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Grammarly's reader attention feature for writing effective emails

Did you know that Grammarly can predict a reader's behavior in an email and find which sentences will draw the reader's attention most?

Grammarly's reader attention feature
How to write better emails

Photo Credit : Grammarly

We get tons of emails every day, and due to lack of time, we all skim through them to grab the main points instead of reading word by word. And this same behavior can also be seen when we send emails to our readers.

Moreover, writing clear and focused business emails to colleagues and clients can be full of anxiety and worry.

Therefore writing emails that captivate the reader's attention and entice them to take actions you want has always been a challenging experience.

Emails that make the main points stand out and maintain the reader's attention till the end effectively communicate the sender's message.

Such engaging, well-structured, explicit, and laser-focused emails also increase conversions and sales.

On the other hand, in confusing emails with the main ideas buried deep into the text, the recipients may not get the message as you intended.

They might not properly understand what you were trying to say.

So, whether you are sending emails to your friends or communicating with your team for business meetings, along with catchy headlines, the presentation of the information plays a key role.

But how will you be sure that your writing will come across to your readers, or will they clearly understand the message you want to deliver?

How to decide which are the main points, how to restructure paragraphs, which sentences will be of great attention to the reader, and which are not?

What sentences are your readers less likely to show interest in or pay attention to?

And this is where the reader's attention feature of Grammarly can help you gauge any shortcomings in your email draft before you hit the send button.

With the help of NLP and ML technologies, Grammarly has developed this reader attention feature that can help you write effective emails.

You can become more confident in email writing since it lets you know how it will come across to readers before you send it.

Grammarly automatically detects the critical points in an email draft that are more likely to be missed by readers.

It generates an attention heatmap for a text and highlights low and high-attention sentences in different shades of green. The more dark green the sentence, the more attention it will receive from readers.

reader's attention heatmap
attention heatmap

Photo Credit : Grammarly

So with this simple color coding, you can quickly identify the main points in your email text and put them at the beginning or make your presentation better so the readers don't miss them.

To make the main points stand out that draw the reader's eyes, Grammarly offers you various formatting options—making email reading easy.

For example, you can break complex phrases or paragraphs into more readable bulleted lists. You can also emphasize essential words or dates more by putting them in bold so readers can notice them.

This reader's attention feature is available to premium users of Grammarly. It is supported on the Grammarly browser extension and email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

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