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How to use Tailwind Copilot to generate personalized marketing plan for your business

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Tailwind CoPilot - Marketing plan generation tool
Tailwind CoPilot

With limited resources, small businesses often struggle to have a dedicated professional marketing team that can devise an effective marketing plan and strategy to succeed. That's where Tailwind Copilot can help - by creating personalized social and email marketing plans.

Even small business owners are not perfect marketing professionals; therefore, they are unsure what to do next. Hence, most of their time dedicated to marketing goes into uncertainty and indecision.

With Tailwind's Copilot marketing tool, you will receive a personalized, actionable marketing plan that is easy to follow and interactive. You just need to go through a questionnaire about your business, time available for marketing, your marketing experience level, and other factors related to your business.

Tailwind Copilot marketing plan generator targets each stage of marketing funnels, for example, awareness, consideration, and conversion, and then generates a plan in a calendar view.

In this article on Tailwind's Copilot tool, we will go through what it is, what it does, and how to use it to create a plan that works and drives results.

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What is Tailwind Copilot?

It is a marketing plan-creating assistant that tells you what to do next and how to grow your business. Like a personal trainer for your marketing, it creates a plan that makes marketing easy and saves a lot of time.

The plan makes you more organized and helps in the overall growth of your business by suggesting new or upcoming post ideas for which you can easily create content.

The content ideas and post examples suggested help you start executing your plan without much difficulty and stress.

It creates a personalized marketing plan tailored to the user's business needs and provides step-by-step guidance to run campaigns efficiently for maximum ROI.

The Tailwind Copilot plan is easy to follow in a calendar view, helping you stay on track.

What does Tailwnd's Copilot do?

Tailwind Copilot tells you exactly what to do and when to grow your business by keeping you organized and focused. It is a tool that makes marketing your business super easy.

Here are the following tasks that the Copilot tool by Tailwind does for you:-

->It works like a personal trainer for your business marketing

->Recommends social and email campaigns

->Detailed post suggestions with real-time examples

->Shows upcoming tasks in a calendar view

->Creates hundreds of designs personalized to your brand for social media and email posts.

->Sends reminders to keep plan execution on track

->Follows industry-specific best practices

->Removes blockers that have set you back

->Schedule and publish posts with great ease

So, Copilot by Tailwind does a lot of hard work for you, takes guessing work out, and creates an actionable and interactive marketing plan based on your business type, target audience, marketing goals, and other business-related factors.

How to use Tailwind Copilot for generating marketing plan for your business?

Want to create an impactful marketing plan for your business? Creating the plan is easy; just answer a few questions about your business and goals.

First, Go to your Tailwind dashboard and click Your Plan on the left.

Then click on the Personalize My Plan blue button.

Alternatively, once you go to the Tailwind dashboard, you will be prompted to the below screen to start setting up your marketing plan.

Set Up Your Personalized Plan
Set Up Your Personalized Plan

Click on Setup Your Personalized Plan or Get a Personalized Marketing Plan, and you will be taken to the screen where you will find the Personalize My Plan button.

So once you click on the Personalize My Plan blue button, you will be taken to the below screen, where you need to select the option that best describes your industry type. For example, Apparel, Art & Design, Marketing & Advertising, Education, etc

Describe your business industry
Describe your business industry

Now Click on Next, which will take you to the screen where you need to select whether you are a Service Provider, Blogger, etc.

Describe your business
Describe your business

Click Next to choose the methods through which you make the money.

How do you make money
How do you make money

Now click on Next to choose your marketing experience level.

Your marketing skill level - tailwind copilot
Your marketing skill level

Click Next to choose how many hours you spend on social and email marketing every week.

Time  spent on social and email marketing - tailwind copilot
Time spent on social and email marketing

Click Next to select up to 3 most important marketing goals

Important marketing goals - tailwind copilot
Important marketing goals

Click Next to choose the marketing channels and methods you regularly use

Marketing channels - tailwind copilot
Marketing channels

Click Next to choose the holidays or seasons you want to run sales campaigns.

Seasonal sales and promotion - tailwind copilot
Seasonal sales and promotion

Now click on Next, and your plan will be ready to use!

Your plan by tailwind copilot
Your plan by tailwind copilot

Scroll down to learn more about your plan, like various stages of customer journey awareness, consideration, and conversion.

At the end of the page, select how often(Weekly or Daily ) you want to receive email notifications.

Getting started on plan

Once you click on Get started on my plan, your personal marketing plan will be ready in a calendar view.

calendar-view-tailwind-copilot- plan
Your plan in calendar view

Simply scroll down to the bottom to track your progress on the plan.

Your plan progress

What are AI content suggestions for Tailwind Copilot prompts?

The Tailwind Copilot is an amazing tool for small businesses to create easy and effective marketing plans.

Tailwind has gone one step further and integrated its AI Ghostwriter into the Copilot tool so that marketers can easily execute the plan by creating social and email marketing copies faster with the help of an AI writer.

The Tailwind Copilot tells you what content you should create, but AI Ghostwriter generates content automatically, making marketing more fun and quick.

If you try to explore Copilot suggestions or prompts in your calendar view, you will find that some will have a Generate Suggestions button.

AI Generate suggestions-tailwind-copilot
Generate suggestions button

You can quickly create content for these Copilot prompts by clicking the Generate Suggestions button. This button invokes the AI writer in the backend and instantly generates tailored copies by considering the business type, goals, and audience.

AI Ghostwriter generated copy for copilot prompt
AI Ghostwriter generated copy

How to customize your marketing plan?

A tailored marketing plan is essential for your business's highly targeted social and email campaigns.

To customize your plan, go to the left side of the Tailwind dashboard and click on Your Plan.

If you have already generated your marketing plan, you will be taken to the graphic overview of your plan. There, you will find the Customize Your Plan button to change or adjust the frequency of your marketing actions.

Once you click the customization button, a screen will appear where you can adjust how often you would like to post and turn campaigns on/off.

For each campaign of each stage of the customer journey, you can adjust how many posts and recommendations you want per week.

plan- customization-tailwind-copilot
Plan customization

How to make the most out of Tailwind Copilot?

Tailwind's Copilot is an excellent marketing tool for small businesses without the resources to create or maintain professional marketing plans. This tool generates a customized plan that can tell you what to do and is also easy to execute.

Tailwind has integrated it with other valuable features that enable marketers to create plans quickly, identify the appropriate prompts to work on and assist in designing images and producing desired content within seconds.

Here are the key ways that you can use to make the most out of the Copilot tool.

First, once you have generated your marketing strategy/plan, you can customize it according to your comfort level of content posting each week and business needs.

You can personalize recommendations based on how much time you want to give to marketing and how many posts you want to publish for each type of campaign per week/month.

Now, what content should you produce for your social and email marketing campaign? You can easily find and decide on the prompt on which you want to post content through an intuitive interface.

On the Tailwind dashboard, you should see a screen that says, "Upcoming content to post from your Marketing Plan."

Your upcoming task

Here on this screen, you can filter upcoming content ideas based on the type of stage(awareness, consideration, and conversion) or filter from the drop-down till you find the perfect match.

Click on the lines(three) icon to mark the current prompt shown on this screen as complete or remove it. You can also save it to your favorites by clicking the heart icon.

Once you decide on the content prompt, click Upload media on the above screen to use existing content, or you can invoke the Create tool to design a professional image.

You can also manage your marketing plan right from your dashboard and do all the tasks, like customizing the plan, adding new tasks for other marketing activities, creating new designs, and viewing goals and campaigns through the weekly schedule.


Tailwind is an excellent social media app that can help small businesses with marketing campaigns. It offers a Copilot tool that creates personalized marketing plans for social and email campaigns completely free of charge.

A tailored marketing strategy can help you stay organized and avoid missing important social and email marketing tasks. It considers your business type, available time for marketing, and other relevant factors.

Copilot provides actionable ideas so writers don't waste time overthinking and brainstorming about what to write next and when. It also displays upcoming tasks in the calendar view, making it intuitive and easy to follow.

Tailwind takes it one step further by integrating Copilot with Ghostwriter, allowing marketers to generate marketing copies automatically. This integration helps marketers plan and execute their marketing campaigns seamlessly.

Tailwind's plan is well-integrated with social and email marketing, allowing you to perform all your marketing tasks from one place, saving time and avoiding the need to switch from one tool to another.

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