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Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic with Tailwind Marketing

Did you know that you can schedule Pinterest pins for the entire month with Tailwind's help in just one hour?

To grow on Pinterest, you need to pin frequently, keep track of pins, and manage your account. Consistent pinning is the key to success. And it would be best if you also published pins at the right time when most of the target audience is active on Pinterest. Interestingly, Tailwind can do all these tasks for you!

Tailwind a pinning automation tool for Pinterest.Save precious time and grow traffic.

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Pinterest has indeed changed the game for many businesses. If you do not have a business profile on Pinterest, then you are missing something. For many bloggers and e-commerce websites, Pinterest is a significant source of massive traffic to their landing pages.

The importance of Pinterest is immense. Pinning has become a hobby or fashion for millions. Pinterest suggests new ideas, inspirations, products, and people love to bookmark them. So it has become a popular bookmarking website. Pinners save pins to boards to come back and use that pin for their benefit/buying. 


People are increasingly looking towards Pinterest to get new ideas, inspiration, crafts, gifts for festivals, special occasions, holidays, and seasonal moments. The small businesses advertise their unique products that are loved much by pinners.   


Pinterest is more like a search engine than social media. People search directly in the search bar like they do searches in Google for their needs. 


The image can go viral and get many thousands of views. Besides sharing capability(Repin), other search engine features make the posts more visible than other social media. 


The inflow of traffic to your blog depends on the different pinning strategies. Depending on the user type, business interest, and volume of pinning activities, you need a sound pinning strategy. 
In this post, we will discuss why professional pinners and big account holders love Tailwind, the debate of manual vs. automated pinning, Tailwind's different features, usages, and finally, whether it is worth the money or not.


Manual Vs. Automated Pinning

There are two ways to save pins. The first method involves manual pinning and second, with the help of an automated tool like Tailwind. Manual pinning(Live Pinning) means you are actually on Pinterest's platform when you add or save pins to boards. You can do this in three ways: creating/uploading pins, repinning 3rd party pins, and adding images(using Pin it button) from websites. 


In automated pinning, you do not need to be active on Pinterest when your pins get published. You can assign the task of publishing pins on a later day at the specified time by inserting them into the queue of the Tailwind's scheduler.  


Both manual and automated pinning have their advantages and disadvantages. A manual pinning strategy is the best option if you have plenty of time to manage and organize your Pinterest account. The live pinning is free and best for people with little to no budget. What you need to do is to follow the best manual pinning practices correctly.


By spending more time on the Pinterest platform, you can find content that is trending and more popular in demand and place your pins strategically. People love to save quality pins and follow boards or accounts that have quality content.


The most significant disadvantage of the manual approach is that it is more time-consuming. Therefore many bloggers also use automated tool Tailwind in combination with the manual strategy so that they can better manage their accounts and also devote precious time to other productive activities like curating content, design stunning graphics, etc. Consistency is the key to high and steady traffic for your blogs.


Manual pinning is best at the beginning of your Pinterest journey because once your account starts to grow, you will have to add a lot of pins without compromising the best pinning practices. Later on, due to lack of time, it becomes more challenging with manual pinning strategy to get the same optimum performance. Once you have a large account, it becomes a difficult task to track what pins you have pinned to what board.  


Pinterest algorithms keep changing, so it is essential to remain active to make continuous growth. If you can pin continuously for 365 days without any break, then you will see steady growth. But once you go on holiday for a few days, you will see a decreasing trend. All your account statistics like traffic, followers, repins, views, and engagement will witness a sizeable downward trend. 


Pinning many pins in one go and then sitting ideal for the rest of the week is not a good Pinterest strategy. It is always better to add 8-10 pins every day instead of pinning all pins at one go. Even more frequent pinning throughout the whole day will yield a good result. So, the more active user you are, the more exposure and visibility you will get. Pinterest rewards pinners who spend more time on its platform and add fresh/repin quality content.


Also, adding mass pins manually in one go can send the Pinterest algorithm wrong signals. With Tailwind's use, you can add a large number of pins for the whole month and schedule them in intervals. 


One of the most significant advantages of Tailwind is that you can add pins in advance to its queue for publishing for a later day. So even if you are too busy with other daily life tasks, you still can pin every day multiple times with the help of the Tailwind scheduler.  


Whether you should use manual pinning or Tailwind depends on what you want to achieve with Pinterest. Are you just a casual pinner or looking to become a professional pinner and take full advantage of Pinterest's marketing potential? Tailwind is the ultimate tool for managing large accounts, scheduling pins, and increasing repins/saves. Tailwind is like an add-on tool that makes pinning and planning easier for bloggers and brands.  


Apart from scheduling pins and freeing your valuable time, Tailwind also comes with extraordinary features like Smart Loop, Tailwind Tribes, Board Lists, and useful analytics. If you invest money in Tailwind, you must make the best use of them to increase your brand visibility. 


Later in this article, we will look into each of these functionalities. 

What is Tailwind for Pinterest? 

It is the most famous pin scheduling and social media marketing tool for saving time of busy bloggers. Bloggers and e-commerce website owners love it because of massive traffic potential from Pinterest and detailed pin analytics and reporting. With more comprehensive and user-friendly reporting data about pins and boards' performance, you can better optimize your content marketing and pinning strategy.


Besides scheduling pins, through Tailwind tribes, it also increases brand reach and builds a strong relationship with like-minded people(Tribemates). 


As you know that Pinterest always loves fresh content, and it is Tailwind through which many bloggers keep adding their new posts so that their tribemates can promote them. You can join relevant tribes in your niche to find the latest and fresh content for repinning. So, Tailwind also acts as a repository of new content for pinners.


Being an official Pinterest partner, Pinterest does not penalize your account even if you add pins in a bunch. There are other social media scheduling tools for pinning, but Tailwind is the only approved partner. Tailwind has access to Pinterest APIs. Pinterest does not treat automated pins scheduled through Tailwind as spam.


It comes with a free trial to try its different features, and then you can opt for power up plans. With the free trial, you can join five tribes and schedule 100 pins, and there is no time limit for posting those 100 pins. Once you start using the free trial, you will better understand Tailwind's real importance in growing your presence on Pinterest. 


The free trial is an excellent opportunity for new users to get familiar with different exciting features before they upgrade to a premium plan. 


So, how much is Tailwind for Pinterest? Tailwind's plus plan is only 10$ (if billed annually), which is reasonable and economical, especially when you are making money from the massive traffic sent by Tailwind.  

How to Schedule the First pin using Tailwind?

Getting started with Tailwind for Pinterest is pretty straightforward. You can sign up for the FREE Tailwind plan and link your Pinterest account with it. Once the account is connected, you will see the Tailwind dashboard.


Below are the steps to use Tailwind for automated pin scheduling.


Time zone - Although Tailwind automatically picks the time zone based on your location, you should set it correctly. Under Publisher =>Your Schedule, you will see an Edit Time Zone Combobox. 


Tailwind Browser Extension -The extension will allow you to schedule any pin from all over the web by just a single blue Tailwind button. When you hover the mouse over any pin on Pinterest, you will see this blue button for scheduling that pin. This button makes pinning very easy. Tailwind browser is available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, you need to download and install. 


Check Your Smart Schedule -Tailwind will automatically populate your best and optimized pinning schedule by analyzing your Pinterest account data, the followers' engagement time with your pins, and their most active times. In the beginning, you may see just 4-5 time slots on a day.

Go to Publisher=>Your Schedule to check your smart weekly pinning schedule. Based on your requirement and whenever you want, you can recreate an optimized calendar and add or delete time slots.


Recreate Smart Schedule- According to the best pinning practices, it is advisable to pin 20-25 pins per day. Each time slot will have a single image.

To change the number of slots, go to Publisher =>Your Schedule=>Recreate schedule =>Set number of posts=>Submit.

Tailwind will pull the latest data from your Pinterest account and prepare a new Tailwind smart schedule. It is always good to populate a new calendar at least once/twice a month because your Pinterest followers and data also change with time.


Schedule Your First Pin- In the beginning, your Tailwind queue will be empty. You can schedule your first pin from the suggestions populated by Tailwind. Under Publisher=>Drafts or Scheduled Pins, you will see many images for pinning. Just type a board name and hit Add to Queue button to schedule your first pin! You can schedule pins from the web, Pinterest, and Tailwind suggestions.   


So, we have seen that scheduling pins through Tailwind is not hard. Even if you are a newbie to Tailwind, you can still schedule your first pin within a few minutes. But to master Tailwind Pinterest marketing, you will also have to make the best use of other advanced features like pin shuffle, smart loop, intervals, board lists, tribes, content discovery, etc.

What are the Time Slots and how to use them?

Based on your followers' engagement time, the content you post, trends on Pinterest, and different data points like Repins, Likes, Traffic, and Conversions, Tailwind prepares the smart schedule for you. This calendar is your weekly pinning schedule, optimized, and provides the best choices so that maximum people on Pinterest can see your pins. Some day may have fewer or more time slots than others, but you can always customize them.  


You can recreate the schedule if you need more time slots per day. Once you put your desired number of pins per day, the Recreate Schedule button will generate a new brand weekly schedule. 


The time slots that are automatically created by the smart schedule will appear in solid green color. Now there are two ways to add more time slots. First, you can explicitly create by clicking the Add Time Slot button. You will have to enter the specified time. Once added, this type of custom time slot would appear in gray. Secondly, you can convert the suggested time slots that already appear in dotted green. You can turn them into light green by a single click. These dotted green slots are also indicated by analyzing your Pinterest data and are optimized. If there are unwanted time slots, you can delete them.


You can schedule pins to newly added or empty slots/gaps in three ways. Firstly, you can fill in the gaps in just one click. Go to Publisher=>Scheduled Pins and click the three vertical dots button in the right upper corner of the scheduled pins page. Now select Fill In Time Slots. This action will fill the gaps in your schedule by shifting all of your unblocked pins up to the next available time slot. Secondly, you can drag pin and fill the empty time slot. Thirdly you can schedule new pins to fill the gaps. 


Did you notice that there are some locking pins on your schedule? So, what purpose they serve and how to lock and unlock your scheduled posts?    


Sometimes, you would like to publish a pin exactly on a specified date and time. You do not want to disturb that pin by any activity like shuffling and interval setting. Shuffling is also necessary to make schedule organic and exciting.


Therefore if you wish that your particular pin must publish at the specified time, you must lock that pin. You can lock or unlock by hovering mouse over the bottom of the pin image and dragging mouse left or right. The exciting thing about the locking pins is that you can manually drag and drop a locked pin wherever you want in the queue, but shuffling and interval setting actions will not move them. 

Why do you need to Shuffle pins and how to do it?

Tailwind visual marketing tool is easy to automate pinning, but one should also need to pay attention to how scheduled pins are appearing on Pinterest boards. Is the aesthetic of your boards maintained? Is your scheduled pin violating the rules of the group board by occurring back to back? Is the same image displayed back to back in your followers' feed? Will Pinterest not consider multiple pinning of the same pin back to back as a spam activity?


So, to rearrange your schedule queue and make it organic, you can use the shuffle button whenever you schedule a new pin. Shuffling will swap unlocked posts with other unlocked posts in your queue, leaving open time slots and locked posts intact and untouched. Locked images scheduled through the smart loop will also not be affected.   

How can you add pins to the Tailwind Queue?

Well, adding and scheduling pins with Tailwind is super easy. If you are quite familiar with Tailwind, you can add hundreds of pins within 15 minutes. If you had already prepared a smart schedule, you need to select images, choose appropriate boards or board lists, and add pins to the Tailwind queue.


Now there are three sources of content from that you can choose pins for scheduling. The first source is the Tailwind system itself. Repinning excellent and relevant content to your Pinterest boards can bring more followers for you. Look for Find Similar Content button throughout your Tailwind dashboard and discover pins in your niche. Join Tailwind Tribes in your niche, where you will continue to get new ideas and content from your fellow tribemates. When you find any new pin, select that pin, type board name, and click on Add to Queue button to schedule it.


Secondly, you can directly schedule pins from the Pinterest platform. Make sure you have installed Tailwind Browser Extension so that when you hover the mouse over any pin on the Pinterest, a Tailwind icon(Schedule) of blue color can appear to schedule it. When you click on the Schedule icon of Tailwind, a dialog will pop up to fill details like board name, pin description, and buttons for adding tribes. You can save that pin in Tailwind's drafts for scheduling later or can directly schedule by clicking Add to Queue Now button. 


Thirdly, you can add any image from your blog or any website by the same Tailwind Browser Extension's Schedule button.    

What is a Smart Loop?

Smart Looping allows the re-sharing of evergreen and seasonal content hassle-free and without spamming Pinterest. The evergreen loops run throughout the year, while seasonal Loops have a start and end dates.

Although Pinterest favors fresh images and timely content, still you can re-share duplicate images in moderation. You should only re-share duplicate photos when you think your audience genuinely would love them.

Smart Loop helps in re-sharing two types of content.


1)You have the best performing content that your audience loves again and again. Sharing those photos twice a year is OK. 


2)The content for which the demand is seasonal. For example, people use Pinterest to plan or search for new ideas about Valentine's Day, Mother Day, New Year, etc. Suppose you run an online shop for selling crafts on these seasonal moments. Although people do searches all round the year, as the festival approaches, the massive growth of demand can be seen. You can use the Smart Loop feature to recirculate seasonal pins at the best times of the year.       

Although you can manually create your loops for duplicate content, you still need to do hard work and maintain spreadsheets. Smart Loop does all this heavy work and makes re-sharing of duplicate content spamming and hassle-free. 

Why is Tailwind Tribes important? 

Are you struggling with getting repins for your content? You may have put many hours of hard work writing your blog posts for pinning. Still, they are worthless if not promoted effectively on Pinterest. Especially beginners on Pinterest face the problem of getting enough saves/repins for personal pins. Well recognized or big brands may get followers quickly in comparison to the small businesses.


The Pinterest marketing game is all about repins(saves). If enough people are not saving your pins, then your website will not get good traffic. The Tailwind tribes come in handy to get more saves for your images.  


So what are tailwind tribes? They are similar to the group boards of Pinterest. The group board member shares his images to take advantage of other people's following.


The tribes are the most crucial part of Tailwind for content promotion and building relationships with like-minded people. The idea behind Tailwind tribes is growing together on Pinterest by sharing each other's quality content in the same niches.


Tailwind tribes multiply the images' sharing capability, potentially increasing the audience reach for maximum pin impressions and views. Many big Pinterest accounts use Tailwind to save precious time and increase visibility for their posts. If one of them saves your image to their boards, your pin can go viral and get more impressions and views. They have a large following, and Pinterest will send your picture to their follower's feed.


With a free trial tailwind version, you can join up to 5 tribes and schedule the first 100 pins free. To access more tribes for collaboration and increase scheduling capacity, you can always upgrade to Tailwind's power packs. The basic plan starts with $10 per month if you opt to pay yearly.


Before sending a request to join any tribe, you should do some homework to ensure that you land on the right tribe according to your business needs.


1)Understand your niche and marketing personas properly. Only join those tribes that are in your niche. You should join at least one powerful tribe for every topic about which you regularly create content. You will get more re-shares if you join the right tribe where your content fits in. You will also find relevant and high-quality content to save to your boards.


2) Check the number of tribemates and the tribe's activity(share) score. See blue vertical bars to check how active the tribe is. You will receive more re-shares in the active tribes.


Let me tell you that tribes that have large numbers are not always good than smaller tribes. The factors like quality of the content, niche focus, dedication, commitment of the members, engagement of members, etc. play significant roles. 


Tailwind also sends Tribes Weekly Digest report about the performance of your content.

What is the Board List feature, and how to use it?

It is another excellent feature to save your valuable time. This capability allows you to create a list of your existing Pinterest boards, both personal and group boards. 

To get more visibility and traffic, you can save a pin to multiple boards. Using this list feature, you can avoid the exercise of adding a pin separately to each board and better monitor and organize your account.


Although Pinterest allows you to add the same pin to more than one board, your pinning activities should look natural and not spamming. To keep your pinning more natural, use the time interval feature to add the same pin to different boards after a prefixed time gap.


There are a few crucial things that you should keep in mind while creating board lists.


1. Try to create the board lists by category wise. For example, you might have many boards related to money-making ideas.

2. According to the latest Tailwind recommendation, you should not have more than 10 boards on the list. Sharing the same pin to 10 different boards can be seen as suspicious activity and marked as spam. 


3. While creating a board list, you need to choose the order of your boards. The order of boards is essential to get maximum exposure for your pins. It would be best if you put boards first that have more virality scores and engagement rates. To decide on the order, you can take the help of board insights provided by Tailwind analytics. The personal boards should get priority in comparison to group boards. 

How to use Interval pin scheduling?

The pinning guidelines are paramount to avoid any penalty from Pinterest. Any pinning activity, whether manual or automated, should not look like spam. Spreading out pins in an organic manner is a way forward for longterm success on Pinterest. 


Sometimes as a marketer, you need to schedule pins for a specific length of time repeatedly to multiple boards. For seasonal photos like winter/summer/Christmas, you need to reschedule them to get more exposure and sales. Suppose you want to schedule one particular pin to 10 different boards. This feature allows adding an image to those boards every 10 hours, one day, two days, etc. 


Although Pinterest allows the posting of older pins, there should be a sufficient time gap between the same pins. The interval setting feature helps in posting the duplicate images, again and again, hassle-free. What you need to do is decide on the date and time of the first image's posting, days between reposting and type of interval option.


By default, Tailwind selects the first available time slot for the first pin posting, but you can manually enter the exact custom date and time. The next step is to set the interval length. And then choose one of the options among Open Time Slots, Optimized and Exact.


The Open Time Slots option will schedule your pin again on the first available time slot once a minimum time(interval time) has passed. While in the case of both Optimized and Exact options, you can manually select the time. These three different options are only for choosing a better time so that you will have more flexibility.


The optimized option allows you to use recommended slots by Tailwind while still pinning outside your already set weekly schedule. In the Exact option, you can set the custom time on which your pin will show up.    


The pins scheduled through these last two options are locked images, hence they will not be disturbed by shuffling, but you can always drag and drop them wherever you want them in your schedule.

How useful Tailwind Analytics?

For every marketing activity, it is essential to know what is working and whatnot. Tailwind analyzes your Pinterest account and provides much needed vital data about your pins and boards.

You can also see how much traffic Tailwind is sending to your blog. To get such insights, you must sync Google Analytics. To understand traffic from Tailwind, go to Acquisition=>Campaigns =>All Campaigns.


Tailwind analytics helps you to refine a pinning strategy for better results. For example, through board insights, Tailwind provides essential information such as how long ago you saved a pin to a particular board. By monitoring such data, you can keep these boards active by saving images timely.


Using board insights like virality score and engagement rate, you can save your best performing content to the most engaged boards so that pins can fetch more views and impressions. 


The Pin inspector provides vital information about your content performance. It tells you how many repins a particular pin got. With this critical insight, you can better devise your pinning strategy. You can create more fresh images or discover new content similar to the most popular pins. You can also quickly reschedule these profitable pins to group boards and tribes for more visibility. 

Is Tailwind worth it?

It is one of the best Pinterest marketing tools for bloggers and brands. Thousands of bloggers and small businesses use Tailwind Pinterest marketing to drive thousands of traffic to their websites. Many Pinterest virtual assistants working for different brands also use it along with a manual pinning strategy.


A normal pinner does not know when his followers will be active on Pinterest, but Tailwind smart algorithms know their timing. Tailwind creates optimized time slots and posts your pins at the best time to have more engagement. That's the kind of Pinterest marketing tool you would love!  


Moreover, it is the hub of fresh quality content generated and added regularly by tribes members. Anyone in his niche can quickly find quality posts for his boards. Let's not forget that when you save an image of other people, and if it is of good quality and goes viral, you will quickly gain Pinterest followers.


Tailwind also reduces the number of clicks to save pins to your boards. With the help of Tailwind's browser extension icon, you can add as many as images in one go and schedule them in just one click.

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