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Unlock Your Creativity: 3 Simple Ways to Use Canva Magic Write

Canva Magic Write - An AI writing assistant
An AI writing assistant

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Writing can be a struggle, especially when it comes to developing ideas or finding inspiration for a new topic. Canva Magic Write understands this and is here to support you, help break writer's block, and get your creative juices flowing.

With Canva Magic Write, you can say goodbye to staring at a blank page for hours. It can generate content in a fraction of the time, allowing you to focus on what you do best creating.


Canva is a popular graphic design tool that provides a comprehensive suite of AI tools to enhance the design process. One of its latest additions is Magic Write, an AI-powered writing assistant. 

Magic Write is a generative technology-based tool that utilizes OpenAI's GPT-3 model for text prediction. 

It enables designers to create text prompts for their ideas and then use Magic Design to convert them into stunning AI visuals.

This tool can accelerate and simplify your content writing process. With a single click, it can generate various types of content, including emails, social media posts, and blog articles.

With Magic Write, you can simply type what you want, and the AI will generate an initial draft in seconds. This provides a starting point for your writing. You can then expand on these points by instructing Magic Write to generate additional paragraphs. 

With the help of this AI writing assistant, you no longer need to spend time brainstorming ideas. It can take your raw idea and guide you to the final edit stage.

Moreover, Magic Write is a tool designed to generate content that aligns with your brand's voice. It takes care of the text's tone and ensures it sounds just how you like it. 

You can specify a tone of voice while providing a prompt for Magic Write to follow, such as playful or casual. Once you provide a command like this, Magic Write will generate content in the same tone. 

Alternatively, you can specify your brand voice to ensure that all the content generated has the same tone. 

The Canva Magic Write AI tool works in two ways: first, it is based on a text prompt the user has to supply. 

The output depends on how you frame the prompt. If the prompt is detailed and accurately describes the need, it will generate more relevant and high-quality content. 

Second, it offers different options to rephrase the existing text, such as rewriting, summarising, etc. 

You just need to highlight the text and invoke Magic Write to generate a new version of your text. You will find options like Summarise, Expand, and Rewrite. You can even use it to turn paragraphs into lists.  

Let's look at how content creators can use Canva Magic Writer to elevate writing. Here are 3 simple ways bloggers, marketers, or professionals can generate real-time content. They can save time brainstorming and writing content for blogs, business proposals, social media, poems, product descriptions, and more.

1. Using Canva Magic Write on Docs

This AI-enabled writing assistant is available in all document types within Canva, but Canva Docs is ideal for exploring all of Magic Write's capabilities.  

First, open Canva Doc and click the icon to invoke the Magic Write tool. Alternatively, you can type as a short key that will pop up a drop-down.

Now, on the drop-down menu, click on the Magic Write option. A text box will appear where you can type a text prompt. Once you are finished with your idea or prompt, just hit Ctrl+Enter or click on the Generate button and watch the magic happen.

For example, we framed a prompt, "What is a Pinterest pin?" and tested it on Magic Write.

When you click on the + icon

How to access Magic Write
How to access Magic Write

A text box where you specify the prompt

text box to write prompt
text box to write prompt

For example, we entered the prompt "What is a Pinterest pin?"

sample prompt
sample prompt

Magic Write generated content that explains Pinterest Pins in detail.

content generated for sample prompt by magic write
output for sample prompt

Now, let's see how the Magic Write tool can help write blog posts from scratch. Writing blog articles is not easy. It takes a lot of brainstorming and research to develop good topic ideas, captivating titles, and body text.

This is where Magic Write can help generate each section of a blog post one by one effortlessly. All you need to do is provide the right prompt to generate the title, introduction, outline, and body text.

Here are the steps you can follow to generate each blog post section. For example, let's write a blog post on Pinterest marketing.

First, open a Canva Doc and invoke the Magic Write tool by clicking the Add Magic + icon.

Now, we have instructed Magic Write to generate multiple titles through the prompt "Suggest 5 blog titles for Pinterest marketing".

canva magic write prompt for generating blog titles
Prompt for generating blog titles

It generated a list of 5 amazing blog titles for the primary keyword "Pinterest marketing." 

Blog titles generated by canva magic write
Blog titles

Thus, even if you are unsure about the blog post idea or title, Magic Write can help a lot by suggesting more relevant and engaging titles. 

Now we clicked the Insert button to copy all the titles to the Doc. We chose the first one from the list, "Pin to Win: Mastering the Art of Pinterest Marketing," and deleted the rest.

The next crucial part of any blog post is creating an outline that works as a roadmap. Again, we invoked Magic Write and instructed it to generate an outline. 

Prompt for generating an outline
Prompt for generating an outline

We used the prompt "generate an outline for the blog post—Pin to Win: Mastering the Art of Pinterest Marketing." Magic Write generated a detailed outline, as below. 

An outline generated by canva magic write
An outline generated by canva magic write

We clicked the Insert button to copy the outline to the current Doc. We reviewed it and made necessary changes, such as deleting unwanted subheadings and adding new ones.

Again, we instructed Magic Write to generate an introductory paragraph that covers the 3 points of the introduction section under the outline. 

prompt for generating introductory paragraph
Prompt for generating introductory paragraph

As shown below, Canva Magic Write generated an engaging introduction covering all the points we asked to include. 

Introduction generated by Canva Magic Write
Introduction generated by Canva Magic Write

Next, we used this fantastic tool to write a subheading: The basics of Pinterest: How it works

First, we selected the heading's text in the Canva doc and clicked the + icon to invoke the Magic Write drop-down menu.  

How to use Expand option in Magic Write
Expand action

We chose the Expand option from the menu, which expanded this heading in more detail, as shown below. 

Heading text generated by Magic Write
Heading text generated by Magic Write

This is how we can complete the blog post using Canva Magic Write to generate texts for the rest of the headings and conclusion sections. 

2. Using Canva Magic for designs

Magic Write can help generate text that can enhance the design. First, open the existing design or create a new one you want to work with.

In the bottom right corner of the design page, you will see an icon for Canva Assistant. Click on this icon or type / to access the Magic Write tool.

How to access Magic Write on designs
How to access Magic Write on designs

Once you click the Magic Write option on the drop-down, a pop-up will appear for an entering text prompt.

Type the prompt you want Magic Write to write about and hit the Generate button.

Prompt for creating a tagline
Prompt for creating a tagline

Below is the tagline generated for the prompt above.

Generated tagline by Magic Write
Generated tagline

You can even select any existing text on the design and invoke Magic Write to rewrite, summarize, or improve it.

Text before applying Rewrite action 

Rephrasing of an existing text
Rephrasing of an existing text

Text after applying Rewrite action

Rewriten text by Canva Magic Write
Rewriten text

3. Using Canva Magic for an existing text

Whether you want to write short summaries of long texts or expand headings into paragraphs, Magic Write also does an excellent job.

If you are stuck on any topic and unable to move further, this AI writing assistant can generate suggestions or paragraphs on that topic.

Magic Write offers many options that you can use to improve existing text by generating new versions.

When you highlight any existing text, you will see a Magic Write button, as shown below.

Using Magic Write for an existing text
Magic Write button

When you click the Magic Write button, a drop-down menu will appear, which will have many paraphrasing options, as shown below.

Paraphrasing an existing text using Magic Write
Paraphrasing options

You can perform any action on the text, and Magic Write will change it accordingly. You can even apply your brand voice to any text so that it sounds how you like it.


So, whether you are a blogger, marketer, or any other professional, Canva Magic Write can help you get started with your writing and generate content faster than ever.

Canva Magic Write operates based on credits, and as a free Canva user, you will get 50 credits for life. If you need more credits, you need to upgrade to a Pro account.

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