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Marketing On Quora : A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you looking for marketing on Quora to get quality traffic for your blog?


Quora is an excellent source of good-quality referral traffic. Not only can you make your website popular but also improve search engine ranking.


It is a question and answers platform where people come to gain and share knowledge. People post questions to get answers from others.


There are 500 million monthly active users on Quora. This massive user base which is highly engaging, can drive tons of traffic to your new blog or website.


Moreover, people coming from Quora spend more Time on websites than other social media sites. Therefore with Quora marketing, you can get targeted traffic with high conversion intent.


Regardless of niche, Quora serves two purposes for you. First, you can show your expertise that will help in personal or company branding. 


Secondly, you can use it as a powerful traffic source. You can capture email addresses and build a massive email list that can be an asset, in the long run, to drive consistent traffic from email campaigns.


In this comprehensive guide to marketing on Quora, you will learn how to drive tons of free traffic from Quora without getting banned.

1. What is Quora?

about quora
how to find questions on quora

Quora is a popular Q&A platform founded in 2009 by Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever. There are 500 million monthly active users, according to Similaweb. The USA ranks first when it comes to the number of users, while India ranks second.

It is different from other Q&A platforms like Yahoo and Reddit because Quora answers are generally comprehensive and answered by real experts.


Another distinguishing quality of Quora answers is that they are found on the top in the Google search results. You may have also observed this while searching for answers on Google. That's why the majority of traffic for Quora comes from search results.   


According to Quora Association, the number of questions being asked daily on the platform varies between 3000 to 5000. And on average, a question has 5 answers.

You can find questions related to almost any topic, from life experiences to technology. Like any other social website, it has engagement features like upvoting, sharing, commenting, following, etc. 


People come to Quora to seek knowledge and build their network and community. They can ask questions, follow each other, send private messages and create Quora spaces around the topic of their interest.


Many brands and companies are also using Quora for their marketing purposes, for example, establishing authority in their niche and driving valuable traffic. 

2. How can marketing on Quora benefit you?

quora marketing benefits

First of all, Quora is a place where you can share your expertise and exert authority in your niche. Once people start seeing you as an expert, your followers will start increasing very fast.

By being active on Quora and responding to prospects' queries or answers, you can foster a solid relationship to increase conversion rate and sales over time.

Quora is a queries hub where people look for solutions for their problems and needs. There are thousands of topics being discussed on Quora, and many industry professionals share their thoughts and insights.

In this way, by closely observing what people are asking in your niche, you can find trending ideas for your content marketing.
Major magazines like Time keep eyes on quality answers and top quora writers. Your content can get featured in these publications and get more visibility.

You can use Quora for enhancing your website SEO and building backlinks by submitting valuable answers. In your write up you can insert links that point back to your website pages.


If Quorans like your content, they can spread it to other social channels and online forms, creating more backlinking opportunities.
By capturing the email addresses of visitors from Quora, you can build an email list quickly.  


3. How to get started with Quora?

getting started with quora

Getting started with Quora is simple and easy. You can sign up by using Google or Facebook account.

Quora Login

Once you are in, create a stunning BIO. Introduce yourself in few strong lines. The introduction should include what you are currently doing and your area of expertise.

If you do not add a Call-To-Action in your BIO, you will waste profile visits which can be converted into clicks and leads. So include a strong CTA, for example, a link to your website or a sign-up form.


Social proofs also play a crucial role in increasing credibility to the profile. So if you were featured on some popular websites or got recognition or awards, then mention them in your BIO. 


Complete your profile by adding a photo, filling in credentials like education, job experience, and other professional details.


Once you are finished with profile details, you need to follow topics related to your niche because Quora will send questions in your feed based on your preferences. 


To choose topics of your interest, you can search in the search bar. For example, if you are a digital marketer, you can search for digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing. Follow only those topics that are related to your profession or niche.

After following topics, add your experience for each category or topic. Click the Edit icon for Credentials and Highlights, then click on the Add Credential button and select the topic you want to add experience.


Adding experience for each topic that you follow adds credibility and value to your answers. The tagline you have added for each topic will appear next to your name whenever you answer any question under that topic.  


Now create a stunning BIO that best describes who you are and what you do. By inserting a link to your blog, you can drive traffic. For more online exposure, include links for other social media platforms.


After the selection of the topics and optimizing the profile, follow influential people in your niche. And also follow topics that they follow. There are multiple benefits of following such people.


First, you will get notifications when they write answers, and you will see their content in your feed. 


Second, you will better understand the types of questions they pick and how they write viral answers. 


Therefore, following big names in your industry help in finding trending ideas and understanding the target audience.     

4. How to drive traffic from Quora?

drive traffic from quora

Driving traffic from Quora depends on the quality of the answers and how you establish yourself as an expert in your niche. 

Once you write good answers daily, more people will notice your name on Quora and start seeing you as an authority. 


Once you write consistently, Quora will also recognize your contribution and distribute your content to more people. Your answer can get featured in the Quora newsletters. Such recognition can lead to more views and followers.


There are FOUR ways through which visitors can land on your blog.

1. Professional Profile

When people read an answer and find it helpful and valuable, they become more curious to know the writer's credentials. So, they visit the writer's profile and from where they can move to your website.

If they liked your profile and found content on your website helpful, they can follow you on Quora. They follow you so that they can read your future answers.

By getting more followers, you can also increase the reach of your answers on Quora. 
Therefore your Quora profile should be impressive and optimized.  

2. Inserting Links in Answers

Second, there is an opportunity to link your blog posts in the Quora answers. Quora allows meaningful links that enrich the knowledge of its users.

Since these answers stay on Quora for many years, the quality answers on evergreen content will continue to attract people to read for a long time.
But like other social sites, Quora also hates over linking. You should also be careful while adding links to your content(answers). 


Too much and illogical use of links can also put your account at risk. Getting your Quora account banned is probably the worst thing you can do.


Using the same link, again and again, is a bad practice. Instead, use the same link when there is a need and it makes sense.


If you are starting with Quora, don't start pouring your blog links in the answers. First, try to learn how quora work and what questions in your niche are performing well.


Find 20-30 questions and write quality answers for them to earn credibility in the eyes of Quora. In this way, people will also start recognizing you as a valuable contributor and expert in your area.

3. Quora Spaces

These are the groups of like-minded people who share common interests in Quora. You can create space around your core topic and start sharing content that enriches the knowledge of space members. 

You can submit answers in the space and add content from other websites as well. To generate traffic, you can share your blog posts and other forms of content like YouTube videos in the space.  

To grow your space, you need to add more content regularly. The more content you share in the space, the faster it will grow.

Another way of increasing the following of your space is by adding more and more questions and asking people for answers. More questions and answers mean you will have more views and space followers.
You can also send people an invitation to join your space. To make growth automatic, you can also appoint contributors and moderators to your space. 

While adding content to space, do not spam it with your blog links. If you over-promote, your links people will be less interested and engaging, and therefore you can not make it large in the long run. 

4. Promoted Answers 

Like Facebook, you can also get traffic from Quora through paid ads. First of all, you need to create an ad account.

Through promoted answers, you can drive highly targeted traffic to your website landing pages.


When creating an ad campaign, you need to select "Promote an answer," name your ad campaign and put the link of the answer you want to promote.


So, Quora ads are nothing but promoted answers where you insert links to your website or product you want to promote. These promoted answers appear along with the other answers, and the only difference is that they are labeled as promoted. 

5. How to find good questions?

searching questions
more questions on quora

Once you set up your Quora account and follow related topics, it will start sending questions in your feed. 


But before you start writing answers, you need to spend some time on question research to find questions in which you are more comfortable and interested in providing solutions.


How do you find questions that will fetch more views? Writing answers to every question is not a brilliant marketing strategy on Quora. You need to be more selective and find profitable questions.


While selecting a question, check how popular it is, how many followers it has, whether it is a new question and its number of views. 


These stats matter a lot because questions having more followers will be highly engaging. People follow questions that they like most and are curious to read answers for them. 


And Quora also promotes questions that are in high demand through various ways like newsletters and daily digest emails. Thus writing answers for such rewarding questions, you can get more traffic.


Look for the latest relevant questions and try to be the first or second person to answer them because the first few answers get most of the views. You can filter questions based on last hour, last week, etc.


To check the number of views for a question and the last date it was followed, click on three dots and view the question log.


When someone type questions on Google, the Quora answers get the top spot in the search results. It is because Quora has high domain authority and ranks high for those keywords used in the answers.


So, keyword research is another crucial aspect that you should do before selecting a question for writing. Find keywords in your niche that drive more traffic for Quora from Google. 


By targeting questions that include such keywords, you can get more traffic for your Quora answers from Google.


You can take the help of the Quora marketing tool Q-Stat for keyword research. It can show you the keywords for which a question ranks on Google, the number of views, and monthly clicks from Google.


Using Q-Stat, you can easily find and target those questions that can be more profitable for you.


Writing answers for popular questions will always be challenging because there will already be many good answers. But you can make epic answer that stands out and drive readers to your website by providing better solutions than others.


Although based on your credentials, topic choices, and previous answers written by you, you will automatically get questions in your feed, but there are many ways to search for relevant questions.


In the search box, you can type a keyword and search for possible questions around that keyword.


For example, if you are in an SEO niche, search for "SEO" and then click on "Questions" on the left side, a list of related SEO questions will be populated.


Once you have written some answers in your niche, you will get related questions from fellow Quora users.


When you click a question, you will see a list of similar questions on the left side of the page, or you can scroll down to see more questions.


While browsing new questions, if you find some interesting questions that you want to answer later, you can put them into the queue. Just click on three dots and select "Answer Later'.  


If you don't find a question related to the content of your blog post, you can add a new question and answer it.


And once you write a well-researched content/answer, insert one or two links to your blog posts, but linking should look natural. The linked pages should add value to the visitors. 


The blog post or article that you link should cover the question and satisfy the readers. So choose those questions that you have responded to in a detailed way in your popular blog posts.


So when you link articles that provide more information and help people find solutions for their problems, Quora will not consider such linking as spammy. 


Quora users also hate self-promotion and can downvote answers. But when you become too salesy and push your products and links without value addition, Quora might ban your account. 


Your intention of answer writing on Quora should be assistive than self-promotion.   

6. How to write answers that go viral? 

writing viral answers

You can build the brand and get tons of free traffic by marketing on Quora, but it is possible only when your answers are appreciated and upvoted on Quora.


Write answers for most relevant questions only and when you have something new to add value. If you repeat the same thing that others have already written, it is useless to write. Many people will ignore your answer.


Try to develop the habit of reading answers from influential people in your niche. More reading and researching on Quora will make your answer writing perfect.  


By reading others' content, you will better know the demand and needs of your target audience. In this way, you can find good questions and ideas to present your content better.    


Here are some writing tips that will help you in crafting good Quora answers.


  • First of all, your write-up should be grammatically correct. You can use AI tools like Grammarly to check any grammar mistakes.

  • Use multimedia like images, animations, GIFs, and YouTube videos to make them more engaging and exciting. But avoid pictures that are not related to content and make no sense. It can be counter-productive.

  • Format your answer in the heading and bullet points. These make reading easy and fast. People can quickly scan the answer.

  • Write in lucid language and avoid complicated words.

  • Use bold and italic fonts when you need to emphasize something.

  • The answer should not be too short or long. At the same time, it should be concise as well as comprehensive to cover all essential points.

  • For the long answers, you can write an exciting introduction so that users can know at the start what is there in the rest of the solution.

  • Keep paragraphs short, and there should be no more than 3 lines.

  • Try to connect paragraphs well to each other, and there should be a smooth flo

  • There should be enough white space between paragraphs to make reading better.  

  • Write an original answer and check for plagiarism. Quora may collapse your answer due to a violation of the policies.

  • You can use SEMrush writing assistant to make your answers more search engine and human friendly. It can improve readability, suggest keywords in real-time, and check against plagiarism.

  • Drop your blog links contextually. The contextual links appear more genuine and honest

  • Before submitting an answer, you should review and read it louder to find any silly mistakes. 

  • At the end of the answer, always mention sources so that readers can go through them.

7. How to get more followers on Quora?

increasing followers

The number of upvotes and views you would receive on your Quora answers also depends on your followers count.


When someone follows you, your answers would appear on their feeds. So in this way, your content would get more upvotes, and then Quora would send it to more people.


Answer with more upvotes can make to the daily digest of Quora and therefore can get more views.  


So, the more followers you will have, the more views you will receive and more website traffic.


Being consistent and writing value-added answers is the key to build a large following.


Engage with people by leaving meaningful comments on the answers of other users. Join two and three Quora spaces in your industry and be active in these spaces. 


Quora will distribute your answers to more people if you write regular good content.


Try to get featured in the Quora Digest by writing answers continuously for a particular topic. Quora recognizes the top 10 contributors for a specific topic based on the total number of views. 


Once you are featured in the Quora Digest, you will get more exposure and visibility on Quora, and therefore more people will follow you.



There is growing competition in every niche, so diversifying traffic sources is the need of the hour. Marketing on Quora, if done effectively, can be a game-changer for driving tons of traffic and building the brand reputation.


Not many people use it for marketing purposes, so writing answers on Quora for a new blogger can be a fantastic business opportunity.


When people search for answers for their questions on Google, they generally land on Quora answers. Quora answers are displayed at the top of search engine results pages because they have very high domain authority.


So it's just not internal traffic your answers would get but also external traffic from search engines and other social media sites. 

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