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Discover the Top AI Writers for Bloggers in 2024

Updated: May 15

best AI tools for content creation
AI tools for writing

Writing has always been challenging because it takes a lot of time and brainstorming to create content, be it blog posts, emails, or academic writing. That's where AI writers can help bloggers create quality content in a fraction of the time. They only need a few words that best describe your writing needs.

These AI writers or assistants are based on machine and deep learning algorithms. They are trained on massive datasets that make the next word and sentence prediction more accurate.

They help content writers find new ideas and keywords that are trending and worth writing about by analyzing massive amounts of data they can access.

Recently, the use of AI writers in content writing and editing has increased significantly, and many popular AI writers are out there to solve the problem of writer's block by generating content ideas at scale.

Although AI-powered writers still require human intervention to verify, correct, and polish their content and ensure that it aligns with the intended voice, they are becoming more robust and accurate.

In this article, we walk you through the top AI writers for bloggers in 2024, how they work, where to use them, and which are the best AI writers today.

What are AI writers?

AI writers are artificial technology software tools trained on vast amounts of text using advanced deep learning algorithms and neural networks. Based on prompts, they generate human-like text.

Most AI writing assistants use the GPT service and have their own unique features and use cases. GPT is a large language model created by OpenAI, an AI research company. The other large language models are LLaMA from Meta and PaLM2 from Google.

Large language models(LLMs) are advanced types of deep learning models trained on massive amounts of text before being used to predict text. The training data can be from books, website content, articles, and other sources.

These LLMs learn patterns and deep connections between words, sentences, and paragraphs through massive data.

Once LLMs like GPT are trained, they can predict the correct text in response to a prompt.

The AI writers access the service of these LLMs through APIs provided by OpenAI in the case of GPT.

These AI content generators take users' input as a prompt, forward the query to LLMs to get the predictive text, and then display the output text in their user interfaces or workflows.

How do AI writers work?

Every AI writing tool needs input to understand your writing requirements and context. Whether writing a social media post or generating an email headline, you need to provide some text or keywords called AI prompts.

Some AI writers may require additional information about your target audience, writing tone, and other valuable inputs that help predict more relevant content.

Therefore, to get the most out of these AI writers, you must provide the proper prompts and other relevant data that an AI tool needs. The more relevant inputs you give, the more accurate content they will generate.

An AI tool's inputs depend on how it is designed and are specific to user needs; therefore, inputs may vary from tool to tool.

Where can you use AI writers?

Undoubtedly, AI-powered writing assistants are making a buzz these days to generate digital content like text, voice, and images. There are tons of AI content generators on the market.

Whether you are a digital marketer, student, or professional and want to improve your writing productivity, AI writers are there to help you. These writers can create short and long forms of content.

They have widespread use in education, journalism, technology, health, finance, or any field. They can assist you in speeding up the writing process by proofreading content and creating outlines, marketing plans, and even full-length articles.

You can use them to create emails, cover letters, short stories, poems, blog posts, video scripts, social media posts, marketing ads, and other marketing copies.

For example, if you are a YouTuber and want to reach a wider audience by translating subtitles into multiple languages, you can use the Nova A.I. tool.

Many graphics designers, freelancers, and side hustlers use AI tools like DALL-E2 to create stunning images to save time and money.

Content creators use AI tools frequently for the following purposes:-

1. Breaking writer's block

Many writers struggle to develop fresh ideas for their content creation strategy every time. To keep their content calendar busy with new content ideas, content creators can use AI tools that automatically find trending topics.

For example, HyperWrite is an AI-powered idea generator based on GPT-4 that can help overcome writer's block.

2. Creating outlines 

Outlines or drafts are essential while writing long forms of content like essays and blog posts. They help you start writing, so you no longer need to stare at a blank screen.

Moreover, outlines keep you aligned with your writing goal. It helps organize content better and connect ideas better to each other. 

Creating outlines on your own takes a lot of time and brainstorming, but AI outline generators like Copy.aiJasper, and can quickly generate outlines. 

You just need to provide some details, like target keywords, what the article is about, and the intended tone of voice.

3. Generating enticing headlines

Headlines or titles for emails and blog posts are short texts that draw readers' eyes before they open the email or click on titles on SERPs.Crafting enticing headlines that perform well is always a tough task, and you might need to perform A/B testing for the perfect ones.

The AI tools go through millions of data on the internet and suggest best-performing headlines in seconds, and you just need to supply them with a few keywords.

4. Writing great opening paragraphs

Given the short attention spans in today's fast-paced world, the introduction should hook the reader from the start and generate interest for further reading. Captivating introductions entice readers to go through the rest of the article or blog post.

AI content writers can automatically generate relevant and compelling introductory paragraphs for various content types, provided you supply keywords that make them understand what you want to write about.

AI blog introduction generators like JasperChatGPTTailwind GhostwriterFrase.ioSimplified, and many more can create awesome introductions after performing their magic on the input you supply them.

5. Writing a complete blog post

Blogging has been an effective content marketing strategy to drive more leads and sales. Starting a blog can be a boon for small businesses who don't have enough money for marketing.

To get more traffic, you must create a lot of content through blog posts in your niche. However, publishing blog posts requires a lot of research and time to brainstorm ideas, prepare drafts, and write body text. 

And this is where AI writers can help you a lot.

If you are short on time, AI content creators can help you create more content for your website or blog in less time.

These days, AI writing assistants are not limited to short content forms like blog titles, introductions, outlines, and conclusions. 

They can also generate complete blog posts from scratch. You just need to enter the blog topic, and they will render an outline, introduction, and entire blog post.

Articles produced by AI writers are also reader-friendly and SEO-optimized. They incorporate target keywords in the headers and body text to make the content SEO-friendly.

FraseJasper, and Tailwind Ghostwriter are a few examples of the famous AI blog writers you can use to streamline your content creation process. 

6. Writing product descriptions that sell

The product description makes the product stand out among countless online products.

Before deciding, customers go through the product description to check what it offers them. 

Therefore, the description should be compelling enough to persuade customers to buy the product and be SEO-optimized to rank well in search results. 

Creating such persuasive descriptions is challenging for hundreds of products. In addition, you may need to create different versions for Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, etc.  

AI writers can effortlessly generate lucrative product descriptions by taking inputs like product name, specifications, benefits, tone of voice, target keywords, and audience type.

The popular AI product description generators are Tailwind AI GhostwriterMagiscriptorWritesonicJasper, and many more.

Some AI product description writers can generate descriptions in bulk, for example, Narrato and CopySmith

7. Creating click-worthy marketing ad copies

Creating high-converting ad copy for a paid campaign can be challenging. Creating ad copy that gives maximum return requires extensive brainstorming, multiple revisions, and A/B testing. 

At the same time, AI ad creators can quickly analyze vast amounts of data and suggest the best ad creatives. 

AI technology can be used in every stage of an ad campaign, from generating ad copy to placing it for the right audience. 

They help generate catchy ad headlines and descriptions. AI ad generators take inputs like the purpose of the ad, target audience, tone, and keywords and develop an engaging ad copy.

They can find the right audience for ad placement by analyzing vast user data like browsing history, demographics, and interests.

Moreover, they are robust tools to monitor and optimize ad campaigns for better results.

Here are some of the best AI tools for advertising:-

Ad Creative


8. Writing an effective summary report

AI-enabled text summarization tools extract the main points from a long text, essay, report, and other documents. They extract valuable data not only from texts but also from calls and videos.

These tools help students, marketers, and other professionals understand complex topics better, ultimately saving them time and improving productivity.

For example, the Grammarly Summarization Tool can extract the main idea from emails, articles, business reports, or any text.

Text Summarization AI tool: Quillbot,, Semrush AI Summarizer

Audio and video summarization AI tools: 

Notta,, FireFlies, Wordtune Summarizer, Any Summary 

9. Improving website SEO

Using AI tools in content generation and optimization can boost the SEO score for your website, which can bring additional organic traffic. 

For example, the SEO writing assistant by SEMrush is a fantastic AI writing tool that gives real-time optimization recommendations for improving the SEO of your article or blog post.

It is impossible for human writers to manually analyze vast amounts of data and extract valuable insights to optimize content and improve the overall SEO health of the website, especially for large websites.

The AI content writing tools can help you find new ideas for content creation so that you never get stuck with writer's block. The AI writers let you get started with content creation by suggesting topic ideas and creating outlines.  

In the early stage of the keyword research process, you can use AI writers like ChatGPT and Jasper to generate a list of potential keyword ideas. Afterward, you can use SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest to check search volume and keyword density.

SEO tags like tiles and descriptions are paramount when ranking articles on search engines, but creating optimized tags can be challenging. Therefore, AI meta tag creators can help generate compelling meta tags and boost your website's on-page SEO.

AI writers are helpful for content marketers in many ways. However, Google may not appreciate their content because it lacks human touch and originality. It is rendered by extracting words or sentences from the text that already exists online. 

Therefore, Google may consider AI-generated content spam if it is low-quality and adds no value to the readers.

Although there are legitimate concerns about using AI writers for content creation, they can still be very fruitful if they are appropriately used as a supportive tool rather than totally relying on them.   

10. Writing social media content

Today, social media marketing is essential for businesses of all sizes to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales. They are an excellent platform for communicating directly with prospects and answering their queries about products and services.

Brands need to publish captivating posts regularly to keep prospects engaged. However, writing content for multiple social media platforms is cumbersome, and that's where AI social media post generators can assist. 


From writing captions to generating images, automatically responding to user comments, and performing many essential tasks, these AI writers can do them without hassle, saving marketers precious time.

For example, Tailwind AI Ghostwriter can generate captivating posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, as well as hashtags for different social platforms.

Tailwind Ghostwriter has a simple, intuitive, and straightforward user interface that can create social media posts by taking a prompt or directly from the URL.

We took a URL from our website and pasted it into the input field under Ghostwriter AI->Social->Facebook Post From Blog/Article to test it.

Sample URL:

And this is how Ghostwriter AI generated three versions of Facebook posts for us.

Post 1 – Quote: 

"The best marketing plan is one tailored to your business - and that's exactly what Tailwind Copilot does." #smallbusiness #marketingplan #tailwindcopilot

Post 2 – Multi-Line: 

Are you a small business owner looking to stay organized and maximize your marketing ROI? With Tailwind CoPilot, there's no need to go through the guessing game of what to do next. It's like a personal trainer for your business marketing, creating step-by-step guidance in a calendar view. #smallbusiness #marketingroi #tailwindcopilot

Post 3 –Controversial: 

Small businesses don't always need a professional marketing team - in fact, Tailwind Copilot makes it possible to make a successful marketing plan without one. #smallbusiness #tailwindcopilot #marketingwithoutateam

As we can see, all the above samples are unique and engaging and can be used to publish on Facebook, and if necessary, you can quickly edit them.

Apart from Tailwind AI Ghostwriter, there are plenty of options for creating social media content and scheduling posts automatically.

The other AI writers who help social media managers create content include:-




Canva Magic Write


11. Writing emails that convert

A headline that draws readers' eyes to open an email, an introduction that encourages them to read further, and a body that includes main points and a call to action are crucial for effective email communication.

Crafting such an email is difficult and may require multiple reviews to prepare a perfect one. The latest AI email writers not only save time but also write engaging subject lines and bodies that take care of all the essential points. 

To create a personalized email, an AI writer can consider the purpose, audience type, tone, occasion(festivals), and other relevant inputs to understand the context better.

Below are famous AI email writers:-


Grammarly email writer

Smartwriter AI


Hubspot AI email writer

Smart Write


12. Generating memorable taglines or slogans

Taglines or slogans are short texts about companies and products that stick in people's minds. Like other marketing features, they are crucial in building brand awareness and connecting people.

For example, Amazon has an "Earth's most customer-centric company" tagline.

Sometimes, thinking of unique and catchy taglines takes much time and iterations. However, the AI tagline or slogan generators can generate hundreds of these short texts in seconds for you. 

There are tons of free AI tagline generators like Grammarly AI slogan generatorZyroFrase.ioCopy.aiAhrefsPicsart, and many more. 

13. Landing page generation using AI 

Landing pages are dedicated web pages with a specific purpose and are great at capturing leads and generating sales. Visitors land on these landing pages by clicking links on social media, Google search pages, emails, traffic exchanges, and other digital platforms.

But how do marketers design them today? Gone are the days when business owners had to rely on software engineers or web developers to create website pages for marketing purposes.

Now, automated tools can create high-converting, beautiful landing pages with all the features that look like a professional web developer created them.

There are many AI-generated solutions to build landing pages where you don't require any coding skills.

For example, the WIX website builder can automatically build websites and stunning landing pages once you provide relevant details.

ChatGPT, Unbounce, Instapage, and Canva are popular landing page generators. 

14. Generating AI images

AI artwork generators can create stunning images by taking text prompts. When trained on billions of images, these tools learn different aspects and characteristics of images. 

The more detailed your prompt is, the more relevant the generated image will be to your needs.

Midjourney, DALL-E3, and Canva are famous AI image generators.

15. Creating artificial videos

Video marketing is highly engaging and generates more leads and sales. Videos can better explain the usage and features of products and services, and customers can quickly learn through short videos.

However, creating high-quality and engaging videos requires skill and is not an easy task. That's why AI-powered video-generating tools can help especially small businesses. 

Many AI script-writing software on the market can automatically write SEO-friendly titles and descriptions for YouTube videos so that they can perform better in search results. 

SynthesiaPictoryInVideo, and DeepBrain AI are some of the best examples of video creators and editing AI tools.

What are the top 20 AI writers for bloggers in 2024?

In recent years, AI writers have become integral to human writers, assisting them in creating online content. Thanks to Generative AI technology, there has been a surge of AI copywriting tools.

They can do anything from writing small text to large reports, proofreading, summarizing large text, translating, creating videos, and much more. There is almost an AI tool for every writing work and other creative processes.

Here, we compiled the best AI writers of 2024 who can assist you in almost anything.

Grammarly is a free AI-powered writing assistant that empowers millions by making their writing faster. It automatically corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and makes their writing more concise, to the point, and engaging.


Grammarly has also expanded its features with Generative AI capabilities like GrammarlyGo, which can generate text based on prompts.

Grammarly can speed up email replies and has an email reader attention feature that automatically highlights the main points to make the reply more effective.

Quillbot is another writing assistant like Grammarly who can proofread documents, summarize texts, and check for plagiarism. It is better known as a paraphrasing tool that can reword sentences and paragraphs in many ways.

For example, its paraphrasing tool among eight modes lets you choose any mode(Standard, Formal, Simple, etc) that suits your requirements.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered writer that uses a large language model called GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) to generate text that appears to be written by humans. These models are trained on massive datasets, allowing them to understand the context of user queries better and predict the desired text output.

OpenAI introduced the first model, GPT-1, in 2018 and has continuously improved. GPT-4 is the latest model, which is available to premium users.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that has revolutionized the way we write today. It can write anything based on your needs, whether a document or code. This AI chatbot is designed to have conversations with humans just like real people, and it can generate high-quality text that accurately addresses your needs.

ChatGPT is free, but its plus plan costs $20/month. This plan provides uninterrupted and fast service even during peak times and priority access to new features.

Jasper, an AI writer, is an excellent tool for creating content automatically and has more than 50 templates to cater to various needs. It is based on a similar LLM, like ChatGPT, but has a great user experience.

Earlier known as Jarvis, Jasper AI is a unique, faster AI content creation tool for marketing with its enhanced user interface and workflows.

You can quickly create blog posts, AI images, emails, meta tags, and e-commerce copies, and it supports many user cases. Jasper Chat is integrated with Google Search to give users the latest information and news.

Jasper is also well-integrated with the Surfer SEO tool to make marketing content SEO-friendly. 

Jasper is not a free AI tool and has three paid plans: the creator plan($39/month), the team plan($99/month), and the business plan, which has custom pricing. 

Today, social media platforms have become essential for businesses, irrespective of their size, to engage directly with audiences and nurture relationships by creating quality posts and replying to user queries. 

The role of AI has rapidly increased in analyzing millions of social posts, which can help identify trending ideas on social platforms and create content that gets more engagement and user responses. 

Tailwind is a widely used automatic social media scheduling tool that allows users to create and schedule social media posts, generate custom marketing plans, and launch email campaigns. 

It is the best social media content creator and planner for Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. By scheduling posts in bulk, Tailwind saves valuable time for social media managers and planners.

In addition to social media scheduling, creating images, and launching email marketing campaigns, Tailwind has created an AI writer, the Tailwind Ghostwriter, who can write anything for you.

Tailwind AI Ghostwriter is a tool specially developed for small business owners who can help them create social media posts, emails, product descriptions, AI-generated images, and even entire blog posts in just a few minutes. is an all-in-one solution for creating all types of marketing content. It is a great AI writer with 90+ templates and supports over 25 languages, helping reach a wider audience.

Creating entire blog posts, emails, e-commerce, social content, headlines, outlines, and more is super easy. 

The fantastic feature of is customization features that let you create more personalized content, for example, setting Brand Voice and Infobase. 's chat interface enables you to refine prompts to make them more precise to get the desired output.   

The 's free plan lets you generate 2000 words every month. Beyond that, you need to upgrade to premium plans. There are 4 types of subscription plans.

Pro-> costs $49/month and includes 5 seats, unlimited words in chat, and 500 workflow credits. 

Team->$249/month,20 seats, unlimited words for cha, and 3000 workflow credits.

Growth->$1333/month,75 seats, unlimited words in chat, and 20000 workflow credits.

Scale->$4000/month,200 seats, unlimited words in chat, and 75000 workflow credits. 

It is an excellent tool for writing AI content that is also SEO-optimized. It can help research content ideas, long tail keywords, competitors' backlink profiles, and many more SEO metrics that help generate AI content that performs well in search results. is a fantastic combination of AI content creation and optimization features. It analyzes the top 20 SERPs for a search query or target keyword and generates content briefs and outlines.

It can create titles, outlines, introductions, and sub-headings for a blog post and optimize meta tags, product descriptions, and even existing blog posts. 

Many other content templates cater to different needs, such as listicles, Instagram captions, and answer writing. 

Frase also offers user-friendly editing options, such as rewrite, expand, and shorten, to adjust the content according to your needs.

As per the pricing model for, there are three plans: 

Solo->$14.99/month + 1 user seat + optimize 4 articles + write 4k AI words

Basic->$44.99/month + 1 user seat + optimize 30 articles + write 4k AI words

Team->$114.99/month + 3 user seats + optimize unlimited number of articles + write 4k AI words 

There is also an Add-on plan, which costs $35/month, and it lets you generate unlimited AI words and provides deeper SEO insights.

8. Rytr

Rytr AI writer is a highly easy-to-use AI writing tool that generates content for over 40 use cases in more than 30 languages. Rytr's simple and intuitive user interface stands out among other AI writers.

Rytr AI is helpful for content ideas, website copywriting, blog posts, social media bios and posts, marketing ads, job descriptions, and much more, which can generate content faster, saving time for copywriters and marketers.

Content creators can also use Rytr to rephrase sentences to improve content quality and adjust the writing tone from 20+ tones of voice. 

Besides the ability to create both short and long forms of AI content, it has a very user-friendly project management feature that allows you to store and manage all your projects in one place. 

Rytr is more affordable than other writers in the AI space. The free plan lets you generate up to 10k characters and 5 AI images monthly.

There are two premium plans for Rytr AI writing assistant. The Saver plan, costing $9/month, allows the creation of 100k characters of AI content per month and up to 20 AI images. The Unlimited plan, costing $29/month, lets you create unlimited AI words and up to 100 AI images per month.

Writesonic has exciting features like ChatSonic(for chatting), Botsonic(to build a chatbot), Photosonic(to generate an AI image), and 100+ content creation templates. It is not limited to English but can support content creation in 24+ languages.

Writesonic can produce articles, emails, and answers in seconds as a well-known long-form writing assistant. For example, it can write unique answers for Quora marketing when you provide key inputs that you want to include in your Quora answers.   

It can create almost any digital marketing copy, from writing headlines for emails to creating landing pages and song scripts to optimizing content through keyword research and meta tags.

Like Rytr, it is also a budget-friendly AI writer available in the market. The Forever Free plan lets you create 10k words per month with only the GPT3.5 model.

The Pro plan(Small Team) starts at $19/month per user. You will get 200000 words if you use the GPT3.5 model, and if you want more content quality using GPT4, you will get 33333 words. 

For 3 users, it will cost $49/month for 800000 words(GPT3.5) and 133333(GPT4). The Enterprise plan for medium and large organizations will cost $500+. 

SEO writing assistant by SEMrush provides real-time content optimization suggestions as you write your content on its editor. SEOs and writers can use it to write reader- and search-engine-friendly content faster. 

You can assess your content's SEO potential and originality using this AI assistant. It also helps maintain your brand's tone of voice across all the documents you write and enhances readability.

It also has a Smart Writer with many exciting features like Rephraser, Compose, and Ask AI. 

For example, using a command or question, the Compose feature can generate new text, such as a short essay. 

The SEO writing assistant and Smart Writer are available under the Guru plan($249.95/month) and the Business plan($499.95/month).

From generating outlines to writing full articles to summarizing large texts and rewording the existing content, AI-Writer is a great AI writing assistant for bloggers and freelancers.

It cites sources for every piece of content it writes so that you can manually verify and ensure accuracy. This AI writer's other significant feature is that it writes content based on up-to-date information; therefore, it is the right tool for writing news and current affairs content.

It also has a sub-topic suggestions ability whereby, taking a seed keyword, it discovers the best sub-topics related to the provided keyword using the autocomplete features of Google and Bing. 

In addition, it combines search volume data from Google Ads, making it easy for writers to determine which subtopic to focus on. 

In this way, bloggers can focus on the topics people search for and are best suited for SEO to drive organic traffic.  

You can test AI-Writer, which has a 7-day free trial, before migrating to the paid plans:-

Basic plan: $29/month, one user, 40 articles; each article can have up to 5000 words. A yearly subscription gets two months free.

Standard plan: $49/month, three users, 120 articles; each article can have up to 5000 words, and a yearly subscription gets two months free.

Power plan: $375/month, ten users,1000 articles, each article can have up to 5000 words, and a yearly subscription gets two months free.

Whether you want to respond to emails, messages, social media comments, chat messages, or write paragraphs, blog posts, lists, or any text, ParagraphAI can do that instantly and error-free.

By framing the right prompt and entering it into ParagraphAI's paragraph generator, you can write poems, song scripts, hashtags, and more.

It is available as a Chrome extension and an app for Android and iOS users. The ParagraphAI keyboard, based on the GPT model, is handy on mobile devices when replying to messages or emails. The AI keyboard lets you write on mobile devices without leaving the app.

You can adjust the tone and style of the text by using the sliders based on how your writing should come across to your target audience.

ParagraphAI is a forever-free plan for limited personal use. The paid plan for students comes with a discount and costs $9.99/month if paid annually.

For professionals, it costs $12.49/month if paid yearly. You need to contact their sales team for a team plan with multiple users.

13. Byword

Most AI writers have a range of content templates, but unlike them, Byword has only one use case.

Byword mainly focuses on generating SEO-optimized long forms of articles and is a complete solution to produce quality content at scale. 

It is excellent for SEOs and bloggers who want to publish articles that drive organic traffic from SERPs. It can create articles one by one or in batches.

It generates text and accompanying images to enhance the article's visual appeal.

Byword lets you create content in three modes: keyword, title, and title+subheadings. The keyword mode is easiest and allows you to create content that can rank for the provided keyword.

Byword has an inbuilt keyword research tool that helps find the relevant keywords based on the seed keyword or domain/site name. It will display all relevant keywords with search volume, trend, and SEO difficulty.

You can cluster these keywords and then send them to the batch generator to produce articles at scale.

Byword has many pricing plans. You can pay $5 per article or subscribe to any paid plan with extra features.

Starter plan: $99/month,25 articles, 25 research reports, Regenerate articles.

Standard plan:$299/month,80 articles,80 research reports, Regenerate articles, Whitelabelling

Scale plan: $999/month,300 articles,300 research reports, Regenerate articles, Whitelabelling

Unlimited plan: $2499/month, unlimited articles, dedicated servers, exclusive betas, priority support

Unlimited plus plan: $9999/month, dedicated strategy and implementation support, exclusive betas, automated indexing and reporting, priority feature requests

TextCortex is known for generating tailored content to cater to specific needs and communication styles. 

Whether you are struggling with creative block or are short of time and looking for a cheaper AI writer, TextCortex, which has 60+ content templates, can be the right choice.

It provides a personalized AI experience by understanding the writing needs through asking questions and creating individual personas and knowledge bases.

It can generate custom content based on the brand's voice and style preferences, including e-commerce content, social media posts, articles, etc.

ZenoChat is another significant feature like ChatGPT, providing a personalized chatting experience.  

TextCortext is very budget-friendly and has the lowest price plans among all AI writers. The FREE plan is for everyone and has all the core features but in a limited capacity.

LITE is the most popular paid plan, which has five variants. 

You can access a paid plan at just $5.59/month, the cheapest in the AI market. This variant comes with 150 creations and a 12,500-word limit.  

The highest variety($55.99/month) of LITE comes with 2800 creations and 350000 words, 10 custom personas, 10 knowledge bases, and many more. It is popular among writers with moderate content creation demand.

The UNLIMITED plan, costing $83.99/month, offers unlimited creations, personas, knowledge bases, and other features.  

Like Grammarly AI writer, it is an AI writing assistant that aims to make writing error-free and engaging by detecting grammatical errors, use of passive voice, complex words, and sentences that make reading more difficult.

Hemingway's AI editing tool can detect lengthy, complex, and hard-to-read sentences and common errors and highlight them in yellow to provide more straightforward and easy-to-read suggestions.

Hemingway highlights in red the sentences whose meanings are hard to understand.

Hemingway Editor Plus also beats writer's block by rephrasing sentences in a way that doesn't immediately come to mind. It suggests sentences that look like those you wrote in your voice and style.

The free version of the Hemingway app highlights the issues in writing but doesn't suggest corrections and alternatives to fix them.

The Plus plan, which costs $10/month and $8.33/month if paid annually, provides instant sentence corrections. With this paid plan, you can correct or fix 5000 sentences monthly.

Sudowrite is an AI creative writing software that can generate complete stories and novels from just an idea.

Unlike other AI writers focusing on straightforward writing like blog posts, e-commerce copies, and other marketing materials, Sudowrite is a long-form fiction content AI writer.

It helps overcome writer's block in fiction writing by generating fantastic stories based on inputs like the story's main idea, genre and style, characters's information, etc.

Sudowrite comes with a free trial and has 3 paid plans. The Hobby and Student plan costs $10/month, the Professional plan costs $22/month, and the Max plan costs $44/month.

17. SurferAI 

Surfer AI takes care of all tasks like research, writing, and optimization and is the ultimate AI writer and SEO tool to create quality, human- and SEO-friendly content.

Surfer combines its SEO features with AI content creation capability to generate human-like content that ranks high in search engine results.

It uses its SERP-analyzing capability to find keywords so that you won't need any other SEO tool for keyword research.

It shows content scores that can hint at how well your articles are optimized and how they perform against your competitors.

There are 4 pricing plans. Below are the costs of each plan when paid annually.

ESSENTIAL:$69/month,30 articles/month(Content Editor) 

SCALE:$99/month, up to 100 articles/month(Content Editor)

SCALE AI: $179/month, up to 100 articles/month(Content Editor), and up to 10 AI articles/month.

ENTERPRISE:$399/month, optimize the custom number of articles with Content Editor and write a custom number of ready-to-rank AI articles.

It is an excellent free AI writer who can write short video scripts(30-60 seconds). By using this video script creator, you can create scripts 10X faster and in a better way for your Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube shorts.

Hypotenuse is a great tool for marketing related to e-commerce. It can help you write amazing product descriptions, even in bulk. For example, you can easily import all your products through Shopify integration, allowing Hypotenuse to write descriptions.

In addition to product descriptions, Hypotenuse can be used to write blog posts and social media captions. 

It can even summarize long texts or rephrase existing texts like other AI writers. Hypotenuse can generate captivating images by using the right prompt that accurately describes your visual idea.

It offers three paid plans that you can try for free before purchasing:

  • Individual ($24/month if billed annually)

  • Teams ($49/month if billed annually)

  • Enterprise (contact sales team)

If you are looking for an email AI writer, Lavender may be the right choice. It helps salespersons write better emails faster, which results in more responses.

It is specifically designed to improve email writing, which gives real-time suggestions. 

Lavender AI comes with 4 pricing plans. The Basic plan comes free of cost but has limited features.

The paid plans are: Starter($29/month),Individual Pro($49/month) and Teams($69/month).

What are the shortcomings of using AI writing assistants?

AI writers are beneficial, from detecting and correcting grammar to advanced writing suggestions to writing full-length blog articles. Still, they have shortcomings and can not be equal to human writers.

First, you should not unquestioningly trust AI writers and refrain from publishing content as it is. You should manually revise and edit AI writers' content to fine-tune it. 

Secondly, you should double-check the facts mentioned in the generated copy. They may not always be correct and updated.

Thirdly, the tone and style of your writing matter a lot while communicating a message effectively to your target audience. The content generated through AI writers lacks the personal touch; therefore, getting the exact tone and style you want is challenging.


Fourthly, the AI-generated content may find it challenging to rank in SERPs because Google can categorize them as spam and, therefore, needs some editing before publishing the content as it is. 

Moreover, AI writers may not have expertise on a topic, so their generated content needs review by human writers to ensure authenticity and a unique perspective.

Will AI writers replace human writers?

AI has become an integral part of our lives, and its impact can be seen in various fields, including writing. With the introduction of ChatGPT, new forms of AI writing tools are emerging, one after another.

Although they operate on similar large language models (LLMs), they offer different features and cater to almost any kind of writing need. However, the content produced by these AI writers still needs human review.

They are not yet perfect for writing like human writers because, unlike human writers, they can not cite their own stories and inject humor, emotions, and subject expertise to give a personal touch and unique perspective to the writing.

Therefore, it is unlikely that AI writers will replace human copywriters, but they can aid in many ways to create content at scale.

How do you get the most out of AI writers?

AI writers can be very useful for content creators if appropriately used. These tools work based on the prompts. You can type a prompt and get content from any AI writer, but the key is choosing the right AI tool and framing the right prompt to fetch more relevant content.

There are tons of AI writers out there, each one made for a specific purpose. Some are good at producing short marketing copies, while others are good at producing long-form, SEO-optimized content.

Based on your goal, choose the specific tool and supply it with relevant inputs to generate more quality and relevant content.

The better the AI tool understands your needs, the more relevant the content will be. So, making it more descriptive and including focus keywords is good practice to craft an effective prompt.

Sometimes, the facts can be outdated or incorrect; therefore, before using the content, review all the facts.

Not only do these AI writers help generate content from scratch, but you can also use them to improve old content to make it clearer and more user-friendly.

Are these AI writers worth it?

If you're new to AI technology, you may hesitate to include AI writers in your writing process. However, these writers can effectively speed up your writing process, all while being cost-effective.

You can easily fine-tune the content AI writers produce in your brand's voice and style with quick edits.

AI writers can help you overcome writer's block and bridge language barriers when creating content for international customers. They can reduce writing time and costs, increase productivity, and produce content at scale.

They can greatly complement traditional writing practices, assisting human writers in various content-producing tasks.

While AI writers can generate long-form content, they are not recommended for creating entire blog posts without editing and oversight by human writers. However, you can always use AI writers to get inspiration and ideas and generate article outlines.

It's important to remember that AI writers should not be solely relied upon when writing a well-researched and data-driven article.

Some of these tools are free, while others have paid plans with advanced features that allow users to write high-quality content.


Writer's block is a common challenge that many people face while starting their writing journey.

However, despite some of their shortcomings, AI writers can be incredibly helpful for bloggers. With AI writers, bloggers can save time.

AI writers allow bloggers to customize the tone and style of their content, making it more personalized.

Additionally, AI writers can analyze massive amounts of content in seconds and identify content gaps and keywords to improve SEO.

While there are ethical concerns about replacing human writers, AI tools are meant to complement human writers, not replace them.

It's worth trying AI writers to see their potential in creating SEO-friendly and user-friendly content.

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