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Popular categories and affiliate programs on Pinterest

You were probably looking for what are the best affiliate marketing programs for Pinterest. This article lists the best categories and affiliate programs for making passive money on Pinterest.


One of the frequently asked questions on the internet: Can I make money from Pinterest or how to earn money on Pinterest? Yes, it is very much possible to make money out of Pinterest. And affiliate marketing using Pinterest is one of the lucrative ways to make money online and monetize your blog. 

Using Pinterest for affiliate marketing is not difficult. Still, first, you need to understand the most popular niches on Pinterest and find the right set of affiliate networks, programs, and products.


Understanding your target audience and what they search on Pinterest is crucial before deciding on the affiliate programs and products.

Once you decide on affiliate programs and products, you can promote them on Pinterest either using a blog or without a blog. 


Although you can do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog, you can provide more information on the products and services by running an affiliate blog or website.


Instead of putting affiliate links on Pinterest directly, you can also create Idea Pins on some concepts/topics, and then you can tag affiliate products on these Idea Pins.


So with Idea Pins, content creators can tag and promote the products they use in their work. Pinterest affiliate marketing through Idea Pins is an excellent opportunity for creators to monetize their work. 


The affiliate marketing basics will further enlighten you if you are new to the affiliate journey.


This guide will cover why some categories are more popular on Pinterest and the best affiliate programs in each popular niche that you can join and make money.

Why should you start affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

With 478 active million users, Pinterest is ideal for making a passive income, especially now that Pinterest has lifted the ban on affiliate links.

Pinterest is lucrative for selling affiliate products and services because users come on Pinterest for commercial intent than seeing photos and comments of their friends. 


Pinterest is more about planning for future purchases. Pinners are always busy researching new product ideas and inspiration. Compared to other social media sites, pinners are more wealthy and have more buying capacity.


Moreover, Pinterest is fast becoming an e-commerce hub and bringing new developments that make the shopping experience easy and exciting. The launch of Idea Pin is in that direction.

With Idea Pins, the content creators can now tag affiliate products of the brands they like and want to sell. According to Pinterest, users are 89% more likely to buy a product that is tagged with an Idea Pin.


So the use of Idea Pins will certainly boost affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Along with Idea Pins, Pinterest has many inbuilt shopping features that make it a lucrative selling hub. 


Once you publish an affiliate Pin, it will keep generating sales and consistent income for a longer time. It is because Pins on Pinterest stay for a long time.


If the affiliate product you promote is of high quality and adds value to a large audience, you can get tons of repins and clicks. But to make an affiliate product viral on Pinterest, you also need to design an epic Pin for that.


If you are not getting thousands of page views to earn decent money through ad networks, Pinterest affiliate marketing is one of the best options.


Although you can find almost many niches on Pinterest,  some are more popular among users on this visual search platform. 

You will find that content about fashion, travel, beauty, food, and home decor performs better than other niches. Generally, topics that are more oriented towards images and graphics are in high demand on Pinterest.  


So, before diving into the list of best affiliate programs on Pinterest, let's first find top Pinterest niches. You can also check Pinterest 100, which covers 100 trending topics every year.

Top 10 categories on Pinterest for bloggers

Every social media site is built around its audience and their interest.


Although you can find almost all types of topics on Pinterest, some categories are much liked.


Knowing trending categories is necessary for a blogger who wants to earn money on Pinterest by selling affiliate products.


Below are the 10 popular niches with a large following on Pinterest, and nothing can beat Pinterest in these top-performing categories.

1.Health, Wellness, and Fitness

You will be surprised to know that 77.1% of audiences on Pinterest are female. And you should also know that females are great consumers of health products, and they influence most of the decisions at home related to health care.


In addition to that, due to the COVID-19 epidemic and other socio-economic changes, more people started working from home. 


To be mentally and physically fit, people staying at home are increasingly interested in various indoor exercises, meditation, yoga, fitness, healthy food habits,  and nutritional requirements. 

Moreover, the importance of wearable smart devices has increased due to their ability to measure various health parameters related to diabetics, hypertension, heart diseases.
So Pinterest (which wants to become an e-commerce hub) is ideal for promoting health products and services.


It is currently under-utilized by big health companies, and therefore it provides an excellent opportunity for newbie healthcare affiliate marketers who wants to make a strong presence.

2.Travel and Hospitality Industry

Before people plan for an outing and vacation, they look for travel inspiration and ideas on Pinterest. 


Pinterest search trends also show that there is greater interest in travel trips now than before the COVID19. And travel engagement is at an all-time high. 


The travel audience and travel searches on Pinterest are up by 40% and 60%, respectively, from 2019.


As the world is recovering from the COVID-19 epidemic, people stuck indoors for 2 years are looking for travel opportunities to rejuvenate their lives. They are more eager to move out than ever before. 


The behavior of travelers in recent times has changed. Now personal hobbies, passions, and interests are shaping tourism. They come on Pinterest for meaningful experiences and to build connections rather than simply for travel itineraries.


According to Pinterest, 8 types of travel categories are witnessing a rising trend. People worldwide are looking for nature travel, rural tourism, festival, and cultural travel, foodie travel, memory makers, digital nomadism, bucket list travel, outdoor and weekend adventures. 


If you travel often, you can convert your traveling hobby into a money-making side-hustle by sharing your personal travel experiences, fun, and challenges with the world. 


You need to start a blog, write your experiences, and then use Pinterest affiliate marketing to recommend your favorite ticket booking sites, hostels, car rental services, packaging bags, etc.  

3.Food and Drinks

It is the largest category on Pinterest, with more than 23 billion Pins related to recipes and dining ideas.


From breakfast to dinner, pinners on Pinterest are looking for new inspirations and ideas. Foodie lovers look for healthy food choices and search for cooking recipes to prepare the food dishes quickly.


Since the COVID19 epidemic started, more people have shopped for groceries online, likely increasing more. 

Consumers want ingredients from stores to their kitchens in a more effortless and fast way or maybe in just a few clicks.


This new trend among pinners is an excellent opportunity for food bloggers to promote grocery brands and earn extra money through Pinterest affiliate sales.


Since Pinterest is ideal for food and drinks ideas, food bloggers can also promote home appliances and electronic items like juicers, mixers, etc.

4.Women Fashion and Beauty

Pinners search for new outfit ideas, home and wedding dresses, hair, eye, and skin make-up ideas. Be it an everyday look or a particular festival, and they always look for something new on Pinterest.

To provide more personalized beauty choices, Pinterest, with the help of augmented reality technology, has come up with skin tone ranges. This feature specific to beauty searches helps discover products and tutorials personalized to individual skin tones and styles.  


There is a growing trend of giving a personal touch to clothing by Gen Z. They want to make fashion personal and stand out in the crowd.


The popular beauty and fashion searches that are trending on Pinterest are related to indie style, painted clothes, reworked fashion, custom hoodies, etc.   

5.DIY, Arts and Crafts 

Whether home or garden decoration, Pinterest is a go-to website for most people to get inspired. Pinners look for DIY tutorials, trending interior design projects, furniture, and building materials. 

The DIY(Do it yourself) movement is growing fast because people on weekends and free time want to renovate their bedrooms, bathrooms, gardens, kitchens, study rooms to improve home aesthetics and their standard of living. 


They look for interesting ideas online and execute projects themselves without spending money on contractors or interior designers.


During lockdowns, activities like crafting,  home décor, and organization also gained more popularity as a pastime for many people. People who work from home visit Pinterest to set up a home cabin.


To improve lifestyle and standard of living, people from all age groups search for creative ideas, beautiful art, and crafts items on Pinterest.  

It is a visual discovery platform that inspires pinners to try new things to make their lives extraordinary. 


Therefore, this social selling hub is the best fit to sell affiliate products related to DIY, new furniture, arts and crafts because of its visual characteristic.        

6.Pets Food and Health

According to Grand View Research, the pet food market will reach $113.08 billion by 2025.


There is a rise in pet-related searches on Pinterest during COVID. Some of the trending searches on Pinterest related to pet friends are:-pet pampering, pet food, pet fashion, cat birthday party, dog patio ideas, types of dog breeds, cute kitten, and unique puppy names, etc. 
Many thousands of pinners have started adopting furry friends. They turn to Pinterest to find better ways to take care of pet friends and train them.


According to Pinterest, in 2021, pinners will lookout for new types of pets such as frogs, snails, and lizards.
So, if you are a pet blogger or write about pet parenting, grooming, and training, then pet products such as   
bowls, grooming equipment, pet beds, collars, and nutritious food can be an ideal fit for your Pinterest affiliate marketing business.


7.Online Business and Website Building

As the world goes more digital online presence of every business has become a necessity. Even for local leads, companies need to be present online.

The digital penetration in developing countries is still low, and there will be more demand for new business websites. 

Since Pinterest is a popular hub almost for all business categories, blogging on Pinterest is a natural fit.


Blogging is flourishing on the Pinterest platform because it allows inserting a link with the Pin. Bloggers in all niches are adding Pins on Pinterest for their blog posts and, in turn, getting tons of traffic.


Driving such massive referral traffic in a short time is not possible with other popular social sites. Moreover, traffic from SEO takes time; hence most bloggers take advantage of Pinterest traffic.

Bringing a business website live is one thing but driving adequate and targeted traffic is also essential. And this requires a robust digital marketing strategy which requires many SEO and social media tools and other useful apps for website building and marketing.  

So, for bloggers who write about website building, blogging platforms, and SEO tools, Pinterest is ideal for promoting their favorite tools.

8.Gardening and Landscapes

Gardening is not only good for our environment, but we can grow healthy food and vegetables in our backyards or rooftops. Gardening activities improve the aesthetics of homes and generate a good feeling, and we also feel relaxed.

When it comes to new ideas and inspiration on gardening, landscaping, and patio, Pinterest is an ideal place for planners.


Instead of visiting garden centers, public gardens, or attending garden shows, people come on Pinterest to plan their future home gardens. So it works like a virtual garden center for them to plan and execute garden activities. 


Many DIY garden lovers search Pinterest for ideas that can be implemented with little or no money.


Here are some of the trending searches related to gardening and landscaping:-

-small vegetable gardens
-backyard cinemas
-small flowers garden ideas
-outdoor ktchens ideas


9.Technology and Gadgets

Pinners are looking for amazing ideas and devices on Pinterest to make their home smart, whether setting up a gaming station or work-from-home cabin.


Every year there is a rise of 70% of searches related to electronics on Pinterest.


Digital decor is a rising trend among pinners in which they want to assemble electronic gadgets according to their personal choices and interests.


Below are trending searches for decorating digital spaces:-

-laptop wallpaper aesthetic high quality

-playlist covers photo aesthetic

-gaming background wallpaper

-funny lock screen wallpaper

- get off my phone wallpaper


The rise of WFH culture also led to increased searches for computer and gaming setups or home PC setups.


People by nature are visual lovers, and they love to share screenshots, pictures, and videos whenever they see exciting things on the internet.

Pinners save beautiful photos about nature, wedding dresses, pets, arts, food, or whatever they like. Therefore, photography is among the most popular categories on Pinterest.

Top 10 Most Popular Affiliate Networks

Success in affiliate marketing mainly depends on the proper selection of affiliate networks and programs. If you promote products that add value to your prospects, your affiliate marketing business will thrive. 

So what are affiliate networks? Affiliate networks provide affiliates with the tools and services they need to do their work. 

Affiliate networks host many hundreds or thousands of affiliate programs for different kinds of products and services.


On these platforms, you can almost find products for every type of niche for Pinterest affiliate marketing.


Here are some best affiliate networks:

#1. ShareAsale


It is a popular affiliate marketplace that hosts more than 4500 affiliate programs.  Around $1 billion worth of affiliate sales were generated through this network in the last year.

To get approved from ShareASale, you should have a custom domain email address, privacy, and disclosure page. Your request will more likely be declined if you don't create these pages on your website.   

#2.Amazon Associates 


It is a favorite for affiliate marketing beginners. In affiliate marketing history, it is the most popular and most extensive affiliate network. It is a marketplace of countless products and has a solid consumer base.   


Getting approval from Amazon Associates is easy, and therefore it is a go-to affiliate program, especially for beginners. The conversion rate is generally high in comparison to other affiliate networks because of the trust factor.


The best thing about Amazon Associates is if people buy something else that you did not recommend, you will also get the commission. 



It was founded in 2008 and currently has more than 12000 affiliate programs covering almost all types of niches. 


One of the best things about Flexoffers is that it makes payments quickly once you reach a minimum threshold of $50. Commissions are paid within 30 days, and for top affiliates, payment is made only within 7 days of a sale.


For affiliates outside the USA,  the Paypal option is also available. It is best for affiliates who are just starting their affiliate business.



Launched in 2011 is famous for tens of thousands of digital products. It is entirely renowned for digital goods like software, services, digital courses, and ebooks. The commission rates are very high, ranging from 50% to 100%.  

#5.CJ Affiliate

cj affiliate.png

CJ Affiliate, formerly known as Commission Junction, was launched in 1998. It is one of the oldest and popular affiliate networks. 


In 2003 ValueClick acquired the commission junction, and in 2014 it was renamed as Conversant CJ Affiliate. 


It is beginner-friendly, easy to use, and affiliates can promote both digital and physical products.

#6.Ultimate Bundles 

ultimate bundles affiliate network.png

Ultimate Bundles is a popular affiliate network that specializes in digital products. It is well known for promoting ebooks, e-courses, and printables. There are many famous e-course authors who have their content sold on Ultimate Bundles.

The affiliate marketers receive up to 70% commission on each sale. 



Fiverr is the leading platform for freelance services. By joining the Fiverr affiliate network, you can promote products and services available on this platform.

#8.Click Bank


Click Bank, founded in 1998, is one of the largest and oldest affiliate networks. It is famous for digital products and services.


The sign-up process is easy, and you can be both a vendor or an affiliate marketer. Commissions are very high, and you can earn up to 75% or even 100%.

#9.Rakuten Affiliate Network


Rakuten has been an affiliate network for a long time and was founded in 1996. Earlier it was known as LinkShare and was re-branded to the Rakuten affiliate network in 2014. 



It is different than other affiliate networks. Viglink scans the page's content for particular keywords and automatically converts outbound links into affiliate links.

You don't need to sign up for all affiliate programs for the products mentioned in your content. It takes care of converting such product links into affiliate links.

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