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What are Pinterest Idea Pins and how to use them

Idea Pins can increase brand awareness, sales, and your Pinterest account in a faster way. 


Videos are a great way of telling a story or showing how to do something step by step. Pinterest earlier tested story pins, now repackaged them in the form of Idea Pins to match the platform's uniqueness better.


Idea Pins that look similar to Instagram and TikTok's stories aim to better present the creator's idea and enhance the shopping experience on Pinterest.


Idea Pins can help build a highly engaged community directly on the Pinterest platform with interacting features like comments, reactions, and takes.


But unlike stories on other platforms, Idea Pins stay for a long time and do not disappear in 24 hours. When you save them on the boards, they will live forever there.


With the Idea Pin, content creators can beautifully tell compelling stories related to:-

1. the use of the products, do's and don'ts

2. recipes, 

3. travel guides,

4. how to style an outfit, 

5. step-by-step process for DIY, art, and craft projects,

6. how-to guides or tutorials,

7. curate a collection of items.

8. lists- mistakes to avoid, tips, benefits

9. success and personal stories of creators, brand growth stories, inspirational videos.  


And there can be many more creative applications of Idea Pins. 


A glimpse of the creator's life through Idea Pins can better establish a relationship with the audience. Their daily life stories can have a long-lasting impact on content viewers to make them loyal customers.


Not only do Idea Pins give more ways to share inspiration, but they also let creators make money by tagging brands and products.


In this guide, you will learn what Idea Pins are and how to use them to build your business successfully on Pinterest.


Ready to explore creative ways to tell compelling stories about your brand or products? Here is everything that you need to know about Pinterest Idea Pins.

What are Idea Pins?

idea pin reactions

Photo Credits:Pinterest

Idea Pins are multimedia pins consisting of video clips, images, and texts. They are designed to explain ideas creatively, better connect with people and increase engagement directly on Pinterest.

The Idea Pins are video first feature, and clips can be 60 seconds long, and you can have up to 20 frames or pages within one Idea Pin. Pinners can swipe through these multi-pages by going forward or backward.

According to Pinterest, Idea Pins are more engaging than standard pins. Idea Pins receive 9x more comments than regular pins. 

The logic behind Idea Pins was to create more engaging communities for creators directly on the Pinterest platform by introducing more interactive elements in pin designs. 

The main advantage of multipage pins over single-page pins is that they have enough space to explain the idea in detail using multimedia tools and techniques. 

Pinterest wants to provide all the possible information to the users right at the platform with the Idea Pins. 


For example, if you want to create a recipe pin, you can add images and multiple short videos explaining the recipe. You can also list the ingredients used in the recipe.

Unlike standard pins, in the Idea Pins, there is no option of including a destination link. It means users can not land on other websites through them. 

At the end of Idea Pin, Pinterest provides two CTAs.First, by clicking the "follow" button, pinners can follow the creator. Second pinners can also click on the profile picture and visit the creator's account to explore more pins, ideas, or inspirations. 

Pinterest has all in-house design tools to make Idea Pin directly on its platform. You can record videos on the Pinterest app itself. You don't need to look at other tools to design Idea Pins.

What are the salient features of Idea Pins?

These new types of pins are a fantastic way of increasing engagement and conversion rate. The interactive features of video editing, voiceover, selection of background music, and stickers can bring any ideas to life.


To make an engaging audience, they have exciting and amazing features like:-

1.Video recording and editing

It allows creators to capture and edit short videos up to 60 seconds long. To explain videos, you can also add additional texts or text overlays. You can cut your YouTube videos and upload them to design engaging Idea Pins.

2.Font and color editing

You can use texts in different fonts and colors to make pins eye-catching. You can customize the background color. 

3.Voiceover recording

You can become more creative by recording your own voice.

4.Music selection

You can add background music using epidemic sound.  


Using stickers, you can mention up to 5 people per page(up to 20 people per pin) of an Idea Pin to increase engagement. Tap @mention to include people.  With Try-On stickers, creators can encourage customers to try tagged products before buying.

6.Ghost mode transition tool

Video transitions are used to move from one clip to the next. With this video editing tool's help, you can see a faded version of the last frame and line up the next. Using fade in and fade out transitions effects, you can produce high-quality Idea Pins.

7.Topic tagging

Design of the stunning Idea Pin takes time and many resources. Pinterest allows you to save many unfinished Idea Pins. After completion, you can publish them later. You can store up to 100MB of data on Android, up to 3 GB on iPhones, and save unlimited drafts on a desktop.

8.Multi draft facility

Design of the stunning Idea Pin takes time and many resources. Pinterest allows you to save many unfinished Idea Pins. After completion, you can publish them later. You can store up to 100MB of data on Android, up to 3 GB on iPhones, and save unlimited drafts on a desktop. 

9.Instructions page

On this page, you can provide additional information like notes, a list of items needed in a craft project, tools required to complete a task, guidelines to style an outfit, precautions, and any tips that can come in handy to users.

10.Export option

For cross-platform promotion of the Idea Pins, Pinterest provides an export facility to share your content on other websites and get more visibility.

So with the above excellent features, Idea Pins got everything to engage the audience right on the platform. 

The pinners can express their reactions. The more responses or engagement an Idea Pin receives, the better it will perform on Pinterest.

Here are different ways through which pinners can respond or engage to the Idea Pin.
1.They can tap on the profile picture to see the creator's BIO. A stunning BIO can convert profile visits into website clicks and increase traffic.

2.At the end of the Idea Pin, they will be prompted to follow the creator on Pinterest. After following, pinners will see Idea Pins in their home feed from the creator. They will also get a notification whenever the creator publishes a new Idea Pin.

3.They can save a pin or share it with their friends. They can tap on the right side of the screen to add reactions like "love it," "thanks." etc. 

4.They can add comments to appreciate the work or to ask any questions. 

5.They can tap on white product tags to shop the products mentioned on the Idea Pin.

Where are Idea Pins displayed?

Idea Pins appear in the home feed or anywhere on Pinterest, and you can recognize them with a story pin icon on the top left of the pin. 

idea pins.png

Pinterest also emphasizes more on distributing Idea Pins through the following stream. In the Pinterest app, at the top of your home feed, you will see a stream of profiles of people who have recently published Idea Pins.


You will also see a number on the profile photos that indicate the number of Idea Pins recently published by them. These profiles include people you follow as well as other new creators who you do not follow yet.

idea pins count.jpg

People can find new Idea Pins from the creators they do not follow yet by clicking on "Discover creators."They are also featured in many places like in the search and Today Tab. 


Once you publish Idea or Story Pins, they will be displayed on your profile under the "Created Tab."You will have them on the top and other pins below in the Created Tab.

How to create Idea pins for Pinterest?

Anyone with a business account can create Idea Pins. Here is the step-by-step process to generate Idea Pins. 


-Open the Pinterest App and log into your business account.

-Click on Create drop down and then select Create Idea Pin

-Either click on Create new or choose one of your saved drafts.


-Choose 1-20 Videos or images from or drag and drop to upload files from your computer.

-Adjust your image or video to focus on the most important part by dragging.


-Change text font, color, highlight any text, and set the page's background color.


-Click plus(+) on the left side to add more pages( images and videos).


-Add a title for your Idea Pin and fill in other information.


-Add the details template like Ingredient if it is a recipe pin. 


-Choose a board to save the pin.


-Add related tags to increase visibility on Pinterest.

basic_details_ for_Idea_pin.png

-Enable comments.


-You can Preview and make sure that everything is perfect before hitting the publishing button. 


-Finally, hit Publish button to make your Idea Pin live.

What are best practices to design Idea Pins?

1. At least try to add 5 pages for each Idea Pin. Users like to swipe the pages and therefore make the best use of the limit of 20 pages. 


2. The first page should be a video, and make sure whenever you add a video, add text too because, by default, the sound is disabled.


3. Tagging topics and including texts on the pages help Pinterest understand the Idea Pin and will help increase pin reach on the platform.


4. Fonts and color combination- You can play with fonts and colors and customize them to make the pin more eye-catching.


5. Use stickers to mention people on the Idea Pin. 


6. You can still drive traffic to your web and blog pages through profile visits. You need to provide a search facility on your website home page so that people can search for desired information and web page related to your Idea Pin.


7. Since Idea Pins do not allow links, you can include a CTA (about what you want them to do next )on the last page of the pin. By guiding them, you can generate more traffic and leads.

How to make money with Idea Pins?

Pinterest is investing money on new tools and techniques to monetize its creator's community work. Now with Idea Pins, content creators can monetize their hard work and earn commissions.


Creators can tag people or brands with their @username and promote products and services that they like.


Once brands approve tags, their name will appear with paid partnership label on the Idea Pin. Brands on Pinterest will get a notification to approve the tag.   


When a product is tagged in the Idea Pin, it will be linked to another pin (the brand page pin on Pinterest), and from there, pinners can visit the shopping/retailer website.

To make money on Pinterest, creators can also sign up for affiliate products and tag them to earn commissions. 


So with the Idea Pins, creators can promote millions of products to earn money for producing great content on Pinterest.


Video-based Idea Pins is a big move to make Pinterest more customers and creators friendly. Using Idea Pins, digital marketers can show more content to their audience in one pin only.

Brands should incorporate Idea Pins in their Pinterest marketing strategy due to these new pins' ability to create a highly engaged community. 

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