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Glorious and Popular Indian Handicrafts

Handicraft is an artwork produced by hands. Since time memorial people made different products by hands and earned their livelihood. The hard-earned artworks and skills got transferred from one generation to the next generation. Many types of handicrafts like seals, bull-cart etc were recovered from Indus valley civilization sites. Artworks like metal-ware, pottery, textiles, jewelry etc are considered as the most important items of Handicrafts industry in India. Indian handicrafts have stood the test of time and are very famous worldwide. They are popular for beautiful and intricate designs, patterns and colors.


India since ancient times traded with the world. India being home of the cotton had trade with both east and west worlds. Silk from India was exported to Europe. The Arab travelers and sailor brought gold and silver with them took back handicrafts products with them. Traders used the famous ancient silk route to trade goods and handicrafts to Central Asia and Russian region. In contemporary time countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Netherland, Italy, and Spain have a great demand for Indian handicrafts. The USA is the highest importer of handicrafts goods.

The Indian handicraft industry is highly decentralized, cottage-based and labor intensive. It plays a very important role in providing employment opportunities to a rural and semi-rural population. A large number of rural women are involved in producing a different type of artwork products, therefore, this sector just not only contributes to the Indian economy but also empower them. The handicrafts sector contributes to inclusive growth and has immense potential to fight extreme poverty.

Products which are exported from India and in great demand are brocades and zari work, shawls, garments, needlework items, gems and jewelry, precious stones, papier mache, glass objects, metal wares, leather crafts, baskets, furniture, earrings, necklaces, dolls and toys, paintings, block printing, antiques, etc.

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