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103 Best Tailwind Communities(earlier Tailwind Tribes) to boost Pinterest Game

103 Best Tailwind Communities(Tribes)
103 Best Tailwind Communities

Are you seeking ways to enhance your Pinterest game and boost your online presence? We suggest you join some of the best Tailwind communities that perform to help you achieve your goals.

These 100+ best tailwind communities can revolutionize your performance on Pinterest and bring you closer to success.

First of all, what is a tailwind community? It is a group started by a person inviting other members around a specific theme or topic. All these people share common interests and help each other by pinning member's pins on a reciprocal basis.

This strict rule of sharing makes these groups unique and successful. Therefore, these communities are more powerful than Pinterest native group boards.

Each niche on Pinterest has different best-performing tailwind communities that can help you in your respective niche.

Also, there are various parameters based on which you can know how to use Tailwind Communities and which ones you should try.

This article will list the best-performing Tailwind Communities in each popular niche of Pinterest.

The popular niches on Pinterest include fashion-style, food-cooking, pet care, health fitness, travel, arts and crafts, travel adventure, blogging, technology, and many more.

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Here are the top 100+ Tailwind Communities spreading across all the Pinterest niches. These top communities in each category are compiled based on the activity level and number of members.

Best Tailwind Communities in the Fashion niche

  1. Beauty bloggers tribe!

  2. Bloggers Killin It on Pinterest | The Art of Better

  3. A Melting Pot - The Tailwind Tribe For Almost Everyone

  4. Womens Fashion Affiliate Links

  5. Tshirt Print On Demand, Merch By Amazon, Redbubble POD , Zazzle

  6. Jewelry

  7. Fashion Forward

  8. POD-Printed Products

  9. All Things Boho

  10. Green Beauty Lovers

  11. Female Beauty Bloggers

  12. Fashion and Beauty Instagram Influencers

  13. Fashion and Style Bloggers

  14. Female Fashion Bloggers

Health and Wellness

  1. Lifestyle, Chronic Illness, Mental Health and Self-Help

  2. Mindfulness, Meditation, & Yoga

  3. Self-Improvement Bloggers

  4. Self-Awareness & Living Well

  5. Best Personal Growth Tips on Pinterest

  6. Natural Health & Wellbeing

  7. Health, Wellness and Lifestyle

  8. Create a Healthy Lifestyle

  9. Holistic Health Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

  10. Life Coaching & Self Help

Food and Cooking

  1. Best Foodie Recipes ~ Drool Responsibly!

  2. Just Food and Recipes

  3. Create a Healthy Lifestyle

  4. Food & Recipes (hosted by

  5. Favourite Food Bloggers

  6. #BloggersGetSocial Foodies

  7. Best Damn Desserts

  8. Gluten Free Recipes

  9. Hungry Pinners Recipe Tribe

  10. Mmmm Recipes

  11. Keto Low Carb Recipes

  12. Food and Nutrition Articles and Recipes

  13. Seasonal & Holiday Recipes


  1. Adrian's Tribe - All niches

  2. Balanced Bloggers: Healthy Recipes & Wellness

  3. All Niches! Promote, Grow & Learn

  4. Pinterest Friends

  5. Bloggers Killin It on Pinterest | The Art of Better

  6. Personal Growth

  7. All About $

  8. Frugality and Personal Finance

  9. Positive Consciousness | The Art of Better

Kids & Parenting

  1. #ManagingMommies Tribe

  2. Mom Bloggers Swap (hosted by Mommy Evolution)

  3. Forever My Little Moon

  4. Practical Mommy Lifestyle

Blogging and Marketing

  1. Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe

  2. Happiness & Wellness Bloggers

  3. Pinterest Friends

  4. Blogging + Income Tips, Strategies

  5. Social Media & Digital Marketing

  6. Happiness & Wellness Bloggers

  7. Marketing Advice for Creatorpreneurs

  8. Happiness & Wellness Bloggers

  9. HerPaperRoute Blogging Hive

  10. Work From Home & Online Business

  11. Entrepreneurs & Coaches

  12. Best Blogging and Social Media Tips

  13. Internet Marketing Tribe

  14. Amazing Women Entrepreneurs

  15. **Unicorn Advisory Marketing + Small Biz**

  16. Business & Career Resources for Women

Arts and Crafts

  1. Crafts & Decor (NO RECIPES OR BEAUTY)

  2. DIY Bloggers

  3. Kids' Crafts

  4. Silhouette & Cricut Crafts

  5. A Home Worth Dreaming (Everything Home ONLY)

  6. Just Home Decor

  7. Home Design and DIY

  8. Seasonal Holiday Ideas

  9. Smart Home Organization and Cleaning Tips


  11. Entertaining with Tablescapes and Holiday Decor

Travel & Tourism

  1. Dream.Pin.Go. [Mappin Monday Tribe]

  2. Ultimate Travel Inspiration and Tips

  3. Top Travel Destinations & Tips

  4. Travel PHOTO ONLY [Mappin Monday Tribe]

  5. Travel Tips and Destinations

  6. Slaying Social | Travel Tribe

  7. Hiking, Outdoor Adventures & Activities **2 repins per 1 pin**

  8. Best Travel Tailwind Tribe by

Health and Fitness

  1. Fitness Tribe

  2. Natural Living

  3. Balanced Bloggers: Healthy Recipes & Wellness

  4. Natural Health & Wellbeing

  5. Create a Healthy Lifestyle

  6. Food and Nutrition Articles and Recipes

  7. Healthy Busy Mommas


Pet and Animal Care

  1. Pet Care & Advice

  2. Pets and Wildlife Animals

  3. Pet Bloggers

  4. Blogging about Pets with Paws

Budgeting and Finance

  1. Money Saving Tips

  2. *NEW!* Money Money Money!

  3. Savvy Personal Finance

  4. Personal Finance, Business & Career Advice

  5. Fabulously Frugal Folks

  6. Business & Finance: College, Career, and Entrepreneurship


Tailwind Communities(formerly known as Tailwind Tribes) are an effective Pinterest marketing tool anybody can use. They help grow repins and traffic and provide a treasury of fresh ideas to keep your boards busy with quality content.

With the Tailwind forever-free and Pro plan($14.99/month), you can be part of up to 5 Tailwind Communities. To join more than 5 Tailwind Communities, you must buy Advanced(24.99/month) and Max($49.99/month) plans with unlimited numbers of Tailwind Communities.

If you are new to Tailwind, you can try all the features of Tailwind with the forever-free plan without any credit card required.

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