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How to use Tailwind Communities to grow fast on Pinterest 

Did you know that Tailwind Communities can increase repins and saves for your Pinterest pins? If you are struggling with Pinterest marketing, Tailwind Communities can be an incredible tool to succeed.

If you are new to Pinterest and don't have a massive following on Pinterest, joining some Tailwind Communities can undoubtedly improve your pins' performance and website traffic.


Tailwind Communities, earlier known as Tailwind Tribes, can help you increase your business reach faster on Pinterest. It is a powerful collaborative marketing feature developed by the Tailwind app. 


They are not only famous for boosting repins but also helpful in finding quality content to feed your Pinterest boards. You can always find fresh pin ideas to enrich your boards by joining relevant Tailwind Communities.


In this detailed review of Tailwind Communities, you will know what they are, why and how to use them, and the best Tailwind Communities for bloggers.

Join tailwind communities and grow fast on Pinterest

What are Tailwind Communities?

When it comes to scheduling Pinterest pins, Tailwind App is the most famous automation tool. Many bloggers and brands use Tailwind App to schedule pins in bulk and increase the engagement rate for their pins. 


Tailwind is also a great social media scheduling tool for Facebook and Instagram. You can quickly create posts for Facebook and Instagram and schedule them at optimal times.


And Tailwind Communities are the most prominent and popular feature of the Tailwind App. They are groups or communities of people(outside Pinterest) with similar interests and niches. 


These incredible Tailwind Communities are free to join. Anyone with a free Tailwind account or trial can become part of up to 5 communities.


They enable people to share each other's content for Pinterest marketing. Using these communities, you can put your pins in front of thousands of new audiences. 


Today, more than 20,000 Tailwind Communities exist, and you can find a community for almost all niches. Finding and joining them is also not cumbersome.


Once you join them, your pins can get shared by other pinners. Many bloggers and content marketers are making the best use of this fantastic Tailwind feature to explode Pinterest traffic. 

Tailwind also provides essential stats about the functioning of each community like the number of members, total reach, the number of pins reshared, etc. These numbers help you to assess the quality of a particular community quickly. 


They are also perfect platforms to network with other bloggers, brands, and people. You can collaborate with other Pinterest creators and take your business to the next level.


When you become part of such tribes, you can submit pins so that other tribe members can share them on their personal or group boards. This way, your pin can get the much-needed initial push. With a free Tailwind plan, you can make 30 submissions per month.  


If your pin gets good initial reshares from community members, Pinterest will recognize it as a quality pin and send it to more people.


Moreover, many accounts on Tailwind have a massive following on Pinterest; therefore, if few of them share your pin, it can have a better chance to become viral.


So Tailwind Communities are wonderful ways of promoting content to get more new eyeballs on your pins and increase traffic from Pinterest.

Why are Tailwind Communities results-driven? 

The main reason behind the popularity of Tailwind Communities is that they are more effective than group boards. The spirit of growing together is better maintained in Tailwind Communities.

Although Tailwind Communities and Pinterest group boards have the same purpose of growing together, strict tracking and monitoring features make them different than group boards.


The easy way of tracking pinning activities of tribe members empowers the owner to implement the tribe rules more strictly.


Like Pinterest group boards, these communities work based on reciprocity, but it is best enforced here. The community leaders can easily see whether members are repinning of other people's content or not. This easy monitoring also helps maintain the quality of content being shared within the community.


For example, they can see how many times a member repinned other people's content. Most Tailwind Communities work on a 1:1 ratio, meaning a tribe member has to repin one pin of other people for each his pin. Anyone who doesn't follow community rules can be kicked out of it.

Moreover, when you add a new pin to Pinterest through Tailwnd Communities, it first goes to your Tailwind scheduler, which publishes the pin when most of the followers are active on Pinterest, leading to more impressions.


But in the case of group boards pinning on optimal times is not easy, and therefore your pins may get low impressions comparatively.

Tailwind Communities are just not about adding your pins, but you can also find great pins from other pinners to enrich and grow your boards. 


Finding new fresh ideas in Tailwind Communities and scheduling them at the best times through Tailwind Scheduler can also increase the visibility of your boards.


So Tailwind Communities are comparatively more effective, but it doesn't mean that you should completely ignore group boards. They have their own advantages in Pinterest marketing, and you should find group boards that are niche-focused and better managed.

What are different Tailwind Communities stats?

Each community on Tailwind has its own rules, guidelines, and other essential metrics. Tailwind provides valuable insights like Re-Shares, Repins, and total Reach to judge the activeness and engagement of each community.


You can preview all the stats related to a community even before joining it. Here are useful data that you can find for a community.

About community

This section displays the purpose and niche of the community and different topics allowed for sharing.

Community guidelines

The community creator outlines the rules related to content type, images, and pin sharing ratio.

Community overview

This section includes important stats like Re-Shares, Repins, and Reach of the community based on real engagement and sharing. Under the "Your Results" heading, you can also see the number of Re-Shares and Re-pins your content received.



It tells how many times the community members shared the content from the community. 



The number of repins generated from the sharing. 



It is the potential impressions the pins will have on Pinterest from all the Re-Shares of the community. It is measured by multiplying all pinners' followers and the number of times they have shared the content. 

How to find relevant Tailwind Communities?

They are highly niche-specific and mainly named with popular keywords, and therefore finding an appropriate community is easy. 


To find Tailwind Communities in your niche, you can search them by keywords on Tailwind App.


Open Tailwind App, look at the left side and click on the "Communities" icon; you should be able to see the below screen.

introduction to tailwind communities.png

Once you click on the "Find a Community"  tab on the communities dashboard, the below screen will appear where you can see the most popular community categories. 

how to find a tailwind community

If you don't see your niche, you can directly search it by entering a keyword on the text box field, which you can see on the top of the community dashboard.


Once you type a keyword related to your category, Tailwind will automatically search and display relevant Tailwind Communities available in your niche.


For example, type beauty in the text box; you should see below communities in the descending order of total members. 

search community by keywords

Before joining, you can check important insights by previewing them. (Click on Preview Community) 

How to add your pin to Tailwind Community?

Adding a pin from your blog to any Tailwind Community is super easy. If you have already installed the Tailwind web browser, you should see a blue icon(Schedule) when you hover over any image on your web page.


Just click on the Schedule icon a popup dialog will be opened where you can select Tailwind Communities. Once you click on the Schedule icon, the image will be saved as a draft by Tailwind.

how to add a pin to tailwind community

You can see an icon for adding a pin to Tailwind Communities in the popup. Once you click on the Add to Communities icon, another dialog will be opened where you can select one or more relevant communities.

how to submit a pin to tailwind communities

In this dialog, you will see a list of all the communities you have joined so far. If you have already added your pin to some communities, Tailwind will remind you with a warning message(hover over the red icon).


Just tick the checkboxes and click on the green button(right and bottom side of the dialog) for adding the pin to the communities.


Once you have added the pin, you can go to the communities dashboard and select the community from the drop-down box to check your latest submission under the "Yours" tab.


You can also add pins to Tailwind from your Pinterest boards. 

How to create your own Community on Tailwind?

By creating your own Tailwind Community, you can assert expertise in a particular field and grow your audience base. Many top bloggers and brands have created communities around their main ideas by looking at their content and promotional potential. 


Building and maintaining an active Tailwind Community is hassle-free, and anyone can create a new community in any niche.


Click on the Create New Community green button and fill in the required information like its name, description, and rules. 


You can select the community's topic from a drop-down and choose the visibility option from the radio buttons.


Once you enter all required data, just hit the Create Community button; Tailwind will create a new community for you. 

How to make the most out of Tailwind Communities?

Undoubtedly, Tailwind Communities are great and powerful marketing features for growing Pinterest reach, but there are some points that you should consider to get maximum benefits out of them.

To succeed in tailwind Pinterest marketing, you need to join high-performing tailwind communities in your niche.


If you are just starting with Tailwind or are a new blogger, you can test with 5 free tailwind communities and upgrade later for power-up plans. With the free plan of tailwind, you can submit up to 30 pins per month.

So, here are some important tips that you can follow to make the most out of tailwind communities.

1. Search for highly niche-specific communities either directly on the tailwind app or through Google search.


2. In the beginning, start with only 5 free communities. There will be some communities that you can immediately join; otherwise, you need to send a request to the community owner.


3. Once you discover relevant communities, judge their effectiveness in terms of activity and engagement. Join those with a good number of members and a high share score(activity bars). Aim for those communities that have 4 or 5 activity bars.


4. Generally, communities for whom you need to send requests are better maintained by their owners and have good re-shares and repins.


5. Try to join those with high re-shares, repins, and reach. 


6. Create great pins with the help of Canva, Tailwind Create, or other tools.


7. Add your pins to Tailwind Commnites when your audience is most active. Don't submit all your pins in one go; instead, spread scheduling time throughout the week.
8. Pins not having proper titles and descriptions will not be taken seriously by other community members. Write a catchy title and brief description that add value to your pin.


9. Communities are not only for getting more saves or repins but also a source of quality content that you can use to feed your Pinterest boards. So share great content from other people that your audience on Pinterest will love.


10. Follow community rules strictly.


11. Whenever someone shares your pin, you can say thank you. Tailwind provides a chat window to foster a relationship with other community members.


12. Monitor the progress and results of your submissions. Leave those communities that are not beneficial for you and switch to others.


13. More submissions mean more repins and traffic; therefore, you can opt for power-up plans if you want more Pinterest success.

14. When you don't have your own enough pins to submit, you can share other people's content to maintain a community sharing ratio. 

What is Tailwind Communities' power-up plan?

Tailwind allows only 5 free communities. But as your business grows with tailwind communities, you may wish to join more. More content shares from tailwind communities may result in more revenue for you.


Free communities will always be available whether you are using the free version or the Pro version of tailwind, but you need to add power-up plans if you want access beyond these 5 free communities. 


There are several power-ups, and based on your schedule and budget, you can select what works best for you.

tailwind community power plans.png
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