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Design beautiful Pinterest pins faster with Tailwind Create.


Pinterest is the ocean of pins(images). The pins with bad design perform poorly in getting more eyeballs and pageviews. With Tailwind Create, you can design compelling pins in seconds.


For more visibility and virality, the pins should be of high quality and look outstanding. They should also contain keywords in the text overlay, title, description, and destination URL.


Pinterest is all about beautiful fresh pins. After all, the look and feel of the images and catchy titles attract people to click. But making beautiful and Pinterest SEO-friendly pins on other designing tools take a reasonable amount of time and effort. That's why Tailwind Create comes in handy, which is made explicitly for Pinterest. 


Creating and publishing new pins for blog posts keep bringing more traffic. For blog posts that are performing well, you may also need to make more pins per blog post to drive even more Pinterest traffic. But the problem is that making so many pins consume more time.


Designing attractive pins becomes a more daunting task when you are an inexperienced designer. People who do not have a good understanding of color psychology and fonts also face difficulties designing stunning pins. 


We all know that unlike other social networks, Pinterest is a popular visual search engine, where the design elements of the image also impact search results. Pinterest suggests or shows other pins based on image similarity. Pinterest through lenses can detect objects on the photo and find similar graphics.


For example, if you click on a particular pin, Pinterest will recommend other pins that look similar to the pin you have clicked on. Therefore it is essential to incorporate graphics that best describe pinning ideas. Just using random design elements would not work.


Did you know that branded pins impact the engagement rate on Pinterest? Branding pins from the beginning is a good idea. As you continuously produce quality content, users on Pinterest start recognizing your pins by their fonts, color, and layout even before reading the pin's headline. Tailwind Create helps in branding the pins. 


Tailwind Create tool lets you set up brand preferences(logo, website name fonts, color palette) before designing any pin. It will automatically use these brand preferences for every newly created design. You can always change them later. 


There are many great designing tools in the market. Although they provide ready-made templates for Pinterest pins, modifying them requires good design skills and time. Secondly, Pinterest is full of these same looking templates.   

It has made the pin designing process super simple and much quicker. It is specifically designed for creating stunning images for Pinterest. 


You only need to supply three inputs 1)your blog page link, 2)the pin's title, and 3)few photos that best describe the pinning idea.


Tailwind Create has a vast free stock of image ideas that you can select before initiating the pin-designing process. Just search stock photos by entering a keyword related to pin idea. Apart from its own library of images, Tailwind Create also lets you upload photos from your desktop. But make sure to avoid any copyright infringement.


With just three simple inputs, Tailwind Create generates hundreds of pins within a few seconds for you. From these hundreds of fresh pins, you can select the best pin that exactly matches your brand and pinning requirements. Even after pin creation, you can still customize it on Tailwind Create's editor.

So with just one click, whether you are a professional image designer or not, you can still create your dream pins in a short time and hassle-free ways.  


Tailwind is best known as a mass pin scheduler that saves precious time and increases engagement by publishing pins to Pinterest at the right time when most of the audience is active. The new feature Tailwind Create that looks like a paintbrush on the dashboard further made pinning easy, faster, and funny.  


Tailwind app is the one-stop solution for all pinning activities, including easy and fast pin creation, scheduling and publishing, and performance analysis. So, pinners do not need to look at other tools to grow their business on Pinterest.

Below is the 3 step process to create beautiful pins using Tailwind Create.    

1.Getting started with Tailwind Create


Open the Tailwind dashboard and click CREATE, an icon that looks like a paintbrush.


There are two choices either create a new pin or continue with old designs.

To create a fresh design, click on the "Start a New Design"  button. You will see the below screen, where you will be asked for three inputs.

As soon as you put the blog post link on the destination link field, Tailwind Create will automatically populate the PIN TITLE field and show site photos associated with the blog post.

-Now, you can change the title text that best suits your requirement.

-There are three options for selecting photos 1)uploading photos, 2)stock photos, and 3)site photos. The selected photos will be used by Tailwind Create to generate new pins.


If you cannot find suitable photos for pin idea, try to explore free stock photos. Just enter the keyword that best describes the pin concept.


Once you have done with inputs and just click on Create Images blue button and see the MAGIC!


2.Selecting and refining designs 

After clicking on the Create Images button, Tailwind Create will generate hundreds of pins. The pins will be displayed in a grid structure(Design Gallery). The grid you see will be one that looks like the below screenshot.


Just keep scrolling to find your best matches. Add images that you like to the selection by using the blue button Select. 

To quickly find the desired match, you can use the filter function to sort out images based on content type, industry/niche type, and pin format.

Even if Tailwind Create generates gorgeous pins for you, there will always be something you want to change on them.

Although there is Tailwind Create Editor to change the design completely, minor editing features like Try on different looks and repositioning the photo that you can use before adding pins to your selection.

Using the Try on different looks feature, you can shuffle through different layouts, colors, and photos.  


To reposition the photo, click on the design and drag the mouse. To zoom,  click on the image, and scroll the mouse.


You can add more photos and change title text, colors, fonts, and branding options on the left-hand side of the page.


Add Text a drop down through which you can add subtitles and call to actions to the designs.


After making the above fine-tuning, you can use Tailwind Create's advanced editing tool if you are still not satisfied.

3.Advanced Editing 

Just directly below the pin, you can access the Edit button. This button will open Tailwind Create's Advanced Editor, where you can change anything on the design.


On the editor's left-hand side, you can change the text, design elements, and photos. You can change the existing title, add more subtitles, and call to action. 

Once you click on the text, you can find options to change color, font size, transparency, spacing, and alignment on the design's right-hand side.


You can also add design elements like arrow, line, etc. Use the SEARCH ELEMENTS field to find your desired design element. 


Once you finished with editing, you can download, save a design, or discard changes. 


If you click on the Save and Go Back button, the pin automatically will be selected for scheduling. If you do not want to schedule the pin, click on the blue button Selected to deselect.  


Tailwind Create can be beneficial for small business owners and bloggers who do not have enough resources to create beautiful pins. Either they lack the budget to hire experienced pin designer or do not have enough time.

By creating and publishing compelling pins with no or little cost, Tailwind provides an excellent opportunity for small businesses to compete with big brands. 

Sometimes bloggers do not have enough time to design pins for older blog posts. But using this simple tool, they can develop many pins for all their blog posts and schedule them to get more organic traffic from Pinterest. So with smart and creating pins quickly, they can increase traffic.  


It continuously enriches stock photos with new styles, trending pictures, and seasonal options.

It comes with a FREE plan on which you can create 15 designs per month. The premium plans allow 30,100 and 300 pins per month. They have more options like huge stock photos, design elements, custom fonts, and specialized business designs.   

For a busy person who is not having design skills, this tool is a great time saver. By creating beautiful pins in seconds, you can always keep your tailwind queue busy.  

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