ones. If you choose Formal, it will restrict both slang and colloquialisms. In contrast, the Informal option will allow slang and other more casual sentences.   

#3 Domain type

Business writing is different than casual email to friends. Select domain type depending on the type of document you want to create.


For example, if you are writing a novel, you can bend grammar rules to give a stylistic feel. In that case, you can select the Casual or Creative option. 


On the other hand, if you are drafting a job application, you can choose a business writing style to be more formal in your letter.


There are six domain types(in the decreasing order of formality level):-



#4 Tone of delivery

While delivering a message to your audience, the tone of delivery matters a lot in making your information more effective and engaging. With Grammarly's tone detector, you can identify the tone of your message before you send it to your friends or clients.

There is a difference in what you say and how you say that information. 


When people talk face to face, they can better understand each other's message by looking at body movements and gestures.  


But in the case of written communication, it becomes a little bit difficult to recognize the actual intent or motive through written sentences. The selection and order of the words can completely change the meaning of the sentences. 


Therefore, it becomes imperative for the writer to make sure that his audience should understand what he intends to. Grammarly allows you to write what you really mean. 


It lets you decide how do you want to sound to your audience. You can choose different tones like joyful, optimistic, friendly, respectful, urgent, neutral, confident, and analytical, and then based on your selection Grammarly will tailor its suggestions. 

#5 Intent of writing

Your writing will be at its best when you stay focused on your purpose throughout the writing process. By selecting the intent type, you can get suggestions that are more aligned with your goal of writing.  


There are four types of intent:-





Tell A Story.

What are the Grammarly free and premium features?

Grammarly is a free app that you can use anywhere on the internet. As Grammarly is on a mission to improve lives by improving communication, it provides universal access through various devices, apps, and browsers.


Irrespective of device or browser types, all free and premium services are available to its users.


Basic checks like grammar, spelling, and punctuation are available in the free version for every user. 


So if you just want to make sure that your content is free from frequently made typos, common grammar mistakes, and incorrect punctuation marks, you can proofread your content quickly and freely.


More advanced features come with the premium plan to help you create more polished documents. The monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions costs are 30$,60$, and 144$, respectively.


In addition to free checks, the paid plans include suggestions on clarity, tone adjustment, engagement, fluency, formatting, improving vocabulary and writing style, and plagiarism.


For example, it displays the total number of clarity issues in the free version but doesn't specify where the problems are and how to fix them. But in the paid plan, you can see those issues in detail and the option to rephrase the sentences. 


Grammarly premium also allows you to set your goals before writing or editing to get tailored suggestions.


Digital writing assistants like Grammarly play a crucial role in making text documents free from errors, super easy to read, and effective.

Grammarly, a leader in writing assistants, can benefit you immensely by monitoring grammar norms and making context-specific recommendations to enhance clarity, readability, and writing style. 


Grammarly makes sure that your writing is flawless, compelling, and free from accidental plagiarism or copied sentences.   


By learning from easy-to-understand examples, you can improve your grammar and sentence structure knowledge and become more fluent and confident in English communication.


Although no tool can replace the human writer, an artificially powered digital assistant can make a writer's life easy by catching mistakes, improving readability, engagement, and detecting plagiarism.


In the coming future, AI-powered writing assistants will play a significant role in digital writing, and with the advancement in technology, they will be more sophisticated.


Writers using Grammarly will definitely have the edge over those missing its excellent writing opportunities.

A complete guide on grammarly writing assistant
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