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Generative AI Tool: Learn How to Make GrammarlyGO Work for You!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

How to use GrammarlyGO

How about the AI tool that can write on demand for you in seconds? Want to accelerate the writing of documents, product descriptions, blog posts, emails, or more?

Explore the world of AI generative technology to create high-quality content faster through prompts and questions.

GrammarlyGo generative AI Tool is an on-demand tool that aims to make communication faster by quickly composing, rewriting, ideating, and replying. It helps in writing from scratch or revising the existing content.

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GrammarlyGO can enhance your creativity and productivity while saving you time. It can be used within the page or app (such as Gmail or Google Docs) you're already on.

You just need to provide a prompt of a few words and hit Go. It will come out with an entire draft that addresses your demand.

GrammarlyGO understands your unique context and generates polished drafts in a flash. Just provide background in the form of prompts. It learns about context and creates writing that sounds like you.

In this simple guide on GrammarlyGO AI writing assistant, we will look at what a Grammarly AI writer is and how to use it to polish your writing.

What is GrammarlyGO?

Grammarly, with a user base of 30 million, has a mission of improving lives by improving communication.

For the last 14 years, the Grammarly team has worked on cutting-edge technologies to develop new tools to solve their audience's problems.

It has since 2009 developed the capability to check grammar, tone adjustment, punctuation errors, and advanced features like clarity, conciseness, and many more.

Grammarly already uses machine language, deep learning, and NLP techniques to make writing suggestions.

For example, the reader's attention feature for emails uses ML and NLP technologies to generate a heatmap of readers' behavior.

Grammarly has extended its ability in AI generative technology, too, and developed a fantastic tool, GrammarlyGO.

It is built on using OpenAI's GPT-3 APIs along the lines of the popular AI tool ChatGPT.

However, it looks like other live chatbots in the market but has unique features that make it significantly different.

It is a new-generation AI writer tool that unblocks writer's block in seconds and provides personalized suggestions, making your writing and voice more self-authentic.

By using this promising GrammarlyGO AI tool, you can achieve the following writing goals:-


You can quickly generate text from scratch tailored to your needs by entering a few keywords or prompts.

For example, enter "Write an email to the manager that asks for leave" in the prompt box and hit GO(Arrow sign).

how to compose from scratch
how to compose from scratch

Prompts are inputs to the AI tools used to understand the context and generate desired text.

The GrammarlyGO tool considers the unique context, the application being used, and the writing goal to produce high-quality, relevant text.

To get the most accurate and authentic content, it's essential to use relevant words for the prompt when describing the problem at hand.

Although prompts can take any form, here is the standard structure you can use.

Composition type + target audience + purpose + tone + length

Some of the compose-type prompts are:-

Draft a social media post for the launch of a new product.

Write an email asking to report the work progress.

Once the tool understands the context from the original prompt, it will also suggest additional prompts to help refine the text until it's just right.

GrammarlyGO is seamlessly integrated with Gmail, Google Docs, and Slack, so you can easily compose content without switching between apps.

This streamlines the writing process and boosts productivity, making it an ideal tool for use in various workplaces.


When you want to rewrite something you have already written, highlight or select the relevant part, click the lightbulb icon or pencil icon, then you can click on the suggested prompts.

how to improve existing text
how to improve existing text

You can select text in apps like Gmail and Google Docs and use GrammarlyGo to make it more appealing.

The new text versions are customized with clarity, tone, and length.

You can transfer newly generated text to your area of the work/text field by clicking on the Insert button.

The prompts that you can use for rewriting the text are:-

->Improve It

->Shorten It

->Continue It

->Make it sound more professional

->Make it sound more engaging

->Make it more descriptive

And many more


Are you struggling to come up with ideas for your writing? GrammarlyGO can assist you in generating outlines and brainstorming content.

For example, here is the list of ideas generated for the prompt

"Give me five reasons to start my business."

Generating outlines and brainstorming content
Generating outlines and brainstorming content

So, simply enter a prompt that describes your intent, and GrammarlyGO will provide you with ideas or topics to help you get started. No more staring at a blank page!

Therefore, GrammarlyGO can break writer's block by brainstorming ideas as an Ideation partner.


GrammarlyGO is contextually aware and takes care of the personal voice.

If the text generated does not match your voice and tone, you can use the personalization feature to make it the way you sound.

The personalization features like tone, formality, and length help give the writing your tone of voice and tailored suggestions.

Before generating any text, you can set your preferred voice by setting up formality level, tone, and professional roles.

->Click on Set voice to open up the voice setting user interface.

There are 3 formality levels: Casual, Neutral, and Formal. Based on your goal of writing, you can select any one option.

The tone-related options include Personable, Optimistic, Empathetic, Optimistic, Confident, Direct, and many more.

You can select professional roles like Product Manager, Student, Writer, and many more.

There is also a drop-down to select the preferred language in which you write.

Once you have chosen the desired options,

Setting personal voice
Setting personal voice

->Click Use this voice button to generate more authentic content.


With a busy schedule, going through and replying to every email is challenging. What about if GrammarlyGO can scan emails, understand the intent, and write quick replies for you?

GrammarlyGO considers the email's context and generates multiple prompts to click on. You can choose the most appropriate one to create the response.

Moreover, you can also set your voice and tone preferences based on how you would like to sound to your audience.

If unsatisfied with the generated options/prompts, type a few words or create your own prompt and then hit the arrow to generate the email message.

It will also embed additional information like the sender's name and intent into the email replies.

For example,

->Open any email in your Gmail inbox

->Hit the reply button

->Click on GrammarlyGO green lightbulb

When you select Reply quickly, you will be taken to a dialog box where you can see the Sender's intent and Ways to reply as prompts.

using GrammarlyGO for quick email replies
using GrammarlyGO for quick email replies

Among 3 prompts, choose the most relevant prompt that matches your intended response.

Alternatively, you can enter your own custom prompt and hit the enter.

Clicking on a suggested prompt or typing your own will create a detailed email draft that addresses the receiver and mentions your name.

Create a detailed email draft
Create a detailed email draft

Click on the Insert button to copy your draft into the text field in Gmail. Then, send your reply to the recipient.

How to use GrammarlyGO?

It is super easy to use GrammarlyGO for your writing and is available where you work on sites like Gmail, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Medium, and many more.

To get started with GrammarlyGO, click the green lightbulb near the Grammarly icon and enter what you like to write about.

You can also choose prompts that GrammarlyGO suggests based on your unique context.

Grammarly has a forever free plan that you can use before migrating to paid plans.

The free plan has 100 monthly prompts that can be used to generate content using GrammarlyGO AI writing assistant.

Beyond 100 prompts, you need to buy premium plans with 1000 monthly prompts.


"Your context, your voice, and your assistant" is the motto of GrammarlyGO. It generates high-quality, relevant content by understanding personal and organizational context, writing style, and purpose of the writing.

GrammarlyGO is super easy to use and can be used directly on the apps where you work.

GrammarlyGO is truly a game-changer for anyone looking to improve their writing skills, speed, and productivity.

Grammarly is the best tool out there in the market to check grammar and punctuation errors and tone adjustments, making clearer and concise content.

With the launch of GrammarlyGO, it has gone beyond just a revising tool to an AI writing assistant that can automatically write for people.

It has the edge over other generative AI tools simply because of its universal availability or is almost present on major platforms through desktop applications and browser extensions.

By developing such AI generative features, Grammarly aims to provide solutions for all stages of communication, from conception to comprehension to its users.

Whether you're a student, professional, or just someone who wants to communicate more effectively, GrammarlyGO is a valuable tool to have in your writing arsenal.

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