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5 Effective Ways to Make Money with Pinterest in 2022

5 ways to make money on pinterest

Pinterest is a fantastic platform to make online money from home. Pinning is a fun activity, but at the same time, you can earn money by enjoying pinning on Pinterest.


This selling social hub offers brands ready to buy customers. Pinterest revealed that around 87% of pinners had purchased something.  


The content on Pinterest guides users through the shopping journey. They come for inspiration and land on shopping websites to purchase something.   


Women love this platform, and they dominate the platform. Many females and mom entrepreneurs run their small businesses and make money by producing/selling products and services.


Before you plan to earn handsome money through Pinterest, you need to master Pinterest marketing and grow your reach.


You can turn your hobby of pinning into a money-making machine! Here are five practical and well-tested ideas to make Pinterest as one of the steady income streams.

1. Content creation and collaboration

Many brands want to make a presence on Pinterest and increase brand awareness and sales. Pinterest favors new and creative pins.  Many businesses do not have the expertise to design and create stunning content and pins.

If you have good knowledge of the Pinterest platform and expertise in designing pins, you can partner with brands and create content.

If you have a good understanding of the platform but are struggling to find brands, you can try the Pin Collective Program.

If you design pins, your partner brands publish them on their boards, and they pay you for your creative work.

The brand and you can also work in collaboration to develop and publish pins. The boards of both parties can have these pins. The advantage of this strategy is that brands can leverage the followers or audience of pin creators.

Group boards allow pinners to share their content. You can create a shared board with a brand, where you and the brand both can add content.

It is essential to have a business account before approaching brands for collaboration. Having a business account helps you to share your Pinterest analytics data with brands. You can share metrics like monthly viewers, engagement, and click-through rates with the brands.

To make money from Pinterest, you can also become social media influencers or brand ambassadors. They promote the products and services of other brands. 

The influencers use their knowledge and expertise to build their audience or followings. When they create and publish quality content in their respective niches, interested people start looking at them as experts.

So, by asserting their authority or command on their few favorite selected topics, they win the audience's trust.

After building trust and authority, it becomes easy for influencers to promote products or services related to their niche. So, try to specialize in some topics, and have a few popular boards in your field of specialization. If you have a more targeted audience, you can charge more money per pin.

By looking at your profile, brands should feel that you have significant authority and influence on your niche.

As you start to gain the trust of your audience, more people become your followers. If you own a top niche board, the audience in that niche starts following your board and profile to get updates, inspiration, and ideas.

If you become successful in establishing your authority, your pins may get more saves and re-pins. In this way, you can increase audience size and followers.

The number of followers and expertise is your real potential to become a successful Pinterest influencer and earn good money. Influencers having big following can charge more because more people may see the brand's pin.
Just having a huge following is not enough to influence brands for collaboration. It would help if you had useful engagement statistics too. Talk to brands about your follower list and how many shares or re-pins, likes, comments you get on average.

You also need to produce high-quality content. The brands should satisfy that you would bring business to them.

Be authentic. The niche of your pins and website should be the same. No clickbait! The pinners expect the same content on your web pages, as promised by your pin titles. They click on pins to know more about your offer.


Platforms like and loop88 provide opportunities where influencers can show their work and partner with brands.

2. Start e-commerce business 

Would it not be a good idea to set up your e-commerce store? Yes, definitely!

Pinners love to explore new and creative ideas. If they find something interesting, they might buy from your store.

The users on this platform have more buying intent than other social media tools. According to Pinterest data, most of the pinners have purchased something. Because of ready to buy customers, this platform is an excellent opportunity for small business owners to start their online store.

Shop the Look pins, which were only available to large companies, but now small and midsized businesses can take advantage of this feature. 


The product pins that are tagged with Shop the Look feature have three dots. By clicking on these dots, users can find additional information about the product. They can also visit the product page where they can make a purchase.


The shop the look pins enrich the shopping environment. The use of shop the look pins reduces the time of the customer journey.


By just checking a single product pin, the user can see many similar products.


If you have built a significant following and produced quality content in your niche, you can run an e-commerce store.


The hard work on Pinterest drives traffic to your website. Build an e-commerce store and list products or services based on the interest of your audience. It would help if you researched your audience before selecting any products for selling. Study their demography.  


Try to make the product's landing pages customer friendly so that more people can convert.


Although there are various ways to start and build an e-commerce website, Etsy and Shopify stores are favorites of many entrepreneurs on Pinterest.


If you are artistic and crafty, you can open shop on Etsy and promote, sell them on Pinterest. There is a massive audience for arts, crafts, DIY niche on the Pinterest platform. For example, design an attractive cup, you can sell cup printed T-Shirts on your Etsy store.


People love to share or re-pin creative ideas, so you can earn good money by creating and selling designs that you love.


Do not forget to claim your Etsy store on Pinterest. You may get more views, impressions, and followers.  


Although Etsy favors square images but to get maximum exposure, you should add vertical images(in 2:3 ratio) on Pinterest.


You can also open an online store on the Shopify e-commerce platform. Many marketers have opened stores on this e-commerce platform for their drop shipping business. They are making the best use of Rich and shop the look pins to increase sales.


Design your pins that look appealing, instead of using product images. For a successful Shopify business, you need to choose the most appropriate theme for your store.


To beat your competitors on the Pinterest selling hub, you need to research your competitors like what products they are selling, and they are using promoted pins. After research, design lovely and compelling pins for your products.


Use keywords in the titles and descriptions. Include a clear and strong call to action (CTA). Do not underestimate the power of Pinterest SEO. It is a visual search engine, and buyers directly search for products from the search bar. 


Day by day, the competition is increasing to generate new leads; Therefore, to get more organic traffic from Pinterest, your pins should rank high in search results.


So your business account, boards, images, pin titles, and descriptions should be SEO friendly. 

3. Selling affiliate products on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing is the best method to monetize blogs or websites. Many marketers are earning much more money through affiliate marketing rather than ad revenue.


To be successful, you need to know what affiliate marketing is and how to master it.


Here are some quick tips to become a successful affiliate marketer.


Sign up for good affiliate programs.


Choose products or services that you love or have used personally.


You should first research your target audience, their needs, problems, and demography. Based on your findings, you should choose affiliate programs and products.   


Design a stunning pin using Canva.


Do some keyword research on Pinterest to make pin descriptions, titles, and boards SEO friendly. Using keywords helps your pin to reach to the maximum right audience.


You can directly put the affiliate link in the destination field, but it would be wise to promote affiliate links through a personal blog or website. 


Write a detailed review of the product in a blog post and promote that post on Pinterest.


Apply for Rich Pins. They have more exposure than regular pins.  

4. Become a virtual assistant

Many brands need social media managers to manage their accounts. If you have sound knowledge of Pinterest, you can become a virtual assistant to help others who do not know much about this platform. 

So, by providing a consulting service, you can earn decent money.


The tasks of the virtual assistant could be:

To help brands to grow on Pinterest.

Create designs and pins.

Scheduling pins manually or using Tailwind.

Manage boards.

Write SEO friendly, appealing titles and descriptions.

Managing Pinterest paid ad campaigns.

Analyze the performance of pins.   

Working as a virtual assistant, you can earn a good steady income from home. You can set working hours according to your suitability. It is like a freelancing job through which you can earn income similar to a full-time job.

5. Monetize your blog or website

Pinterest is the powerhouse of instant and targeted traffic. You can capitalize on this traffic to earn money by selling your products, generating ad revenue, and sponsoring posts.

Using the right tricks for Pinterest marketing, you can bring massive traffic to your blog and website.

Select your niche and continuously create quality blog posts. 


Create a dedicated board for your brand and pin blog posts there.


You should use 3-4 high-quality vertical images(in 2:3 ratio) on your blog posts. So, your single blog post can have 3-4 pins. Use different titles for each pin for the same blog post.


If you are a busy person, you can use the automatic pin scheduling tool Tailwind to publish pins on the best time. The Tailwind tribes help in building a relationship with like-minded people. Tribesmen share pins of other people.  


The popular display ad networks are google adsense, and mediavine.


Some of the ad networks have traffic requirements like mediavine.
For you should have traffic from developed countries. Pinterest can supply traffic for you from high earning nations. The ad targeted for these high earning nations have more CPC and hence more revenue per click. 

Mediavine requires 25000 sessions a month for approval. While Adsense does not have any traffic requirements, but the website should meet its guidelines.
The massive traffic from Pinterest provides an excellent opportunity to build a giant email list. You can use this list to sell your products or affiliate products too.

If you can not create physical products, you can write ebooks and build digital products like e-courses, business templates.


As discussed above, there are multiple ways to earn good money on the Pinterest platform. What you need to do is create quality content, take care of Pinterest SEO, build a targeted audience in your niche, be consistent on pinning, build a large following and choose an appropriate method to monetize your Pinterest work.


It takes time to grow on Pinterest, but a sound Pinterest marketing strategy can speed up the process.   

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