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Master the Art of Blog Writing with Tailwind Ghostwriter in Just 3 Simple Steps!

Tailwind Ghostwriter for blogging
Tailwind Ghostwriter for blogging

Getting an idea and turning it into an entire blog post readers would love to read is time-consuming and sometimes difficult, especially when you suffer from writer's block. Fortunately, AI-driven writing tools like Tailwind AI Ghostwriter can help you create engaging blog posts from scratch. 

Many AI writers can generate blog posts, but Tailwind AI Ghostwriter is straightforward and can create blog posts with minimum inputs in less than 3 minutes. 

Tailwind is a well-known social media scheduling and email marketing tool that is also famous for creating marketing content using generative AI technology.

As a busy blogger, you may find it challenging to create high-quality blog posts quickly. But Tailwind AI Ghostwriter can be a game-changer for you. From generating titles to creating outlines and complete body text, it can help you write blog posts more efficiently. 

Using Tailwind AI Ghostwriter, you can increase productivity and create great content that resonates with your audience.

In this blog post, we will go through a step-by-step process to create blog posts with Tailwind AI Ghostwriter. 

First, if you're new to the Tailwind tool, sign up for free at Tailwind 

Alternatively, you can install the Tailwind browser extension.

Once you are on the Tailwind dashboard, you should see Ghostwriter AI in the left side panel. This tool can produce any kind of marketing content, including blog posts.

The Ghostwriter feature is available in all Tailwind plans, including the free plan. However, each plan comes with a different number of credits. Whenever you use Ghostwriter to produce content, you will pay one credit. You will spend three credits for blog posts to generate a full-fledged blog post.

As mentioned earlier, Tailwind Ghostwriter operates based on a credit system. The more content you produce, the more credits you require. However, as a free user, you will get 10 monthly credits.

When you click on the Ghostwriter AI icon, you will see a list of content templates arranged based on different needs. You will find categories like Featured, Open Ended, Social, Video, Blog/Article, and many more. 

You can expand them further to see your desired use case and generate AI text. For example, under the Social category, there are many use cases that support the needs of all popular social media platforms.

You no longer need to worry about engaging content to keep your social media schedule busy. Ghostwriter offers many ways to create social media content, including social posts from existing blog posts.

Now that you know how Tailwind's Ghostwriter can help content creators produce different types of marketing content, let's explore how it can help with writing blog posts.

When it comes to writing blog posts or articles, Tailwind has made it super easy by leveraging AI technology to generate various sections of a blog post.

You can create an entire blog post or individually generate each section, such as headlines, outlines, introductions, and conclusions. It can also generate the next paragraph based on the preceding paragraph you input.

Sometimes, bloggers find it difficult to develop unique and interesting topic ideas and titles; this is where Ghostwriter can help. When you provide a few words about your new blog post to the Ghostwriter, various engaging blog post titles(up to 5) and article summaries will appear. 

You can choose one title and summary and fine-tune(edit) them to best suit your writing purpose.


Building an effective outline that serves as a roadmap for writing the entire article is another challenge that bloggers face. 

Outlines help arrange thoughts and main points before you actually start writing. They save a lot of time and help improve writing quality.

Ghostwriter lets you create an effective outline that provides the structure for your blog post. It also breaks the outline into sections, such as the title, introduction, subheadings, and conclusion. You can edit any section, add more headings, or remove some headings.

Finally, when you are satisfied with the title, subheadings, and other sections, you can click on Generate Full Article, which will allow the Ghostwriter to write the entire body text automatically. 

Here are the exact steps(with an example) for creating a blog post using Ghostwriter's blog creation wizard.

Select From Idea To Full Article

Go to the Tailwind dashboard and select Ghostwriter AI. Now click on Blog/Article and select From Idea To Full Article.

Step 1: Generate title

You will see the below screen where you need to enter your blog post topic. Now, enter the text that best describes your blogging idea. 

For example, "what is Grammarly"   

Now, click on Generate Titles. It will generate 5 titles along with summaries. Choose the most appropriate title, edit it if necessary, and move to the next step of generating the outline.

Generate title
Generate title

Step 2: Generate Outline

Click on Continue to Outline.

Now, you will see the below screen. Here, you can add keywords and phrases that can be included in the article to improve SEO. This is also another opportunity to edit the title and summary.

Adding keywords
Adding keywords

Now click on Generate Outline. It will create an outline with important headings. You can add more subheadings and remove a few ones if you don't like them. You can also re-generate the outline if you don't like it at all. You can also edit the title, introduction, and conclusion at this stage. 

Generate Outline
Generate Outline

Step 3: Generate Full Article

Once you are satisfied with the title, subheadings, and other sections, click on Generate Full Article. Ghostwriter will generate the article that you can download or copy. If you are not satisfied with the content, you can also re-generate the article.  

Generate article
Generate article


Tailwind's Ghostwriter is a fantastic online content-writing tool for bloggers who struggle with writer's block. It allows users to create high-quality, engaging content in just three easy steps.

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