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Public health and our Environment

“All the money in the world can’t buy you back good health” -----Reba McEntire

Health is paramount and so is the environment health. The physical or mental health of a human being can not be seen in isolation from the environment in which we live. The unplanned and unsustainable development since industrial revolution has damaged environment and biodiversity to such an extent that we have become vulnerable to epidemics, extreme weather conditions and many more threats.

The negative impacts of degradation of environment are not limited to one region only but all the nations of the world are also facing the problems. The increased liberalization and opening of trade has further enhanced the transmission of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and exotic species across the world. The diseases which are native to one part of world can easily be transmitted to other parts of the earth.

The need of the hour is to take preventive actions along with adoptive measures. The better management of our environment and trade is the way forward for sustainable living. For an example the green trade in solar technologies can drastically reduce the global emission of green house gases. The locally produced products may be harmful to the environmental health which can be imported from other nations. The booming etraderevolution provides ample opportunities for better use of resources, transfer of management skills, good practices, capacity development, investment in environment friendly products and plants.

But until unless people are not made aware of good practices, products and services the all efforts for better world will be futile. The environmental education, sharing of knowledge and information can play a decisive crucial role in our better health and development. Our objective of the articles related to environment and health is to spread the knowledge through social media or other channels so that people can take informed decisions in their day to day life. The participation of people in spreading awareness not only have direct positive impact on health and environment but is also important for building consensus and public opinion which can influence the policies and programs at all level of governance .     

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