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Tailwind App Review 2023: 20 Reasons why Tailwind is the best social media tool

Tailwind App Review  2023
Tailwind Review

If you're not using Tailwind for your social media marketing, you're missing out on a great tool. Check out this review of the Tailwind App in 2023, which covers the top 20 reasons why Tailwind is the best social media tool out there and an all-in-one solution for marketers.

Several social media scheduling tools are available, but Tailwind stands out and surpasses other tools. It is an excellent and straightforward social media automation tool to help small business owners increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Tailwind functions like a team that handles everything for you: content creation, planning, scheduling, and analyzing performance data. It manages the entire funnel in one place, i.e., the dashboard.

This review of Tailwind as a social media automation tool will explore what makes it stand out.

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So, here is a summary of Tailwind's features that make it a popular and engaging social scheduling and email marketing tool.

#1. Intuitive UI

It has an intuitive user interface that makes everything easy to operate. The setup is simple, and within minutes, you can be ready to schedule your first post.

Team members can use tailwind tools to collaborate better and streamline the workflows to boost productivity.

#2. Organizational tools

Tailwind keeps you organized with easy-to-follow marketing plans. Post-scheduling is made easy and efficient by Tailwind with a user-friendly dashboard.

You can visually plan your Instagram feed using the drag-and-drop feature of Tailwind and see how your posts will actually look on Instagram once they are published.

#3. Mobile app

Tailwind's mobile app for both Android and iOS is super easy to use and allows for scheduling management on all social profiles on the go.

#4. Content calendar

The Tailwind content calendar has a drag-and-drop feature that makes organizing pins and posts very intuitive.

#5. Auto-fit feature

The auto-fit feature allows the automatic cropping of uploaded images to fit the required size on the social network you are posting to.

#6. Automatic draft saving

Tailwind automatically saves drafts, so you don't lose any work done so far.

#7. Browser extensions

The Tailwind browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox let you schedule any post from any web page.

For example, just hover over any image on any web page, and the blue Schedule button will appear to add that image as a pin on Pinterest.

#8. Smart scheduler

The Smart scheduler is an incredible feature of Tailwind. It saves time by scheduling posts weeks in advance. It takes out all guesswork and uncertainty from post-scheduling, which is a huge time saver.

The best part of the Smart scheduler is that it finds optimal days and times based on the account's followers and schedules posts when most of the account's audience is on the platform. This way, posts on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook can get maximum engagement.

#9. Scheduling to multiple platforms

Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, allowing you to manage all your social media accounts from one place easily. With just a few clicks, you can schedule and publish posts for all three platforms, saving time and money.

You can schedule a week of content for all your social networks.

You can drag and drop images and videos to the Tailwind dashboard or upload them through browsing. Once you upload a photo, you can select the networks to publish that post wherever you want.

You can also cross-publish to other networks from individual Instagram or Pinterest posts.

#10. Smart loop and interval scheduling

Smart Loop allows an easy way to reuse the already published pins(your best or seasonal pins) and schedule them again at specified times. You no longer need to keep track of the content manually.

Using interval means you can prevent the same pin

published to different pins at the same time.

#11. Tailwind Create

It has developed its own graphic design tool, Tailwind Create, to design hundreds of designs in seconds. Using this Tailwind design tool lets you have plenty of posts with you at any time. You can use it to create images and videos for both Pinterest pins and Instagram posts.

You can align new designs with your brand aesthetic by providing brand settings like brand name, color, fonts, and logo. Therefore, the Tailwind Create tool can also help in branding your designs.

#12. Tailwind Copilot

Tailwind Copilot generates a personalized and actionable marketing plan for your social media and email campaigns. The Tailwind's Copilot tool makes business owners more organized and productive by developing a sound growth plan.

#13. E-Commerce ads

Tailwind leverages AI technology to create ads for your e-commerce store that drive more conversions and sales. It automatically optimizes them for conversions.

Using generative AI technology, Tailwind crafts ad copy with best practices, and when they go live, Tailwind monitors their performance and makes micro-adjustments to drive more ROI for you.

#14. Instagram hashtag generator

Tailwind's in-house powerful hashtag finder looks for profitable hashtags and helps optimize Instagram posts. The hashtag generator increases your post's reach to the right audience.

As you type a caption for your Instagram post, Tailwind automatically recommends relevant hashtags. You can also add recently used hashtags.

Moreover, hashtags are color-coded, which tells how popular they are. Just hover over any tag, and you will see the number of times it has been used on the other Instagram posts.


The number of links you can use on Instagram to drive traffic back to your website is limited. It doesn't matter how big your account is unless you set up a landing page for your bio; you won't get traffic.

Tailwind's is an ultimate tool that can automatically build your bio page and inserts link whenever you publish a new post. It also offers branding options so the landing page and elements match your brand.

#16. AI Ghostwriter

Tailwind's generative AI tool helps overcome writer's block while creating any (short or long-form) content. From writing an Instagram caption to a full-fledged article from scratch, the AI Ghostwriter makes a writer's life easy.

You need to provide some seed keywords relevant to your purpose; the Tailwind automatic content generator creates a compelling copy for you, be it a pin title, description, or catchy email headline.

#17. Tailwind Communities

These collaborative marketing tools for Pinterest give access to a large or collective audience of community members outside the Pinterest platform.

If you are struggling to grow your Pinterest account and drive traffic to your website, join some active Tailwnd Communities relevant to your niche.

By joining strategic Tailwnd Communities, you can give a much-needed boost to your new pins. These are perfect tools to network with like-minded people who can take your business to the next level.

If you don't find any community that matches your requirements, you can also create your own Tailwind Community around a specific theme and grow it by inviting other pinners.

#18. Automated email sequence

It also has an email marketing feature that best integrates with social scheduling to increase, nurture, and convert leads.

Both social media posting and email marketing are great combinations in one place.

It generates a personalized email marketing plan so you know what to send and when. It employs the best email marketing practices so that your emails get maximum open rates and conversions.

#19. Auto-post to Instagram

Tailwind is among the few tools with the authority for auto-post publishing to Instagram. It was an awaited and much-requested feature from users of Tailwind.

Posting through push notifications has been very irritating, but now, you can convert your Instagram account to a professional business account and enable auto-posting.

Enabling auto-post also gives access to more advanced features of Tailwind, like posting hashtags in the first comment and automatically creating a link once the post has been published on Instagram.

#20. Analytical tool

Measuring growth factors like engagement and conversion is crucial in understanding what works best in social media marketing.

That's why Tailwind, a social media automation tool, has a robust analytical feature to monitor your campaigns and provide useful insights. The analytical feature helps to identify what posts resonate with your audience and increase the effectiveness of your social media planning and strategy.

The key metrics provided by the Tailwind analytics tool also help measure these campaigns' impact on your business.

By keeping track of engagement rates every month on every platform, Tailwind analytics helps you make better marketing decisions and plan your content strategy effectively.

Tailwind App Review 2023 : Conclusion

Tailwind offers unlimited growth opportunities for small business owners. It is a comprehensive tool that eliminates the use of multiple tools to manage social media and email campaigns.

It also provides users with fresh ideas and inspirations, ensuring their schedules are always full of creative content.

The best part is that the free plan offers full access to all features without requiring credit card information. Compared to other similar tools, Tailwind's pricing is competitive and affordable.

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