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Boost Your Pinterest Presence by 300%: The 36 Absolute Best Automation Tools Revealed!

Updated: May 10

36 Best Pinterest Automation Tools
Best Automation Tools for Pinterest

Pinterest can be a game changer for digital marketers, bloggers, or anyone who wants to use this highly-selling social hub to promote and sell their products and services.

However, to fully harness the power of Pinterest marketing, you may utilize various automation tools. These Pinterest automation tools, ranging from pin creation and scheduling to followers' growth and performance analysis, are designed to enhance your Pinterest marketing efforts. 

By leveraging these Pinterest tools, you can confidently explore the realm of Pinterest marketing. They save you time and boost your followers, pin clicks, and conversions, making them an invaluable asset to your Pinterest marketing strategy.

In this blog post, we will explore the best 36 Pinterest tools and explain how they help you grow on Pinterest and increase website traffic, leads, and sales.

It is an all-in-one marketing automation tool for Pinterest and the most popular among pinners. From creating pins to scheduling pins to generating pin titles and descriptions to increase pin engagement through Tailwind communities, it is an excellent and unavoidable tool for marketers who want to take their Pinterest game to the next level.

With the help of the Tailwind pin scheduler, you can easily add pins to the Tailwind queue in advance, even in bulk, and when the best time slots occur, Tailwind publishes them on Pinterest.

Tailwind is a free tool that allows you to post 20 pins every month free of cost. Beyond that, you need to upgrade to a premium plan that starts at $13.49/month (Pro plan) if paid annually.

With the Tailwind Create automation tool, you can automatically create hundreds of pins in seconds. 

If you struggle to create pins for Pinterest, this is the right tool. It can generate high-quality pins; you just need to provide a photo and title text.

These are great ways of increasing pin saves and clicks on Pinterest. Join a few active communities in your niche where marketers share their newly created pins before publishing them to Pinterest.

Tailwind communities work based on a reciprocal process, which means when you add a pin to the community to be shared by others, you will also have to share one pin from that community to your Pinterest boards.

The success on Pinterest depends on both the quality and quantity of the pins. The more quality pins you add to Pinterest, the more followers and website traffic you gain. 

Another crucial factor for success on the platform is the consistency of adding fresh pins. Therefore, creating new, eye-catching pins in large quantities is time-consuming and consequently challenging for people who lack design skills. 

This is where graphic design tools come in handy. So, if you want to design stunning images and graphics for your Pinterest marketing, look no further than Canva.

It is the market leader in graphic design and comes with thousands of pin templates, making it easy for non-designers to create pins in minutes.

First, you can use an existing template that is more relevant to your requirements and then make minor changes, like replacing the background image with a new photo, editing the title and sub-title texts, and changing the fonts and colors. 

Second, you can design everything from scratch on a white blank canvas. 

Canva is free to use and has hundreds of free templates, but the Pro plan($12.95/month) gives you access to millions of photos and unlimited premium templates. 

Like every other social media website, followers are crucial to getting engagement on Pinterest. The more followers you have, the more reach your pins will have because Pinterest shows your new pin to your followers first.

However, getting a large following on Pinterest is not easy; it takes time and effort. The MiloTree tool can help you get more followers on WordPress websites.

It is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create pop-ups that allow website visitors to follow you on Pinterest. You can quickly increase your followers by embedding these pop-ups at the right places on your website.

Using beautiful pop-ups that show your 8 most recent pins and a big "Follow on Pinterest" button, MiloTree can turn your website visitors into your Pinterest followers. 

Creating and scheduling pins one by one is a time-consuming process. However, PinGenerator is a fully automated Pinterest marketing tool that can generate hundreds of pins by taking the website's URL. 

It takes the URL as an input and then scans images and metadata to generate enticing pins with engaging titles and descriptions. With Pin Generator, you can generate, edit, and schedule pins in bulk at once. 

It is also seamlessly integrated with Shopify and other e-commerce stores to create product pins.

Pablo by Buffer is another pin creation tool for Pinterest marketing. This tool allows you to create tall and vertical graphics for your marketing campaign on Pinterest.

Creating pins on Pablo is a breeze. Within seconds, you can make an amazing, beautiful pin. You can also quickly edit texts, backgrounds, logos, and more. 

Pablo is a complete solution for creating, scheduling, and analyzing pins.

This tool can help you grow your Pinterest account quickly by redirecting your Facebook audience to the platform. Woobox can add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page, allowing your audience to view your pins directly on the page. 

Under the tab, Woobox can display all your boards or pins from a specific board. When a user clicks on a pin, a new browser window will open, showing the pin on the Pinterest platform itself. 

You can also run Pin to Win campaigns to attract users to pin your content and even follow your account.

Group boards on Pinterest are collaborations among many pinners. They are created to promote each other's pins and increase website traffic. 

Joining a good and active group board in your niche and participating with the group ethos can be a great way to achieve this. 

But how do you find a group board that yields positive results? Pingrouipe is a utility that has access to Pinterest data and searches group boards on Pinterest based on a search term.

Apart from searching group boards using Pingrouipe, you can also use it for other competitive advantages. 

For instance, finding popular pins on Pinterest and trending keywords in your niche can help you stay ahead.

It is another pin-scheduling tool that automates everything. With one click, you can automate pinning, following, and scheduling for your Pinterest account.

By selecting the Follow and Auto Pin options on the PinPinterest dashboard, the tool will automatically follow people in your niche and add relevant pins to your boards.

It selects the relevant pins for auto-pin based on content performance and audience interests. 

You can specify tags(for content type) relevant to your niche and the boards to which you want to add the pins automatically. You can also schedule pins in advance by specifying the date and time of posting.

This way, you can keep your account active all the time and easily gain more followers.

ViralPep is another Pinterest automation tool for creating and scheduling pins within one platform. It also provides pin performance metrics to refine your Pinterest marketing strategy for maximum gains.

It is a complete solution for Pinterest marketing and other popular social media platforms. 

ViralWoot is another Pinterest automation tool that can help you schedule pins, increase exposure to your Pinterest profile and pins, increase followers, and provide post-pin analytics.

ViralWoot provides various insights that can help you grow fast on Pinterest. It can show your pins' reach, activity, and engagement and tell you the best pinning time to get maximum exposure. The insights can help you determine what needs to be done to improve your presence on Pinterest.

It can grow your followers by showing your boards and pins to other ViralWoot users so they can follow you and engage with your pins.

Publer is another social media management tool that effortlessly schedules Pinterest pins for specific time slots. It is intuitive and easy to manage all accounts from the same spot. With Publer, it is also easy to collaborate with team members. 

It is nicely integrated with Canva and Vista Create graphic design tools, so you can create pins without leaving the Publer tool.  

Publer also provides comprehensive analytics to help you determine what is working and what is not and refine your marketing plan. For example, you can find the best time slots to schedule your next pins by looking at pin insights. 

Moreover, you can watermark your photos with Publer. 

14. Viraltag

Another valuable tool for automating Pinterest is Viraltag. With its browser extension, you can easily schedule pins by adding multiple images from a webpage and sharing them on Pinterest. You can upload photos in bulk from your device, Facebook account, Dropbox, Instagram, or web images and schedule them. 

Additionally, Viraltag provides a photo editor that allows users to edit images by adjusting brightness, adding text, and cropping them.

It is an automatic Pinterest marketing tool that automates various Pinterest activities. You can use it for multiple accounts and manage everything from a single platform. 

It can help you get high-quality, targeted traffic. You can schedule pins and monitor results to determine what works best with them.

Pinflux can find the best pins in your niche and automatically repin them to your boards, allowing you to grow your audience and reach on the platform.

You can use it to find the top group boards and use their potential to grow the reach of your pins. 

It can also automatically unfollow people who don't follow you back.

With Pinflux, you can easily grow your audience and reach on the platform while saving time and effort.

Using this screenshot-capturing tool, you can quickly take a snapshot of the current browser window and send it as a new pin to Pinterest. This is one of the easy ways to create fresh pins. 

Loop88 helps connect brands with influencers on Pinterest so that their pins can get more exposure. The influencers have large followings on the platform, so when they pin the brand's pins, they get more exposure, repins, and clicks.

This marketing platform connects brands with their target audience by creating content for them.

18. Pinvolve

Pinvolve is a valuable tool for showcasing your latest pins on your Facebook page. Adding a tab to your page can arrange your Facebook posts in a typical Pinterest style, making it easier for visitors to pin and share them on their Pinterest accounts.

Once you've installed Pinvolve, it will automatically pull pins from your Pinterest account and display them on your Facebook page. This way, your page visitors can easily pin your content to their Pinterest accounts, helping your pins reach a wider audience.

Hootsuite is also among the best Pinterest schedulers. With it, you can create, schedule, and monitor pins for multiple accounts from the same place, saving you time and effort.

Hootsuite works as a marketing team and can handle all your social media accounts from the same dashboard.

With it, you can effectively plan and schedule pins in advance, monitor pin performance, and engage with the audience.

You can also search for new content or ideas to pin to your Pinterest boards.  

This tool is a user-friendly and powerful Pinterest automatic pin scheduler. 

It also integrates with Canva, which lets you easily design stunning pins. After creating them, you can schedule them using Buffer's scheduler and customize the pinning time according to your preference.

Moreover, the browser extension makes it effortless to pin any image on the web with just a few clicks. You can even crop the photos if required.

The tool allows you to repurpose your other social media posts into pins to reach a new audience on Pinterest. 

Additionally, it provides a feature to analyze pin performance to understand what type of content resonates with your audience.

This software is one of the best tools for automating Pinterest marketing. This Pinterest management tool allows users to create, edit easily, and schedule pins from a single dashboard. 

You can schedule pins in bulk for weeks or months, saving a lot of time. With an easy drag-and-drop feature, it's simple to schedule, edit, and delete pins in a calendar view. 

The tool also makes team collaboration a breeze by allowing users to invite as many team members as they need to help manage Pinterest profiles and pins effectively. 

You can easily track the performance of your pins and get an overview of different Pinterest insights. You can also download weekly or monthly reports to help you compare and analyze your marketing efforts.

Creating pins is a time-consuming task requiring design skills, but with Picmaker, which has over a hundred templates that meet the needs of different use cases, you can create Eye-catching Pinterest pins with a breeze. 

So whether you need to design pins for products, blog posts, food recipes, or other purposes, Picmaker has a wide range of templates you can customize within minutes.

This Pinterest automation tool allows you to create pins, schedule them in advance, and monitor Pinterest activities. 

Therefore, with Picmaker, you will always have ideas to create endless pins for consistent pinning on Pinterest and take your game to the next level.

Infographics are among the best visuals(a long form of pins) widely shared on the Pinterest platform. They can represent complex data or concepts as a compelling story.

Piktochart is the ultimate graphic design tool for easily creating beautiful infographics and charts.  

You can choose from pre-made infographic templates or use a blank canvas to tell your own story and customize it.

Picsart is another graphic design tool for creating beautiful, high-quality pins from scratch or a pre-made template.

It is a great photo editing tool with filters, effects, fonts, and other features that can help create stunning pins. 

With it, you can automate photo editing in bulk and perform editing tasks like cropping, resizing, and watermarking in one go.

Whether you want to create a standard pin, idea pin, video pin, collage pin, or infographic pin, PicMonkey has tons of designer-made templates that you can easily customize to create scroll-stopping pins.

It is excellent photo editing software with features such as a background remover, resizing, face retouch brushes, effects, textures, and more.  

Using the right keywords in the profile, boards, pin titles, and descriptions can increase visibility on the platform and boost traffic from Pinterest.

Pindodo is a tool that can help you find hidden keywords and hashtags that can boost your Pinterest SEO and enhance the visibility of your pins.

Using this tool, you can stay ahead of your competitors by knowing keywords that they are still unaware of.

SumoMe is a social sharing plugin that allows website visitors to share images effortlessly via social sharing buttons. 

Once you install this plugin, social sharing buttons for various platforms, such as Pinterest, will appear when your website readers hover over any image on your website.

Having these buttons on your website or blog can significantly increase the visibility of your content and drive social traffic.

Snappa makes creating graphics for blogging, ads, or social media campaigns easy, even if you are not a professional graphic designer.

Snappa has a wide range of pre-made templates of the perfect size for Pinterest that you can tweak and create stunning pins that can get more repins and clicks.

You can find millions of free high-resolution stock photos for your pinning needs. With Snappa, you can easily add texts, graphics, effects, and backgrounds in a flash. 

It is another Pinterest post-scheduling tool for marketers and pinners who want to schedule pins in advance for weeks or months.

You can quickly resize your photos with Pallyy's built-in resizing tool and create Pinterest pins of appropriate size.

Not only does it schedule pins, but it also provides an analytics report about their performance, which you can use to revise your content creation strategy. 

Using its image caption generator, you can also quickly generate pin titles and hashtags for your pins.

AI-powered generative tools like ChatGPT can boost your marketing efforts on Pinterest. Using relevant prompts, you can leverage ChatGPT to create captivating titles and descriptions for your pins.

Moreover, you can use ChatGPT to research keywords and identify the most effective content to fine-tune your Pinterest marketing campaign.

Writing engaging pin titles and descriptions can be challenging, especially when you need to create a lot of pins daily.

Tailwind Ghostwriter is the ultimate AI writing tool for taking your Pinterest marketing to the next level. It can generate multiple versions of pin titles and descriptions in seconds.

TastyPins is the best WordPress Pinterest plugin for optimizing images to boost SEO and Pinterest marketing.

With it, you can easily set a description by including keywords and hashtags, improving the pin's performance in Pinterest searches and enhancing its reach.

Moreover, you can add alt text to boost general SEO, add a hover button on all images, hide some Pinterest-specific images from the page, add ba ox for following you on Pinterest, and more.

33. Pin It button

The Pinterest Pin It button will appear on images when visitors hover over them on your website. 

This allows website visitors to share your images on the Pinterest platform, increasing your brand visibility.

It is an app that allows you to follow people on Pinterest and unfollow those who don't follow you back.

By unfollowing people, you can keep your account clutter-free. With it, you can easily find people who don't follow you back and then unfollow them with just one click.

Giveaways are excellent ways to engage audiences.SweepWidget's Pinterest tool makes it easy to run giveaways and sweepstakes.

You can host contests to increase the brand's visibility, drive traffic, increase followers, or boost your marketing campaigns on Pinterest in any other way. 

Keeping track of your marketing campaigns is crucial for developing an effective content strategy on any social media platform. 

Fortunately, Pinterest provides a built-in performance monitoring tool that generates essential data on how a particular pin performs on the platform. 

You can tweak your marketing campaigns to achieve maximum ROI by analyzing these key insights.


From automating pin creation to scheduling and monitoring pins, Pinterest automation tools are crucial to mastering Pinterest marketing. Using these tools gives you an edge over those you don't use.

These game-changing automation software save your time and help with better content planning and creation, easy pin scheduling in advance, growing followers, and many more pin activities that help grow on the platform.

Most are free but restricted to limited use; beyond that, you need to buy their premium plans.

Undoubtedly, incorporating some of them into your marketing arsenal can help you grow quickly on the Pinterest platform.

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